Policy Burn Out: Rocketing Power Prices Product of Government Obsession with Unreliable Wind & Solar

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. So said Ronald Reagan, the folksy and affable 40th President of the USA. And, so it’s been with energy policy in the USA, Australia, Europe and dozens of other places where lobbyists took control of politicians and politicians took control of the generation and distribution of electricity.

Once the exclusive preserve of engineers, the manner in which electricity was generated and delivered is now a matter for zealots driven by fervent ideology, rather than common sense and sound engineering practice.

The results have been diabolical: electricity grids in renewable energy ‘powerhouses’ Germany and South Australia are groaning and both have suffered mass load shedding and blackouts; and their power prices have rocketed out-of-control. All of which was perfectly predictable and, therefore, perfectly avoidable.

This coming Summer Australia’s Eastern Grid is odds-on for a complete ‘system black’, when heatwave conditions create a spike in demand for electricity to run air conditioners and combine with calm weather and/or sunset, leading to a total collapse in wind and solar output. It’s happened before, and it’s bound to happen again.

As Kurt Wallace notes in his article below, all of this unnecessary chaos is down to constant government meddling.

Government Intervention Responsible For Energy Price Hikes
Institute of Public Affairs
Kurt Wallace
16 August 2019

A Greens-led bill to prohibit government funding of coal-fired power in Australia has been slammed as a reckless ideological tactic, which would cause significant and irreparable economic damage in a new report released today by free-market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs.

“The IPA strongly opposes the proposed Coal-Fired Power Funding Prohibition Bill 2017 as it violates the principle of technological neutrality in the energy market,” said Kurt Wallace, Research Fellow at the IPA.

The Coal-Fired Funding Prohibition Bill (2017) proposes to prohibit the Commonwealth government or its agencies from funding the refurbishment, building or purchase, or assisting in the transfer of ownership, of a coal-fired power station.

“The bill is objectionable, not because government should support coal-fired power, but because it further distorts the market away from reliable power production by favouring wind and solar energy generation at the expense of coal-fired power,” said Mr Wallace.

“All forms of electricity generation should compete in an open and free market without government intervention.”

“Either the bill should be withdrawn or the prohibition on government funding of coal-fired power should be extended to all forms of energy generation, including wind and solar.”

IPA research has found that every major instance of government intervention into the energy market has coincided with increases to electricity prices, including the introduction of the RET in 2000, the expansion of the RET in 2009, the introduction of the carbon tax in 2012, the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, and the announcement of the National Energy Guarantee in 2017. The only occasion in which there was a sharp drop to electricity prices was following the repeal of the carbon tax in July 2014.

“The continued expansion of government backed renewable energy at the expense of coal-fired energy over the last 20 years has caused a 220 per cent increase in electricity prices, which is more than three times the rate of inflation,” said Mr Wallace.

To deliver affordable and reliable energy the government should:

  • Adopt a policy of technological neutrality.
  • Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Remove the ban on the development of nuclear energy generation in Australia.
  • Reduce regulation and red tape on the coal and gas industries.
  • Not extend the RET beyond 2020, and remove all existing contracts for solar and wind energy generators which have been made under the RET.

Download the report Technological Neutrality In Australia’s Energy Market here.
Institute of Public Affairs

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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  2. Jacqueline Rovensky says:

    No matter how many children are pushed/persuaded to march (with many adults in attendance) in protest about Climate woes and the promoted imminent end to the world as we know it, we have to accept it is happening – and has been since this planet was created.
    What these poor misguided children are not told is things have got worse since so called ‘renewable’ energy has been pushed down our throats by lobbyists and their puppet Governments.
    Yes no one would say no to clean air, but its how it is achieved that counts and covering our rural lands with Turbines and now solar panels and batteries is not helping – as shown by the reported rise in that nasty stuff called CO2 in our air.
    Nothing has changed in the 20 years since the Wind Turbine Industry began to gets its way. No matter how many are installed and how much coal and gas production has been reduced nothing changed – well nothing except the cost and reliability of energy supply.
    Currently we do not know exactly how much more contaminants have and will be thrust into the environment as a result of the manufacture, installation, operation and ultimately decommission of these things.
    To add to the load we do know about we now hear a gas SF6 is used in switch-gearing of turbines and possibly other things utilised by Turbines, solar panels and batteries – a gas which may seem innocuous, but has significant dangers attached as it is considered to be toxic if components used catch-fire, also it’s a gas far worse for the environment than CO2 could ever be, it also stays around for possibly longer than 1,000 yrs.
    So while Governments may need to step back from regulating which forms of energy production it will support, it also needs to come forward and let us know the truth of the dangers our future holds if we continue to go down the path of ‘renewable’s’ without understanding or accepting the are dangers involved.
    Children do not only have misinformed teachers indoctrinating them they have a whole world movement of fools, including much of the media, some politicians, self righteous Public figures and many parents who gleefully push a barrow just to be seen to be doing something – no matter it’s not something worthwhile.
    The only winners are the cashed up ‘Renewable’s’ companies, and those they employ to keep quiet about the truth.
    Governments – wake up and look beyond the indoctrination and do what you are there to do – Look after the people of your own Nation and stop pandering to some so called International Body that lost its way years ago.

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