Australia’s RE Debacle Means It’s Time to Drain the Subsidised Wind & Solar Swamp

Once upon a time, in a land far away – a place blessed with coal, gas and uranium – electricity flowed all day and all night, and it was practically given away.

Then came subsidised wind and solar; mandates; targets; penalties and feed in tariffs.

After less than a dozen years, what was an energy superpower, is now held up as an example of how to destroy an economy, from within.

Generating electricity was once the exclusive preserve of state-owned enterprises, controlled by state governments and operating on the basis that affordable power would be delivered to all comers.

Nowadays, the power market is part swamp and part rent-seeker’s Nirvana.

Sensible marketing rules were scrapped, rewritten by wind and solar outfits, all to their advantage.

Power is now delivered according to the dictates of the weather and those the wind and solar outfits that fail to deliver, suffer no punishment at all.

The cost of all that is born by conventional generators, who are being driven out of business, which is what these policies were designed to do.

Now that power prices are spiralling out of control, those in charge of those policies are pretending that everything’s under control. It isn’t.

In the sharp little essay, Viv Forbes makes a dire forecast: economic disaster is inevitable, unless something is done, very soon.

Time to Drain the Energy Swamp
The Pickering Post
Viv Forbes
21 July 2018

The Australian electricity market has become a stinking swamp covered with a tangled net of treaties, laws, rules, obligations, prohibitions, targets, taxes and subsidies. The swamp conceals the rubble of demolished coal generators; another plant destined for destruction (Liddell) is gradually sinking in the green ooze.

The swamp is slowly claiming paddocks of subsidised solar panels that, at best, only work for six hours per sunny day. The scene is uglified by spec-built regiments of ailing wind turbines that are often idle, but sometimes whirling madly.

To distract the gullible media from this mess, big diesel generators charge a gigantic battery which pumps water uphill and then lets it run down again. A garbage dump of dead lithium batteries fills a nearby gully and the swamp is fenced by locked green gates.

The stagnant water is stirred on sunny days by luxury launches carrying academics-with-models, green media evangelists, climate alarmists, emissions inspectors and power regulators. Speculative sharks constantly patrol the swamp snapping up every smelly subsidy morsel scattered by politicians in posh yachts fishing for votes.

Helicopters full of unelected UN officials hover overhead, creating choppy waves of uncertainty. A pleasant hill overlooking the swamp houses the air-conditioned offices of the power regulators. They have no windows to the world and few power engineers; they stare at screens, run models and press buttons.

The way out of the energy swamp is to retrace the way we got in

First, get to the root of the problem – UN Climate Alarmism. Disown the Paris and Kyoto Treaties and dump all the obligations, costs, hobbles and distortions they have created. Stop their pointless war on carbon energy. Carbon dioxide does not control climate but it does support all life on earth.

Abolish green energy targets and renewable energy certificates – they belong in museums beside the WW2 ration cards.

Then de-fund and boycott the rotten core of climate alarmism – the UNIPCC. Shun their never-ending climate conferences and cease funding all of their green tentacles. Cancel the tax exempt status of political activists posing as honest scientists.

Then unravel the electricity regulations mess. Stop politicians from banning or promoting their energy favourites – speculators should be free to build wind, solar, geothermal, wave, coal, gas, nuclear or pig-poo power generators free of all special taxes, subsidies and market mandates. But no electricity distributor, retailer or consumer should be forced to accept unreliable or expensive electricity.

Then abolish all guaranteed returns on inflated capital for those who gold-plate power lines and poles, or expect big returns on under-used connections to remote wind farms or other green energy toys. Consumers should not be saddled with these hidden green taxes.

All electricity producers and retailers should face competitive market prices, get no special subsidies and obey the same tax laws. But they should be encouraged to enter into long term contracts to supply base-load or peak power at agreed prices. Such contracts could underpin construction of new reliable generation capacity.

Politicians should stop backing losers

De-centralise decision making. Test energy theories properly by letting green states go deep green on intermittent energy, while others place their bets on long-term contracts from new HELE (High Energy Low Emissions) running on solid reliable black “fossil sunshine”. Allow isolated communities to try sealed transportable nuclear power packs.

The choice for our crippled electricity industry is stark – swift surgical reform and practical innovation; or let the lights go out as our once-cheap-and-reliable grid drowns in the smelly regulatory swamp.
Pickering Post

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. After following this debacle for some time, this American no longer cares about what happens in Australia. With freedom comes responsibility and a society is responsible for their good AND bad decisions.

    If Australians are so dumb to continue on this completely illogical course of RE, they deserve everything that is coming to them. If it means that Australians are reduced to lighting their homes with candles and shuttering all of their factories, then that’s just fine.

    It seems that there are far more developed nations in the west that are hell-bent on committing suicide, either from allowing an invasion of millions of refugees who will never ever assimilate and live in peace (they’re already causing death and destruction) in their new homelands, or with this irrational environmentalist madness that is nothing less than a cult as crazy as the people at Jonestown (where 909 people committed mass suicide).

    Hopefully after all the dust settles, there will be something left to restore Australia with and that not all of the once proud and prosperous people of that land will still be around to rebuild.

  2. It’s all too late another five years and the “old” coal fired power stations will be closing and then Australia will de industrialise and return to a hand to mouth existence. The Australian public will blame the coal fired power stations because they are not smart enough to run a bath let alone a country thanks to the media. All coal exports will be stopped because the greens and labor will enlist the community to help them save the world and the only form of transport in Australia will be horses, the only drugs available will be Asprin and Australia will be the first country out side of Africa to become a failed African country thanks to its crazy left wing educational system. Sadly it’s all written in stone..

  3. Son of a goat says:

    Oh spare me…….another self appointed High priest of the zealots has come out and given his two cents worth in the lack of emission reductions in the NEG.

    Suggesting that by putting in a 2 per cent a year minimum emissions reduction floor that then “we can move forward being selfish rather than immoral.”

    I reckon Yoda may have pilfered that last pearl of wisdom from an inscription on the back of a dunny door in the head quarters of a merchant bank.

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