Renewables Rent-Seeker Round-Up: Time to Shame the Bad, the Worse & the Ugly

The next generation of Australians will be eager to string up those responsible for turning an energy superpower into an international joke.

Coal, gas and uranium rich Australia shouldn’t be paying the highest power prices in the world; and it shouldn’t be cutting power to businesses and hospitals during hot weather, when demand spikes and the wind stops blowing. The renewable energy cult calls that ‘demand management’ or even ‘demand resources’, as if chopping your business or home from the grid is like striking oil or gas.

All those dismal features of Australia’s self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity are the natural product of an obsession with sunshine and breezes.

Peter Mitchell, one of the founding members of the Waubra Foundation, is eager to start the roundup early, with a name and shame list of the renewables rent seekers, and those in government who pander to them, most culpable for the disaster: let’s call them The Bad, The Worse and The Ugly.

Time to Hold the Wind Industry Accountable – Let us Identify the Bad, the Worse and the Ugly
Peter Mitchell
27 April 2018

Subsidies for the wind industry have cost Australian power consumers an estimated $15 billion to date and will cost consumers a further S4 billion a year until 2030. That is only the beginning of the costs accumulating from this misleading and wasteful industry.

Power grid managers have the task of making power supply continuously equal demand. Not to do so will cause power outages and breakdowns.

Traditionally this balance was achieved by utilising wholly reliable, and lowest cost, base load generators (coal) to meet the major part of the demand; then, when demand rises, draw on quick acting gas and hydro power for shoulder and peak demand. The result was a cheap and reliable power supply.

Now our intellectually challenged politicians, desperate for votes from the true and or lazy believers in dangerous man-made climate change, have mandated that costly renewable power deserves to be first into the grid, unreliable and constantly fluctuating as it is. To meet demand, and restore balance, base load coal and gas generators then are drawn upon to supply whatever power is required at a particular time to meet demand and to balance the constantly fluctuating renewables. This is extraordinarily expensive, with coal and gas generators spilling excess heat energy into the atmosphere and driving up the cost of energy from these former lowest cost base load generators. Estimates of the cost of this grid disruption are in the tens of billions of dollars per year.

Renewables and particularly wind power have made power in Australia unreliable and extraordinarily expensive. More wind projects will make reliabilility worse and force costs to rise further.

There is sufficient hard science, as opposed to industry dissembling and denial, to establish:

  • Global Warming was a scam from the start. It finally died by the Climate Alarmists’ own hand, when the Alarmists and the renewables industry realised global warming was not acting as predicted and shifted their scare tactics to Climate Change;
  • once that happened, the industry’s primary claim that man-made C02 was the cause of alarming and dangerous global warming/climate change became a sinking ship in the industry’s sea of misinformation; misinformation way beyond any advertising licence;
  • airborne pressure pulses from wind turbines are dangerous to wind project neighbours up to at least 10km. Neighbours become increasingly sensitive to audible and inaudible pressure waves. Many homes and farms become unsafe, even uninhabitable.

Despite these facts, and largely because of gormless governments, one has to assume that the industry wilI be able to continue its damaging way as it has so successfully invested in promoting its great green (but totally misleading) purpose to the political, bureaucratic and journalistic elites.

Over a decade or so, the increasing economic damage will bring about a significant decline in this industry; but not before Chinese and other foreign investors who are buying into existing wind projects and permits for new projects, provide additional long-term difficulties in regulation, control and accountability.

Those that have personally endured the industry’s penetration of our countryside, or observed the industry’s brainwashing of the public, or the unscientific persistence by authorities with incompetent project guidelines, think it is well past time that this damaging and destructive technology be called to order.

This could be achieved by:

  • progressively, but relatively quickly, reducing the subsidies paid by power users to to wind energy producers by say 25% or 33% each year from the existing level to zero. Our power consumers, including industry and the poor, need to be rescued;
  • remove the benefit of renewables “first into the grid.” Maybe this has to be stepwise, with the “first in grid” privilege set, at say, 10% of total demand, and any additional renewables being accepted by the grid manager on a price basis alone. This would be a major step in returning us to stable and cheap power. The wind industry deserves no sympathy or consideration.
  • rewriting the noise guidelines so that there will be no harm to humans;
  • introduce penalties to any existing, already permitted, or newly proposed wind projects that cannot be proved or made safe. In respect to existing projects the operator should be forced to shut down from 6PM to 6AM, and progressively permanently shut down turbines that are proven to damage home habitability and health.

No one can claim this is unreasonable, unless of course they think it is both reasonable and the wind industry’s right to harm country families, not just presently, but permanently; and to keep driving up power prices. Nevertheless, if even one of the above suggestions is implemented, the industry will scream foul and apply pressure everywhere. These pressures, whatever their form, must be rejected.

The industry presented itself as a new age green revolution, here to save the planet, well its time the balloon was punctured, and Australians to take back control of the generation of power so cleverly and brutally stolen. Mercy for damage to this industry is just not necessary.

Finally, let us examine what laws have been broken, who has not acted according to their responsibilities, eg., planning and health ministers and their bureaucrats and those company directors who have installed and operated unsafe equipment. Let us find or develop ways to hold them responsible and bring them to justice.

A culprits’ list needs to be formed and published. Start by nominating suspects on STT in response to this little essay!…
Peter Mitchell

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Melissa Ware says:

    Thankyou Peter. Thankyou STT. The ‘shame on them’ list is long and it spans over ten years. John Hewson got into renewables early, he was at the renewable jobs forum in Portland alongside Greg Barber and lily d,ambrosia and all three do not recognise the health or economic or social impacts of the Pacific Hydro owned CBWF or PWEP on neighbours. I waited in long cues to question Mr’s Hewson and Barber about their comments and my situation. Their attitude towards me and my queries was disrespectful, dismissive, bombastic. Rural renewables jobs and profits are put above rural health issues near wind farms. The covering up of the issues is shameful.
    When you have a CEO standing over you saying if you don’t support the wf you will be responsible for greenhouse gasses, all social license and support for this industry dissipates rather quickly. And who cares if pacic hydro is a listed company. Andrew richards I remain stumped as to why I should support the company which has destroyed my home and good health. You kindly but inappropriately asked me to be patient, I said I had been very patient and for a long time. I could have said piss off but with the restrictions of the CCC’s I couldn’t.
    The NWFC is blind to the impacts and believes informing communities is the way to put more and more turbines into communities. He thinks its okay to play with the noise regulations in the wind industry favor. I loudly say shame on him and shame on anyone saying there is no causal link between turbines and ill health. Shame on anyone expecting us to quietly sacrifice our good health and homes and cheap reliable electricity on the climate change cross. Shame on Pacific Hydro for not resolving the issues of nuisance they relentlessly and uncaringly inflict onto we neighbours. Shame on all those who do not respond. Shame on the acousticians covering and obscuring the facts. Shame on all those who are aware of the issues and put it in the too hard basket. Those who fear legal implications or risk to their job. Shame on those who know and agree what is wrong in the system yet say their ‘hands are tied’ or ‘its not their responsibility’. Shame on those who say some must be sacrificed for the benefit of all. Shame on all those who mistakenly believe wind energy is clean, green, cheap or safe. Or ‘quiet’ or that we will ‘get used to it’.

    • Jackie Rovensky says:

      I was at the meeting Melissa refers to and all I heard from Hewson was money, money, money to be made from investing in this industry.
      His reaction to what Melissa had to say to him was grossly inappropriate and showed his complete ignorance (willing or other) to the problems of those having to live with these things.
      His contribution to the meeting showed a complete lack of interest in anything that outlined the dangers and uselessness of these things.
      He is just interested in pushing the barrow to fill his and other companies coffers.
      The sooner all those who have a personal interest in the fortunes of this industry whether first hand or via family connections, stand up and be counted the better, so we can all see why they are willing to compromise peoples health and the environment without being ‘blinded’ by their claims of ideological necessity.

  2. I nominate Fraudenberg to be hung high, with Trumble and Hunt to follow.

  3. Communities need to insist that wind turbine developers leave a bond or deposit to cover the cost of their demolition and removal. The last time wind turbines were installed in their thousands was during the 1970s energy crisis. Most have simply been abandoned once they were no longer economic.

  4. Brilliant read. Thank you Peter and STT.

    Here’s my suggestion: Simon Holmes á Court (Hepburn Wind)

    ‪Simon Holmes à Court – Wind Weasel via @JWSpry‬

  5. John Hewson was all but on the books for the renewable industry. So much so that Tony Abbott had him under surveillance…

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