Elder Abuse: Renewable Energy Obsession Leaves Millions of Grannies Freezing In The Dark

As night follows day, rocketing power prices are the inevitable consequence of the inevitable transition to subsidised and unreliable wind and solar.

The burden of all that glorious virtue signalling falls disproportionately on those on low and fixed incomes. Add the normal path of decrepitude, frailty and illness to impecuniousity and you’ve got a recipe for a national health disaster.

Enduring frigid weather in unheated homes is one of the biggest killers of the elderly. With power prices now so prohibitive, the poor and vulnerable drop like flies every winter as they ration their power use or find themselves cut from the grid, incapable of paying for power, at all.

That first world countries now see hundreds of thousands of households suffering energy poverty as a new ‘normal’ is criminal. Particularly when all of this was perfectly predictable and perfectly avoidable.

As the elderly face the existential (passing) threat of COVID-19, spare a thought for the permanent threat that their political betters have gifted them: freezing to death in frigid and dimly lit homes.

Almost 3m elderly people turn off heating as ‘they cannot afford energy bills’
Energy Live
Dimitris Mavrokefalidis
10 March 2020

Around 2.8 million people over the age of 65 are set to ration their energy usage out of worry that they cannot afford their energy bills, according to new research by Compare The Market.

A further 84% think the cost of energy presents a ‘real threat’ to elderly people living in the UK.

Although a minority, 8% of respondents admit that their health suffers because they limit the amount of heating they use during the winter and 17% say they eat less or buy cheaper food to offset the cost of energy bills.

Findings of the research also suggest 18% of people over 65 are on ‘uncompetitive’ Standard Variable Tariffs, equating to 2.1 million elderly people who are currently on more expensive deals.

It said the cost of energy has increased by £106 in the last year – the average energy bill now stands at £1,813, up from £1,706 in 2018.

Peter Earl, Head of Energy at Compare The Market, said: “These findings should make sober reading for policy makers and energy company chiefs alike.

“We hear a lot of commentary about how today’s over 65s are more financially secure than previous generations, but such a broadbrush perception risks leaving millions of elderly people out in the cold and overpaying for their energy in silence.”
Energy Live

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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  2. Jacqueline Rovensky says:

    This is no surprise, until Governments take control not only of how energy is produced but what price is charged to the end user it will continue to be a big money spinner for ‘renewable’ energy producers.
    These private companies who receive millions from Governments to install useless unreliable energy output due to reliance on weather systems, will still insist and continue to say they cannot operate without charging exorbitant rates for what they supply as well as continue to receive money from Governments in the way of subsidies.
    We know they cannot operate at a profit without OUR money, nor can they ensure their shareholders will receive a profit from their investment.
    It is impossible for these companies to operate without Governments using OUR money to prop them up as well as allowing them to charge what ever they wish for the end product.
    All of this as a result of them promising and emphatically stating the energy they will produce is produced in ABUNDANCE from FREE natural resources= wind and now sun.
    Yes these are free but we the suckers don’t see it – the only thing free is the subsidies the companies garner along with the free reign they are given to charge what ever they like.
    Yes, there are Government bodies which keep a check on the costs, but they seem to be hindered by the companies saying their costs continue to going up.
    Delivery of the energy to the end user in South Australia and no doubt elsewhere is dealt with by another company which operates the delivery from the Grid to the end user they have found they need to spend more on superstructure to cope with the interloping ‘renewable’ energy being sent through their cabling system.
    The prices at every stage has gone up all in the name of us receiving energy produced from a ‘free’ natural resource – the only problem is nothing else is free everything else is costing more every time someone sneezes.
    All the while the companies are pocketing more and more from us and all we are seeing is less and less ability to pay for it as well as increasing unreliability of supply on demand.
    We should also remember the payments these companies can receive if they happen to produce more than is required. Yet another financial gain for them. Who wouldn’t want to be in the ‘renewable’ energy supply business!!
    Has there ever been such a mishmash of an energy production system before, even in the earliest days of electrical energy production and distribution way back when electricity supplied to masses first began?
    At every junction the industry receives money from us the end users to shore up their businesses unlike any other business I can think off.
    I don’t expect even the now debunked car industry had such a good deal.
    Actually if you think of it aren’t WE THE PEOPLE actually the owners of the ‘renewable’ wind and solar industries – after all we are the ones paying into it.
    Maybe we need to stand up at shareholders meetings and tell them to shut up shop as we no longer want to invest in it. Or at the very least tell Governments to stop investing in it with OUR money.

  3. Oil is at its cheapest, gas is at rock bottom, coal is a trifle, and still there are many who cannot afford to heat their apartments. There are many reasons for this, greedy countries and politicians being a big one. We have run our countries into situation that will show results pretty soon. Ugly results as we will pay the price for our hubris. People are poor now. When my father was in his best years, one man could feed his family and afford a small house. Today, that’s impossible. And it’s getting worse.

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