Scotland’s Wind Industry Clear-Fells 17,283 Acres & Wipes Out 14,000,000 Trees To ‘Save’ Planet

Scotland’s forests before ‘green’ energy arrived ….


Wiping out entire forest habitats is all part of our ‘inevitable’ transition to a wind powered future. Across Germany, millions of acres of forest have been clear-felled and great swathes cut through others, to allow some 30,000 of these things to be speared across Deutschland.

The same wanton destruction has been integral to Scotland’s wind power disaster, where, so far, 13,900,000 trees have been chainsawed and/or bulldozed out of existence. All, of course, in order to ‘save’ the planet. Where phony eco-warriors jump for joy, real environmentalists are left to weep as natural habitats for all manner of birds and animals are turned into industrial wastelands.

More than 13.9 million trees felled in Scotland for wind development, 2000–2019
National Wind Watch
Scottish Forestry
16 January 2020

A Scottish citizen made a freedom-of-information request, to which Scottish Forestry replied as follows:

Thank you for your request dated 26 November and received on the 5 December and the clarification dated 19 December 2019 under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (EIRs).

You asked for:

a) the number of trees felled for all onshore wind farm development in Scotland to date.

b) the area of felled trees, in hectares, for all onshore wind farm development in Scotland to date.

I enclose some of the information you requested.

Specifically data covering renewable developments on Scotland’s national forests and lands, which is managed on behalf of Scottish Ministers by Forestry and Land Scotland. The area of felled trees in hectares, from 2000 (the date when the first scheme was developed, is 6,994 hectares [70 km², 17,283 acres]. Based on the average number of trees per hectare, of 2000, this gives an estimated total of 13.9M.

While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance the Scottish Government does not have some of the information you have requested. Namely data on renewable developments on privately owned woodlands.

Download original document: “Scottish Forestry information request 19-02646
National Wind Watch

and what’s left after the wind industry showed up to ‘save’ the Planet.

26 thoughts on “Scotland’s Wind Industry Clear-Fells 17,283 Acres & Wipes Out 14,000,000 Trees To ‘Save’ Planet

  1. .
    I spent quality time in Scotland, including Iona and the Hebrades, and was impressed with the intelligence of the Scots. But that was way back in 1964, before this current generation of dimwits. … I no longer make public my Scottish heritage. … Sad to see how stupid a once canny population has become.

    We have a few of those destructive windmills, but are getting rid of them for the sake of wildlife and the environment.

  2. You should see the STUPID THINGS happening with technology and Smart Meters being FORCED on us. I created a blog to share the DANGEROUS READINGS taken in this home but apparently the incestuous relationship between gov’t and corporations is all that matters now. The citizens are just the hookers, the gov’t the pimps, and the corporations are the “Johns” who get to screw us if they pay enough money to the gov’t pimps. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP? Mass citizen’s arrest? What? Cuz all the jurisdiction has been pulled from every oversight agency. Here’s the DANGEROUS READINGS taken in our home.

  3. Are these guys DODOS? I always thought they were extinct, but apparently not. It would appear that stupidity is not confined to one country or continent! Trees breath in CO2 and emit oxygen (O2). And so it will go. Stupidity will breed more stupidity. Read back on the world’s history re 1,000 yrs or more. In the late 800’s and 900’s, Greenland was a lush and properous land, cattle crops etc. So it turned into a giant ice block.CLIMATE CHANGE? There were no factories until the early 1800’s.

  4. Each wind mill made takes more energy and material to be manufactured than it ever produces in its life! Proven fact.

  5. I am just as unhappy about trees being felled as the next person. However, from that photo it looks like the trees that were cut down were part of a managed evergreen plantation. I (somewhat hopefully) wonder whether they were just harvested at a time that coincides with the development of the turbines? Logistically it would make sense to do that, and may even have been the reason they chose that particular location for the turbines in the first place.
    I do hope that they are replaced with deciduous native trees. I doubt they would leave that land unplanted in the long-term (it looks like a commercial operation).
    Has there been any replanting since the turbines were erected? Depending on the size of the turbines it is possible to plant reasonably close to them.
    The point on the embodied carbon in the turbines is an interesting point. I must investigate that.

    1. Don’t take the photo of one tiny patch in the Highlands as representative of what has been done over thousands of acres. While wind turbines are there, the operators will not let trees be replanted because they reduce wind speeds and interfere with the direction of flow.

    2. The habitat given over for wind farms must be seriously considered. As once its gone it’s gone. Plantations, when they have been managed well eg selective felling, are home to Goshawk, Pine Marten Red Squirrel and Scottish Wildcat (Clashindarroch – currently under threat of win farms and Angus Glens, KNOWN SWC habitat. Generally the poor quality woodland, grown close together, goes for paper and fuel pellets.

      Add to this the mining and processing of the finite rare earth metals, decommissioning, recycling and landfilling of old farms – have 20-25 year lifespan then the disturbance of rebuilding, unreliability of supply and ecological, logistical problems of storage. We need honest conversations about how we go about integrating renewables if we wish to live comfortable lives. I think smaller scale projects of an appropriate mix of technologies – household, local regional, that cuts out the national grid and makes individuals and communities energy self sufficient / able to control their own supply and demand, manufactured nationally – ethically sourcing the rare earth metals and strict controls on recycling them, would have been a much less ecologically damaging way to go forward, BUT who would make mega bucks out of that? And to control supply is to control the people. (And btw CO2 is plant food, there has been no evidence from anyone that temperature follows atmospheric CO2 concentrations, historically or currently the data shows the opposite correlation, even so 2 correlating factors are not cause and effect, the climate has and will always change, we’re currently in an interglacial period and just entered a period of solar minimum activity)

    3. Could they not replenish by reseeding or planting trees around and near the turbines. Would this not be the best of both worlds aiding a quicker solution to both issues in regards to letting the earth breath as well as promoting greener energy (uneducated on turbine greener fuel issues)? But would introduce forestry commissions in a levy style for energy companies to replenish any green belts that have been subjected to industrial clearances to erect turbines for power wattage. Which would incorporate wildlife and protected plants to be incubated and replanted at the expense of the power companies invasion of natural heritages.

      1. Forests and wind turbines are incompatible. Any structure, including large trees, impedes and interfes with air flow and reduces wind speed. For wind power outfits, wind speed is everything. Wind turbines win. Trees lose.

      2. Could you not make the turbines higher one knows it will be a bit of an eyes soar but air born disease is what the children will be left to inherit. There must a compromise in there somewhere as we can not continue as we are, that’s for sure. But one will admit to being under educated in this environmentally friendly power solution the world is seeking. But one will educate ones self on the subject. PS Thanks for the reply appreciated.

  6. Ah, the obtuse, half-awake Jocks. Big on censorship but not too good on enlightenment and facts. Like lambs to the slaughter, you lot. No wonder witch-hunting was at it most profound and barbaric up there. How degenerate do you have to be to think that this massive infrastucture being installed, with its an unlimited budget, using communist hardware, is so you happy-slaves can “download stuff from the internet faster”, the naivete is alarming. It is the exact same hardware to oppress the Chinese under their Social Credit System. They will strip you of every form of freedom and all independence from the state. Everything will be monitored by the S.MA.R.T. grid 24 hrs a day, and every time you so much as breath they will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

    Suck on this free-range-slave:

    Being predominantly of a communist persuasion in Scotland I expect you will quite enjoy living in a digital gulag though. Aldus Huxley actually wrote as much.

    1. Solution? It’s a genuine question as you seem to be talking the talk ….If you have the solutions please be a good Shepard.

  7. Hey, this is a total RIP-off. These wind generators are not any way cLose to sustainable!!! They have a short life before they need to be rebuilt. CO2 is not a significant problem, Finland just said “the CO2 from Europe has made greener our country lately!!!!!”

  8. And that’s not including those felled on private land!!!!!
    Well maybe Australia will go further down the path of stupidity and make a decision to fell ALL trees to enable these monoliths to absurdity to be installed AND thereby have no need to allow controlled burns of undergrowth and debris to ensure bushfires are a problem.
    Clearing forests and destroying habitat is of course a very environmentally friendly thing to do and there is no need for such things as trees to help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere as we have turbines which will never produce such a thing. Of course that doesn’t take into account their manufacture and delivery to site etc, then of course there’s no need to calculating that is there. Also of course native creatures are just an encumbrance to the installation of turbines they get in the way of progress and cause some misguided people to get upset and want to save them, but that’s ‘old hat’ thinking isn’t it, why would you control an Industry to save the world and at the same time allow nature to thrive!
    The total cock and bull this industry and its supports push out is not fit to be called cock and bull as cocks and bulls are strong animals with a fighting spirit to survive while this industry is a whimpering fraud that relies on others to fight its battles. It cannot stand alone and prove its worth it relies on puppets who face the people on their behalf who only speak what they have been schooled to speak.
    Long Live the Environment which cannot speak for itself, an environment which needs US, YOU AND ME to do it for them without payment, manipulation, lies and promises an environment which belongs to us all and an environment that needs support from true friends and not those who speak without understanding, or are paid to offer untruths and utterances of media hungry actors, politicians, those who have their ‘back pockets’ open ready to be filled and just plain misguided badly educated children and childlike adults who act as sponges to the industry and its sellers hype.
    At every opportunity we need to speak out about the destruction being forced on our environments, health and livelihoods by those who have darkened glasses to skew their vision, and dull their brains to the truth this industry works so hard to hide.
    Help Shine the Light and Speak Out.

    1. Wind turbine can never pay for themselves of their destruction. Retiring worn-out wind turbines could cost billions that nobody … › news › retiring-worn-out-wind-turbines-co…
      Feb 21, 2017 – The life span of a wind turbine, power companies say, is between 20 and 25 years. But in Europe , with a much longer history of wind power …

  9. I have posted this link on STT before. However, the article above raises many questions about whether the wind industry is actually here to help us, or is simply here to make money at the expense of the environment, all in the name of ‘growth’. It seems to me that the only thing growing in scale, apart from the wind turbines, is the size of their ‘hedge’ funds! Wildlife and the environment are simply getting in the way of the stock market. Enough is enough.

    This particular episode of the BBC Series, ‘Making Scotland’s Landscape 5 of 5 The Climate’ is interesting in light of the upcoming climate conference in Glasgow, which has been curiously timed to coincide with the outcome of the US election. I wonder why? The TV program was made a decade ago, and stated that we should be planting more trees. What happened in the intervening years? To partially quote Talking Heads, ‘How did (we) get here?’

    Additionally, the documentary also presents an interesting benchmark in that it illustrates a real time CO2 reading being taken above Edinburgh’s Princes St. You can fast forward to the 39 minute point on the timeline to view this. At the time of production, approximately 10 years ago, it was hovering around 390 parts per million.

    I do not agree with Professor Iain Stewart’s comments on wind turbines. But I do agree with his comments on the planting of more trees. Current old growth forests should be protected, but in a manner that will help prevent future fires. New forests should be planted in a more natural manner. Think of the Caledonian forests of old. And the same goes for harvested plantation timber. The Scottish timber company Fountain Forestry were doing this decades ago. Indeed it was difficult to tell at the time whether these particular forests were natural or man-made. I personally witnessed one of these forests. To the untrained eye, it was virtually impossible to tell the difference.

    In addition to this, there should be a greater use of the current Hydro facilities in Scotland.


    Whether the weather be fine, or whether the weather be not,
    Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot,
    We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather,
    Whether we like it or not.


    BBC Making Scotland’s Landscape 5 of 5 The Climate

    What’s a hedge fund?

  10. Not knowing the finer detail, but guessing, I am sure that the trees would be (past tense) reducing more CO2 than these wind turbines.

  11. What needs to happen is that all who are responsible for these stupid decisions must be named publicly. The order followers need to be named as well. Please always provide documented evidence when naming these people.
    These people will not be forgotten.

  12. That is extremely depressing news, when the retribution begins, I will be there. Do we round them all up now? Or wait until they destroy everything first? I vote now.

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