Let’s Get Serious: Net-Zero CO2 Emissions Means 100% Nuclear Power

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Left to weather obsessed lunatics, we’d all be left sitting freezing or boiling in the dark. And were not talking about the pasty-faced ghouls who glue themselves to roads. No, the people who can do the most damage are those with real skin in the game.

The latest wheeze is the push for eliminating carbon dioxide gas emissions, at least at the rubbery accounting level. Allowing proponents to claim that their economy one day might reach a (supposedly virtuous) target of net-zero emissions.

Behind it all is an effort by renewable energy rent seekers to keep the renewable energy subsidy scam rolling, until kingdom come. Subsidised wind and solar have always depended upon the falsehood that they can actually reduce carbon dioxide emissions and, therefore, prevent the planet from imminent immolation.

Ergo, maintain the threat purportedly posed by carbon dioxide gas and governments will beat a path to the rent seeker’s door, with bags of subsidies to help carpet every last inch of the planet in solar panels and wind turbines.

The fact that those pushing net-zero emissions targets aren’t talking seriously about nuclear power, gives the game away.

In this country, apart from a few murmurs, there is virtually no one pushing nuclear power. Australia is the only OECD country to not have the benefit of nuclear power; banned nuclear power generation back in 1998 and has never had a nuclear power plant.

With their obsessional fixation on carbon dioxide gas emissions, those that pretend to govern us are being forced to front up to the reality that reaching a net zero emissions target means building a nuclear power generation system, from scratch.

We’ll hand over to the team at Sky News for more on that subject.

‘Every single windmill and solar panel is money for Communist China’
Sky News
Rowan Dean, Rita Panachi, James Morrow
14 March 2021

Sky News host Rowan Dean has criticised NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean for a $750 million plan to help small businesses slash emissions, arguing it is just more “mad net zero nonsense”.

Mr Dean said current calculations indicate the world would have to build 2.1-gigawatt nuclear power plants each and every day until 2050 in order to reach net zero emissions.

Alternatively, 6,000 two-megawatt wind turbines each and every day until 2050 plus a three GW nuclear power plant each and every day until 2050, assuming there’s not one turbine failure for any reason.

“These people are clueless and they are destroying our country and our competitiveness with this mad net zero nonsense,” Mr Dean said.

“Every single wind mill and every single solar panel is simply money going straight over to Communist China out of Australian consumers pockets.”


Rowan Dean: New South Wales energy minister, Matt Green. Sorry, Matt Kean. We’ve had a few slip of the tongues this morning, James. He, this week, announced he is giving $750 million, that’s your money, our money, New South Wales, sorry, Rita, not your money, but James’ and my money, to help businesses slash emissions. This is his Net Zero Industry and Innovation Programme, which is aimed at co-investing with industry to reduce our carbon emissions. So basically wasting money paying them to try and reduce this ridiculous target. Some calculations, Rita and James, done by What’s Up With That? to get the world to net zero emissions by 2050, which we keep being told is the aim.

The world would have to build two nuclear power plants every single day between now and 2050, or 6,000 wind turbines each and every single day until 2050, plus a three gigawatt nuclear power plant for backup each and every day until 2050, assuming not one turbine fails or 500 square kilometres of solar panels each and every day until 2050, plus a three gigawatt nuclear power plant for backup. What an absolute joke. These people are clueless and they are destroying our country and our competitiveness with this mad net zero nonsense, Rita.

Rita Panahi: Yes, and as we know, a lot of them aren’t even having the nuclear discussion. So they want all renewables, but without the nuclear backup. So you just have to question, how are we going to really ever get to zero net emissions by their targets without the serious consideration of nuclear energy.

Rowan Dean: Well, Matt Kean, earlier on Sky, speaking to Andrew Clenell, said that he’s started to make noises about nuclear. It was a bit vague, but there are things happening.

Rita Panahi: Oh, his noises.

Rowan Dean: Noises.

James Morrow: Noises.

Rowan Dean: Noises.

James Morrow: Noises, what sort of noises? Growls? Grunts?

Rita Panahi: He’s making noises.

Rowan Dean: Nuclear noises from Matt Green.

James Morrow: Who knows? Yeah, but you can’t have, Rowan and Rita, you cannot have any discussion about cutting emissions if you’re not going to put nuclear into the mix. And yes, nuclear is expensive. It’s capital intensive to get it going. But if you’re talking about throwing billions of dollars around on all of these renewable energy zones, which is something that they’re pursuing very heavily, five of them, here in New South Wales, that are modelled very much on the same way that they built them in Texas. And we know what happened to Texas a few weeks ago when they had that super storm come through. You’re not talking about creating a robust system that is not going to be vulnerable to shocks, which is what I worry that we’re doing.

Emissions aside, the more you move away from things like coal and gas that you can turn on and have ready to go, the more you are going to have power that comes in, in a spiky fashion, that’s not reliable, that is more vulnerable to shocks, and that leads to more blackouts. And that also means that companies with aluminium smelters, things like that, they can’t rely on it. They shut down. Jobs go. It’s a killer for the economy.

Rowan Dean: Well, every single windmill and every single solar panel is simply money going straight over to Communist China out of Australian consumers’ pockets.

Sky News

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  1. Isn’t it curious that the one thing we are most likely to discuss with a total stranger is… the weather!


  2. The public are terrified of nuclear, terrified of Covid, terrified of CO2 emissions. Why?
    Misinformation from our politicians, bureaucrats and MSM.
    They do not care. This is what grabs attention.
    Common sense disappeared with the rise of social media.

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