Scotland The Brave: Thuggish Wind Farm Developer’s Plan to Wreck Highland Homes Defeated

The Scots have been long renowned for their fighting spirit. Think William Wallace and his mates, armed with sticks and a few claymores, wearing nothing more than last year’s drapes and some overworked and misplaced blue eyeshadow, giving the English a right Royal thumping.

Every victory counts. Even small ones. Especially when your enemy is in bed with the State.

The fight in this case has been raging for years. The battleground was Druim Ba (South-West of Inverness). Locals got organised early and fought like fury.

So effective were they, that the developer brought in a squad of its very own thugs to ‘correct’ troublesome local attitudes: Scots Fight-back as Wind Power Outfit Aims to Thump its ‘Community Message’ Home

But having musclebound heavies sink the boots in wasn’t enough to deter this band of well-disciplined Highlanders.

Tenacity, perseverance and courage are a trifecta of virtues that are a necessary, and often sufficient, condition for victory against all odds. The archetype, David employed just that cocktail when he managed to drop a real Goliath with one well-aimed shot.

Likewise, Lyndsey Ward, Hilda Hesling and their team stood up when it counted; and now get to count a victory for common sense. Sadly, a scarce commodity in Scotland – thanks to its government’s maniacal obsession with these things.

‘David beat Goliath’ over Druim Ba wind farm
Highland News
Donna MacAllister
4 July 2018

Plans for 10 turbines at Druim Ba between Kiltarlity and Abriachan have been rejected after a second public inquiry.

A Scottish Government reporter dismissed the appeal and refused planning permission for the scheme on Blairmore Estate.

There were fears the scheme would ruin the views and spoil people’s enjoyment of area, which welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Hilda Hesling, a member of Inverness West Community Council which objected to the plans, said the result was down to a “wonderful community campaign”.

“It was a David and Goliath struggle,” she said.

Boralex, the French company behind the scheme, said it “regrets this decision” but looked forward to developing other on-going projects in Scotland.

Boralex massively scaled-back the scheme after it was turned down in an earlier bid.

DBSE previously submitted an application for 23 turbines but this was rejected by Highland Council and the Scottish Government in 2012.

A government reporter announced the latest decision on Thursday.

He considered the development would have “significant cumulative effects” on the Great Glen Way, and would be “a dominant feature” at Ardendrain, as well as prominent from the A833 Kiltarlity to Drumnadrochit road.

His list of reasons against the scheme included his assessment that views from Kiltarlity, Abriachan, Beauly Railway Station, Braes of Kilmorack and from the summit of Meall Fuar-mhonaidh would be significantly or mildly affected.

He said the turbines would be “sometimes audible” and a “dominant element of the experience” from the forest road to Achpopuli – and there would be significant cumulative effect on the landscape where other windfarms are visible.

Hilda Hesling, a member of Inverness West Community Council, said: “The whole campaign was a wonderful community effort, with many people contributing, not because any of us are against renewables, but because it was a dreadful place for such a development. It was a David and Goliath struggle. That is the real story.”

Wind farm campaigner Lyndsey Ward said: “The community has had seven years of wind farm developers trying to get a wind farm in that area. Let that be an end to it and give the community some peace.”

Julie Cusson, the company’s director of public affairs and communications, said: “While Druim Ba Sustainable Energy regrets this decision, the company looks forward to Boralex continuing to develop several other on-going projects in Scotland. At this time, there are no plans for an appeal.”
Highland News

High time for a wee Victory Dance!

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Maureen Campbell says:

    Well at long last they have decided to make a stand. Perhaps the Aussies should do the same instead of just writing and whinging about it all. These wind farm companies can do what they want without a fight. Send the feckers running for the hills I say give them some thing to think about the mongrels. Get your banners out and what ever you have and scream and shout so that you are all heard be like these wind scam gets show them what we are made of.

  2. Daniel DA says:

    BORALEX is a canadian company operating in Canada, France, United Kingdom and the northeastern United States.

  3. I know Trustpower would never show mercy after 10-11 years, but how about the state or federal gov stepping in to admit enough is enough on this community. I would like to build another shed, perhaps extend my house but will not be adding capital when it could well become everyone has always said … for what gain?…
    Madness …

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