Cruel & Unusual Punishment: 400 French Cows Succumb to Low-Frequency Wind Turbine Noise & Vibration

Plenty of fiction is needed to explain away the health effects suffered by humans forced to live with incessant, wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Wind industry stooges reckon it must all be in their silly little heads. Except that there’s a veritable menagerie of less imaginative critters stuck next to these things, that suffer just the same as the wind industry’s human victims.

Studies in Poland have shown that geese living within proximity of these things suffer increased cortisol levels, indicative of the stress caused by exposure to incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound: Preliminary studies on the reaction of growing geese to the proximity of wind turbines

Out on the American Prairie, researchers in Kansas observed how – after wind turbines went up nearby – rare Greater Prairie Chickens had abandoned their long-established nesting sites within 8 km of turbines: Wind Turbine Noise Causes Greater Prairie Chicken Run

In Britain, its beloved badgers have also succumbed to wind turbine noise and vibration, with a long-running study of those with their setts set amongst wind turbines showing that:

“Hair of badgers living <1 km of a wind farm had a 264% higher cortisol level than badgers >10 km from a wind farm. This demonstrates that affected badgers suffer from enhanced hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal activity and are physiologically stressed.”

The full story appears here: Study Wind in the Gallows: Study Shows Badgers Suffer Merciless Stress & Torment from Wind Turbine Noise & Vibration

STT thinks it unlikely that badgers are being badgered by climate change deniers; that prairie chickens are abandoning their nests to find quieter places to raise their chicks because they’ve been got at by rabid anti-wind groups; or that stressed out fowl in Polish farmyards have been made to look like a ‘goose’, simply because they have succumbed to their febrile imaginations.

Now, consistent with that theme, it appears that cows are succumbing to the constant noise and vibration these things generate. This time the wholly unnecessary damage is being done in France.

French Herder Believes Family Health Ailments, 400 Dead Cows “Clearly Linked” To Nearby Wind Park
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
16 January 2021

More than 400 cows have died mysteriously since a wind park was built near a herd in 2012. Local residents also suffering health issues: “permanent fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, insomnia”

Earlier we wrote about the adverse health impacts of wind turbines and on humans and animals, read here and here.. Also search NTZ zone using the search word “infrasound”.

Cause unknown
Recently French farmer Didier Potiron reported that 400 of his cows had died since a wind park was built close by in 2012. Veterinarians cannot find a cause and remain puzzled. People are also feeling ill.

According to French site, “In Puceul, near Nozay (Loire-Atlantique), cow breeders Didier and Murielle Potiron registered in mid-December 2020 their 400th dead cow since the construction of the wind farm.” Since the unusual deaths began in 2012, that’s a rate of about 1 lost cow a week.

Three more deaths in January
Then on January 4th, 2021, the Potiron family announced that three more cows had died – again due to unknown reasons. Since the wind park was built, the family has seen significant excess mortality among the herd, and health issues among the family.

The Potiron family have even stopped autopsies being performed by the veterinary school in Nantes because they always got the answer: “no explanation as to the cause of death”.

“Clearly linked” to nearby wind park
“For Didier and Murielle Potiron, but also for their neighbor breeder Céline Bouvet, the origin of this excess mortality of their animals is clearly linked to the nearby wind turbines,” reports actu.fe. All the more so since they themselves have been suffering the effects on their health for all these years: permanent fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, insomnia… so many problems that disappear as soon as they move away from their farms.”

The family pushed to shut down the wind park for seven days, but the wind park operator refused, reminding that the park “complies with French installation standards”.
No Tricks Zone

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Brian Johnston says:

    Horsepower and others: One has to understand unsymetrical unbalanced positive, negative and zero current flows. Remember the turbines are rotating at various speeds. They are asynchronous. They are not synchronous.
    The earth voltages are earth pin to earth pin. It is possible a voltage could exist WT to WT. A cow with a distance between front legs and rear legs could close a circuit. A cows hoof provides a better contact than say a horse.
    Thus I expect cows may have been electrocuted.

  2. Andreas Demmig says:

    I translated and reblogged it on
    ““Ungewöhnliche Todesfälle: Seitdem der Windpark in Betrieb ist, sind nun schon 400 Rinder gestorben”
    Thank you

    I looked further at the french website. It seems, that there are some problems with “Grounding and Potential currents”.

  3. Jacqueline Rovensky says:

    Or what about turbines of 6MW and more now being proposed here in Australia. It seems each new proposal the turbines are getting stronger as well as in greater numbers. Victoria and SA are becoming drowned with the things – even projects that have been approved with lesser capacity now have requests to make a ‘small’ change to their approval and increase the capacity, height and/or size of blades without the need to submit new applications with all the environmental etc reports updated to accommodate these change!!!!!
    It seems that the push to ‘save the world’ is never going to include saving the people, creatures and environment. Until those in charge of the purse strings which includes Governments open their eyes and brains nothing will change in this respect – a nominal feel good program is all they are looking for.

  4. The impact of wind turbine noise on farm animals need not always be as dramatic as in the case above, for instance it can cause poor health and low weight gain as happened to farmer John Carter's cattle some years ago.  Presumably these harmful effects on animals (and humans) depend on factors like proximity to turbines, number of turbines and megawatt ratings (size) of the turbines.

  5. Noel Dean says:

    Ten years ago we produced The Dean Report after my family suffered from headaches , pain in parts of the body that affected inside of the head ,legs lower back , soon after news came along about the goats that died believed to be from lack of sleep .

    My family sold all our properties to remove ourselves from the cause of suffering over a 5year period , during this time Acciona,s managers claimed they had complied with the regulations to the general public but this was Acciona Cruel Con Ignoring Noise Assessment (ACCIONA) way of cheating . Acciona said they had done investigation of Low Frequency Noise investigation at our property inside of our house which was true ,but what they said about the results was NOT true .

    ACCIONA,s. Raw date provided to us indicated low frequency noise . Noise vibration is caused by air pressure variations that creates high frequency sound in the vibrations made from the air pressure variations .

    Acciona claimed compliance to the permit which required Acciona to author two plans in relation to complaint procedure and noise monitoring , Acciona authored the two plans but ignored the requirements in those two plans with serous consequences for my family and others who were harmed , the consequences resulted in no noise /sound investigation reports by an independent source , even though the MDA report and The Dean Report raised concerns about the integrity of ACCIONA,s. Claims. There was no evidence available from the planning department to provide the National Wind Farm Commissioner (NWFC) that the 40 dBA limit has been observed at our property for which the the NWFC has claimed at our meeting. The reason for that ,despite measurement of low frequency noise had been done inside our house (no report was made available to my family) There was no evidence that the wind farm was in compliance to the 40 dBA limit specified prior to the NWFC Mr Dyer ,because the sound was not measured and assessed at our property within 10 mts outside of our former dwelling which was requirement of permit .

    5 years after our complaint ACCIONA changed the testing location to be at OR a nearby location to make it appear compliance had been achieved to the 40 dBA limit , the location specified was said to be more than 1 km away at an unknown location as being the location of our compliant. When in fact the MDA report ,reported the noise monitoring plan that the wind farm was in fact non compliant.

    Listening to what a wind farm developer has said does not means what is said is true and correct , my experience is that most of what like ACCIONA,s managers say is not true and correct but sufficient enough to convince the regulators to trust what appears to be correct to there mates in planning ,I think this matrship is the biggest hurdle to over come .

    In the mean time I say get out of there if you being affected , my family has paid for not selling the farm in the first instance ,we trusted many people who were not being honest and then refused to discuss and consider our issues we were having with air pressure vibrations , how many people are suffering from the pulsing / vibrations that can involve the deadly 7 hz ,how many people are struggling to breath properly that it is painfull to work because lack of oxygen , how many people are using sleep machines to sleep because of the lack of oxygen , how many people are using asthma pumps to enable to work again , or need medication like that used for an angina heart condition , I have heard or observed report s of death of bats , dog , chickens that eggs had no shells , a bullock that could not walk because front legs were too stiff to bend ,and when the bullock was relocated it came good again and the happened to a possum as well .

    Acciona pulled every stunt in the book to avoid proper measurement and assessment of noise /sound at the Waubra Wind Farm ,

    Why would they have done this for a period of more than 10 years if they were not frightened of the truth ?

    Noel Dean .

  6. Brian Johnston says:

    Wind turbines generate dangerously high earth voltages.
    I suspect the cows have been electrocuted.
    An autopsy bearing this in mind may find evidence.

    • I’m wondering would that be actual electricity traveling through the earth especially when wet I could see the danger, or is this electrical radiation when you refer to ‘high earth voltages’ of which that would be minimal. I would think that all cabling would be wrapped, not just raw wires buried in the ground carrying power. Some solid references would be helpful of such claims of ‘high earth voltages’. Surely there is a grounding cable but that is not what would be carrying electricity that would kill anything. There are residential communities everywhere on earth with buried electrical cabling and there’s no issues of this. Dogs and cats and humans all live in many gated communities where they spend the extra dollars on underground wires they are not dropping dead and this underground wiring is right at their doorsteps. Even an automobile has current that reaches 10,000 volts under the hood never getting anywhere near the occupants. Seems this ‘high earth voltage’ claim might be exaggerated.

      • Industrial scale wind turbines emit electromagnetic radiation around the hub. It stands to reason when you think about it. These are 2,3,4.5 MW power units they are erecting in the landscape. They are NOT wind mills. The EMR around the hub was explained to me by a wind developer. However, he played down the fact that it would reach a family home less than a kilometre away, and that it would dissipate. Make of that what you will. But this is one reason there is a buffer zone around these installations. So if you’re within that zone, beware!

        But I would suggest that this is where you start with any EMR research, and work outwards from the hub. For example, how far does the EMR travel from 140 3MW turbines? Such is the case at the Macarthur wind farm in SW Victoria!

    • Noel Dean says:

      In regards to electrical radiation from wind farm turbines – Wind turbines are required to be earthed with many earth straps or similar devices to earth the radiation caused by excessive positive ions being produced by the rotating blades stropping negative ions out of the air in the atmosphere it is well known that cows are affected greatly when a electric fence has not being earthed sufficiently as the current goes into there body from the milking machines , this earthing can also happen when like at our former property the electricity is single wire earth return which earthed into the ground instead of back to the source – when I inspected a turbine sight at Waubra in 2009 I did Not see any evidence that the turbines were earthed , I heard a international speak about this situation which confirmed that the result of dead cows was possible , my observations from testing is that the level of 50hz is hightened in sound level investigation that I had done inside of our house whereby the overhead power into the house was only mts away , with SWER power the electric power is more influenced by the dirty power from power earthing from the wind turbines but because ACCIONA. did know about this situation the sound pressure level was not measured of assessed with frequency analysis in a mean full way .

      A negative ion generator can be used to help treat people who have problems with breathing difficulties of which many people now have .

      About 12 months later very large rolls of cable were entrenched into the ground at two groups of turbines located up to about 2.2 kms from our former home after about 7 turbines had stopped operation until was laid ,it was said to me by a contractor that when the original cables were laid , others parts of the wind farm had more underground cabling that that near our home ,I also found out that when the wind farm started up ,the turbines were unable to controlled remotely as there was a conference in Melbourne explaining how this failure at Waubra was corrected .

      Dirty electrify from wind turbines have very similar consequences to that of noise /sound exposure .

      Noel Dean

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