Supreme Ignorance: Bernie Sanders Mocks Wind Turbine Noise Victims’ Daily Suffering

Bernie Sanders: holds PhD in Practised Ignorance.


Trying to explain life with wind turbine noise to the uninitiated is like trying to explain a migraine to someone that’s never had a headache.

Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders is yet another loony from the left with his own worldview on what is, for those forced to suffer it, a very real form of daily torment.

Sanders, who holds a PhD in Practised Ignorance, launched an astonishing tirade against the US President, Donald Trump over observations he made about the long-term health effects caused by exposure to wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

We covered the President’s comments here: Trumping Turbines: Five Good Reasons to Hate Heavily Subsidised & Chaotically Intermittent Wind Power – with an analysis on why Trump was broadly correct about the health effects caused by wind turbine noise.

In the same vein, Jen Kuznicki takes up the cudgels to deliver a well earned rebuke to the likes of Bernie Sanders, who, without ever experiencing life with the grinding, thumping cacophony these things generate, are quick to mock and ridicule those forced to suffer it on a daily basis.

‘Profound scientist’ Bernie Sanders and torturous wind turbines
Conservative Review
Jen Kuznicki
10 May 2019

Bernie Sanders has a lot of nerve mocking the president for an offhand remark about wind turbines. Especially since he defends the monstrosities that are torturing rural landowners.

During a long and jovial appearance in front of a friendly audience at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual spring dinner, President Trump said that wind turbines cause property values to go down and continued, “And they say the noise causes cancer.”

Bernie Sanders pounced on that offhand comment and mocked Trump, saying, “And he’s a profound scientist, someone who’s researched the issue for years and uniquely came up with that conclusion,” Sanders said.

But you know, you don’t have to research the issue for many years to come up with the conclusion that wind turbines are slowly torturing rural folks, and in some instances, the sleep deprivation and stress can in fact lead people down a path of poor health.

In a piece published in the Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society, Carl V. Phillips has indeed concluded, “There is overwhelming evidence that wind turbines cause serious health problems in nearby residents, usually stress-disorder-type diseases, at a nontrivial rate.”

Optical flickering, caused when the blades pass through sunlight, and noises both audible and nonaudible have led people to abandon their homes or demand recompense for the pains they have to live with even after they were assured by lying wind energy proponents that these things would not happen.

Phillips highlighted three particular accounts from people who live close to the turbines, including the account of a five-year-old who could not sleep due to the exposure to the noise and became defiant and irritable. His issues were destroying his school life. Once the family abandoned their home, the boy recovered.

The account described the constant noise:

They are loud. They’ve been compared to jet engines, a plane that will not take off. There is no gentle swoosh, it is a whoosh noise. They grind, they bang, they creak. The noise is like surround sound, it’s omnidirectional.

In another account, a woman explained how she has developed tinnitus and a slew of other health problems due to the audible and nonaudible sounds the turbines made. She noted how many homeowners had to abandon their homes to get some peace. Her account is not unusual, telling of the nonaudible sounds that shake parts of the house and are in no way rhythmic, adding to sleep deprivation and sensitivity to movement and noise.

The noise is constant, some days louder than others. It is not noise I enjoy or choose to be around. It is noise I cannot escape. I live with the movement of shadow flicker created by the rotation of the turbines, coming through my dining room window as I drink my coffee in the morning. I have developed a sensitivity in which now I cannot even tolerate the movement of a small ceiling fan. The skies where I live are no longer clear but dotted with blinking red lights marking the height of the turbines. When the turbines are down, a constant buzzing noise is emitted from the motionless structures. I have developed tinnitus in my ears. I hear and feel the pulsating of the turbines and buzzing in my ears. I also feel the pulsating in my throat and chest.

Yet another man attributes his ailments to the fact that his property abuts property with turbines on it. It is not only the people who accept the turbines on their property, but their neighbors who suffer too. The man in the third account created a list of all the ailments he has, well documented by health professionals, that he attests are due to the wind turbines.

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • nervousness
  • sleep deprivation
  • hypertension
  • migraines
  • dizziness
  • blurred vision
  • palpitations
  • irritability
  • anger
  • upset stomach
  • depression

Here’s a good example of the banging and creaking, captured by Ed Sliwinsky of New York.

Now why are we allowing proponents of wind power to lie to rural people about the side effects of allowing wind turbines near their property? People like Bernie Sanders don’t seem to care one iota about the loss of lifestyle and health due to these monstrosities.

By the way, did Sanders ever mention that Vermonters have had it with these monstrosities? Too late to stop them, but they are fighting them now all the way because they can see the cost.

They have watched as time and time again, turbine proponents come through small rural areas, waving tax dollars around to impress the county commissioners, and lying through their teeth about the noise and health costs to anyone within a mile or two of the behemoths. Once the commissioners okay everything, there is no turning back.

Is sleep deprivation a type of torture? How about loud noise? How would you like to live near an airport where jet engines constantly run but never take off? And you were there first! These turbines are being sold to the public under falsehoods, just so politicians can feel good about “doing something for the environment.” Human beings are part of the environment, and somehow, our health problems are the subject now of mockery by socialists who wish to rule this nation.
Conservative Review

Before you open your mouth, walk a mile in their shoes.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Reblogged this on Climate- Science.

  2. Finally the conversation is taking place, at this level, so that the whole world can see how our ‘leaders’ are responding to this ethical crisis!
    It’s our birthright to act out of our free will to let our conscience be our guide.

  3. Jeff Walther says:

    I wouldn’t call Bernie Sanders ignorant. I’m pretty sure he’s a sly old dog who knows exactly what he’s doing. Most likely, he is paid not to care by his backers.

    When a politician seems like a fool, ask yourself why. It’s usually because his actions seem to conflict with his stated goals (or the goal of public good). Then look to see what goal would actually be served by his actions. Then follow the money. Most politicians are not ignorant louts and believing they are gives them a pass on corrupt action. Most of them are taking money to do bad things for the public and publicly claiming their goals are something else altogether.

  4. Thank you for respecting the people being harmed. As Dr. Sarah Laurie once said, and I apologize if I’m misquoting her exact words, but hearing Bernie Sanders speak so disrespectfully of innocent men, women and children being harmed by turbines is ‘abuse upon abuse’.

  5. Richard Mann says:

    From Ontario, Canada. Please read this article, and comments following,
    Note comment of January 26, 2016 at 2:21 pm “Here is a list of 26 statements of adverse health impacts from Huron County.”

  6. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

  7. Low Frequency Noise is a world wide problem from not only Wind Turbines.

    I live in Aberglasslyn a Suburb of Maitland NSW.

    He is an idiot.

  8. Crispin says:

    Greta Thunberg claims to be able to see CO2.

    Is Greta suffering from the ‘nocebo’ effect?

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