No Place For Man or Beast: Irish Family Pockets €225,000 From Wind Power Outfit For Noise Torture

Wind developers face liability in the millions for the nuisance caused by unrelenting, turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Litigation is where the rubber hits the road: myths get replaced with facts; evidence overtakes spin and propaganda. Court rooms (and where they determine the facts, juries) strike fear into the (ordinarily icy) hearts of those that stand behind or run with wind power outfits.

Wherever in the world civil actions have been pursued in nuisance and negligence, wind power outfits have bent over backwards to settle out of court.

Sure, wind power operators have deep pockets (obscenely stuffed with the massive subsidies drawn from their victims, among others). But they have never won a common-law case demonstrating that wind farms do not cause noise nuisance.

Back in February this year, three siblings managed to secure €225,000 from the wind power outfit responsible for the turbine noise that for some to leave their family home in Cork. Again, the matter was settled without a trial – due to the dread that the wind industry holds of a binding judicial precedent, which would cost them hundreds of $millions around the globe, as a result of the thousands of claims that would naturally follow.

The team from JoNova pick up on the result of the case from Cork, but take a different tack, by begging the question: if a thumping, grinding cacophony of low-frequency wind turbine noise can drive human beings insane, what on earth is doing to Ireland’s native fauna, such as Red Deer, Squirrels, or Pine Martens?

€225,000 reasons mammals need a 1km exclusion zone from wind towers
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
7 October 2020

Laura David and Jack Kelleher had to leave their family farm at Gowlane North, Donoughmore, Cork, four years ago after a shuddering, flickery 10-turbine wind farm began operating a bit more than 700 metres from their home.

They suffered from “nosebleeds, ear aches, skin rashes, swollen and painful hands, loss of power in their limbs, sleep disturbance, and headaches.” Naturally, they moved into a hotel, and then found a new home eight miles away, and took it to the High Court.

Family in Cork win a €225k payout:

by Ann O’Loughlin, IrishTimes

Two brothers and a sister from the same family who claimed they suffered illness as a result of noise, vibrations and shadow flicker from a Cork windfarm have settled their High Court actions for a total of €225,000.

The settlements which were without an admission of liability were approved by Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds and occurred after mediation.

The defendants had denied all the claims they had been allegedly negligent resulting in the siblings becoming ill. They also denied that noise, shadow flicker and vibration from the windfarm had intruded onto the family’s farm.

The rest of the family have other claims still outstanding.

If industrial infrasound has this effect on people what does it do to the endangered Red Deer, Squirrels, or Pine Martens of Ireland?
We’re waiting for the Green screams of protest outside wind farm developments in 3…2…1… or does no Greenie care because it’s not about homeless furry critters, and never has been — it’s just about impressing their friends at dinner parties? And right now, apparently nothing impresses friends at dinner more than acting as a blind marketing agent for multinational renewable corporations.

If wind turbine operators must pay out people within a 1km radius (or more), and if turbines aren’t too good for the cows, sheep, deer, whales, or bats either, then these charges are just another hidden cost of wind power. Wind power consumes more land, and more legal funds.

Since wind towers threaten electricity prices, all electricity grids should have a 1km exclusion zone to keep wind turbines out too.
Jo Nova Blog

No place for man or beast.

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