Victorian Victory: Council Slams Wind Farm Proposal After Angry Mob Reads Riot Act

Mortlake’s (un)welcoming committee tells developer to shove it.


Nothing attracts a furious mob like a threatened wind farm. Victorians have erupted over plans to spear hundreds of these things into peaceful and prosperous rural communities across their fertile state.

The well-disciplined and concerted opposition that’s broken out has completely rattled the wind power outfit pushing the project and the institutional cronies that does the wind industry’s bidding.

These days, the mobs that gather to oppose wind power developments are well-informed, they’re angry and they’re not about to give up. And, as we reported last week, the troops that marshalled at Hawkesdale and Mortlake are Victoria’s vanguard: Victoria Erupts: Furious Mob Rejects Premier Dan Andrew’s Insane Wind Power Push

In the past, disgruntled locals have been treated with a mix of condescension and contempt by local councils. But with Victoria’s councils finally being held accountable to their constituents for the suffering caused by incessant turbine noise, those days are over.

Urgent wind farm meeting ordered by Moyne Shire with planning minister
The Standard
Rachael Houlihan
26 September 2018

Moyne Shire will seek an urgent meeting with the state government planning minister after supporting the Mortlake community’s stance against more wind farms.

At its meeting on Tuesday night councillors voted to back the Mortlake community’s resolution which asked them to instruct planning minister Richard Wynne to reject any application for the Mount Fyans wind farm.

A council report says community concern has escalated rapidly in recent months over existing and proposed wind farms within the shire.

“While the approval of wind farms go through a rigorous statutory planning permit process administered by the Minister for Planning, communities are questioning the strategic approach to wind farms in terms of social, economic and environmental impacts,” it says.

“In recent months, large public meetings held in Hawkesdale and Mortlake about windfarms have clearly signalled that those local communities are not in favour of more windfarms in their area.”

The council noted it did not approve windfarms – assessment and approval was by the planning minister.

Last week almost 500 people attended a meeting at the Mortlake Hall and supported a motion to reject the Moyne Shires’ offer to establish a community engagement committee for the proposed renewable energy source.

“Furthermore, this meeting is totally and absolutely opposed to the development of the Mount Fyans wind farm and directs the Moyne shire councillors and officers to instruct the Minister for Planning Richard Wynne to reject any application by the proponent Woolnorth for the development of the Mount Fyans wind farm at Mortlake,” the motion read.

Feelings were high at that meeting with the danger to the endangered brolgas and impact of the 200-metre tall turbines on firefighting capabilities highlighted as issues.

Councillor Daniel Meade said the motion was amended to support the Mortlake community’s resolution.

“We changed it a little bit,” he said.

“We fully support the Mortlake motion.

“They said they don’t want the Mount Fyans wind farm.

“It doesn’t have any community support.”

Cr Meade said the council also wanted to meet with the opposition to get their policy on wind farms.

The amended motion passed 6-0.

Jill Parker did not vote, citing a conflict of interest.
The Standard

Mortlake Champion: Former Moyne Shire Mayor Jim Doukas.


A brilliant victory for a deserving community. They all are, really – but this one’s to applauded for getting on the front foot early and going very hard.

Having a champion like Moyne Shire’s long-serving councillor and former mayor Jim Doukas making it plain that “on environmental and planning grounds the Mount Fyans project would never be built” didn’t hurt their campaign, either.

And it’s lines like this that clearly motivated the angry Mortlake mob:

“While the approval of wind farms go through a rigorous statutory planning permit process administered by the Minister for Planning, communities are questioning the strategic approach to wind farms in terms of social, economic and environmental impacts”.

The first proposition is bollocks: there’s nothing “rigourous” about wind farm planning laws or the permit process for wind farms, they were written by the wind industry and are applied in its favour by the wind power worshipping eco-zealots that occupy and run planning Departments, everywhere.

The second proposition is, however, spot on: rural communities know full-well the social and environmental impacts; public health disasters like Cape Bridgewater, Waubra and Macarthur are notorious.

And Victorian communities also possess an acute understanding of the economic debacle that is their neighbouring state, South Australia, Australia’s wind power capital, and have no intention of calling an airstrike in on their own economic position.

These days, the wild promises of hundreds of local jobs and lasting economic prosperity are treated with the derision they so rightly deserve.

The fact that South Australia is an economic basket case, fast going backwards, because it set and met a ludicrous 50% Renewable Energy Target puts paid to the nonsense that wind and solar are a pathway to prosperity and promises of thousands of groovy ‘green’ jobs.

And it shouldn’t be forgotten that the same “rigorous statutory planning permit process administered by the Minister for Planning” were in play in South Gippsland, when approval was granted for the construction of 52, 2MW Senvion MM92s across the Bald Hills.

A group of 10 plaintiffs from Bald Hills – being constantly tormented by low-frequency noise and infrasound – issued Supreme Court proceedings against the South Gippsland Council, forcing it to do its duty under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act and remedy the nuisance caused by wind turbines to the long-suffering community situated around the Bald Hills: Victorian Vengeance: Neighbours Launch $Multi-Million Noise Nuisance Law Suit Against Wind Farm Operator & Local Council

The South Gippsland Council hired an independent investigator who found that the noise generated was “injurious to personal comfort” and, therefore, a nuisance under the Act: Farmers Fightback: Investigator’s Noise Nuisance Finding Leaves Australian Wind Industry Furious

The South Gippsland Council is on the back foot. STT hears that the plaintiffs and their determined solicitor, Dominica Tannock are about to drag the Council back to the Supreme Court for another shellacking.

The Bald Hill’s case has left every local Council in Victoria with no doubt about their legal liability to their ratepayers for the nuisance caused by wind turbines operating in their precincts.

The position taken by the Moyne Shire Council is, no doubt, the consequence of an organised revolt by their constituents. Ratepayers can vote councillors out, just as easily as voting them in. So, responding to those ratepayers when they’re baying for blood clearly involves an element of political self-preservation.

However, STT suspects that the Moyne Shire is more concerned about its legal liability, if it presses ahead and ends up repeating the public health debacle that’s played out at Bald Hills.

Whatever the motivating force, the Mortlake mob have spoken and their local representatives have been forced to listen. And about time, too.

Mortlake’s 500 knock out another threatened neighbourhood nightmare.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Noel Dean says:

    Saying “while the approval of wind farms go through a rigorous statuaury permit process administered by the minister for planning” is a load of rubbish, the process is administered by the wind industry within the planning minister’s department. There appears to be different noise conditions for individual wind farms put forward at the request of the planning minister. These noise conditions usually are accepted and recommended by the panel and in some cases changed when signed by the minister for planning to disadvantage the public. These permits appears to be purchased by wind farm developers before hearings are planned.

    The planning process is to be independent of proponents but are not. This is insider trading, as some proponents use former government employees.

    Lack of honesty and lack of human rights needs to be questioned. Great work Jim, make the useless fools in planning accountable for their actions.

    Noel Dean

  2. Well, Daniel Meade was one of six Moyne Shire councillers who voted Macarthur wind factory compliant for another five years. So every time we complain to AGL Hannah Coffey, she replies AGL is compliant. So we neighbors can suck it up or just leave, as the windfarm commisioner advised other neighbors at Cape Bridgewater. Seems Daniel’s aspiring political ambitions might be under pressure by supporting the wind companies.

  3. John McGrath says:

    Congratulations Mortlake

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