America’s Wind Industry Squeals as Republicans Slash Massive Wind Power Subsidies

The wind industry is a lot like Peter Pan – the perpetual infant, hard-wired to fight, kick and scream to avoid the stark reality of adulthood.

How often have we heard the yarn about wind power needing those life-giving subsidies (filched in their hundreds of $billions from taxpayers and power consumers) to continue for just that little bit longer to help it “mature”?

And how, if the subsidies are chopped now, the chance of a “brilliant, clean, green” renewable energy future will be lost, forever?

Cut the subsidies, and this so-called ‘industry’ would disappear in a heartbeat. That mathematical certainty applies everywhere, including the USA.

GOP tax bills aim to derail the green-power gravy train
New York Post
Robert Bryce
12 December 2017

Commentators, as well as congressional Democrats, have criticized the Republican tax bill for being rushed through the House and Senate without significant debate.

While that complaint — plus the fact that, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s most recent analysis, the bill could increase the federal deficit by $1 trillion or more — has merit, the new tax bill should bring some much-needed sanity to federal energy policy, and in particular to the lavish subsidies being given to wind and solar energy combined.

While the final details of the tax overhaul must be hammered out in conference committee, both the House and Senate bills aim to slash the subsidies being given to wind and solar. Those tax giveaways are distorting wholesale electricity markets and costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars.

In January, the Joint Committee on Taxation estimated that federal subsidies for wind energy will cost the federal treasury $23.7 billion between 2016 and 2020. Solar subsidies will cost $12.3 billion over that same time period.

Not only is that a lot of money, it’s also far more generous, on an energy-equivalent basis, than what the federal government provides to the hydrocarbon and nuclear sectors.

In May, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service issued a report on energy-related tax rules. It found that in 2016, solar and wind energy got more federal taxpayer cash ($6 billion) than the oil, coal and natural-gas sectors combined ($5.2 billion). Solar and wind got more cash despite the fact that coal, oil and gas produced 24 times as much energy last year as wind and solar.

The story is even more appalling when it comes to nuclear energy. Again, according to the Congressional Research Service, on an energy-equivalent basis, solar energy got 182 times as much in federal subsidies last year as the nuclear sector — and wind energy got 68 times more.

Those are staggering figures, particularly given the fact that the domestic nuclear sector — which helps reduce carbon-dioxide emissions — is in a full-blown crisis, with numerous reactors being forced to shut down in recent years and with many more, including the Indian Point reactors in Westchester County, likely to be prematurely shuttered.

The caterwauling from the rent seekers can be heard from Montauk to Jerry Brown’s kitchen in Sacramento.

A spokesman for the American Wind Energy Association told The New York Times that “even the threat of this bill is having a chilling effect” on new wind installations. The lobby group for Big Wind claims that “50,000 US jobs” are at stake.

But recall that wind subsidies will cost the federal treasury $23.7 billion between 2016 and 2020. Thus, each wind-related job costs taxpayers about $474,000. That’s an expensive gig, especially when you consider that the median household income in the United States last year was about $57,600.

Another good thing about the looming tax changes: The House version of the bill scraps the federal credit for electric vehicles. Current federal policy provides a subsidy of up to $7,500 to EV buyers. Who buys those cars? Rich people. A 2013 analysis found that Tesla buyers have an average household income of $293,000.

For years, renewable-energy advocates have been telling us that wind and solar are getting cheaper. We’re hearing the same about electric vehicles. But as those industries see their gravy train derailed, we’ll soon find out just how competitive they really are.
New York Post

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Wish your headline was true, but it’s not. Sadly, the crooks in the Senate in Washington, DC prevailed…

    Lawmakers reach deal preserving $12 Billion source of financing for U.S. wind and solar developers:

  2. Rene Schneider says:

    Nuclear power isn’t green. It pollutes for thousands of years the nuclear waste. Stop subsides to nuclear. Also. Coal has no subsides and is saving America from this bitter cold. No infrastructure for Natural Gas. Coal isn’t a dirt word when people are Coald! 🙂

    • China kills 2-3,000 coal miners each year. How many people have been killed by nuclear power generation? Try 56 at Chernobyl, and none anywhere else. Nuclear power is cleaner and safer than anything, other than hydro and geothermal, which are limited by geology, topography and geography.

  3. There is no sound sweeter than the moans, wails and squeals of the windweasels writhing in agony, because their gravy train is slowing down, and will come to a close, before they know it. Stealing money from hardworking taxpayers, with government’s blessing, has been “quite a ride”. Prepare for departure!

  4. Ian McDermid says:

    About time this happened the wind industry are parasites promoting a product that can never work. It is done just for the subsidies.

    I have no confidence in Australian socialists following the lead. We need business people in government not an endless progression of lawyers.

  5. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:

  6. One might be cheering were it not for the sad reality that Republican Administration Energy policy is more spurred by a denial of Climate Change and a desire to boost the fossil fuel industry than by truly rational thinking

    This article rightly points to the problems of the Nuclear Power sector in the USA

    Now is the time that the Nuclear industry should be given the boost it needs to get back on track in the USA, reducing carbon emissions and respiratory disease causing pollutants from the air we all breathe

    America could seize the chance to wake up the world to the reality of Climate Change, and the only real possible path to reduce the danger

    But first it must separate Climate Change Denial from recognition of the impossibility of running national power grids using only renewables and hydro (also an intermittent source in that the water can run out in the header reservoirs)

    On a smaller scale STT needs to make that same separation. Denying Climate Change makes people look like idiots – rather like Trump – Right decision – wrong motivation.

    • Your comment was made possible by coal. Don’t deny it. You’re a coal user, like everyone else. No coal, no power it’s a simple as that. The rest is delusional vanity signalling.

    • My climate has changed many times. I live in a 4 season area in Michigan. Sometimes we get a lot of snow, sometimes not. Sometimes it’s 90 degrees, sometimes it’s not.
      I just checked and it’s about 4 degrees outside, not including the wind chill. a bit chilly right now, sure could use some of that Global warming about now.
      In 1979-80? it was 78 degrees in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan on Christmas. They said the ICE age was coming. I have yet to see that materialize. Although, the Polar Vortex is working overtime this year!
      I also just checked the mirror and there is not written one word on my forehead that says: idiot.
      God Bless President Trump and the American Deplorables.
      My forehead does say; I voted : )

    • “America could seize the chance to wake up the world to the reality of Climate Change”

      They are.

      The reality is that so-called CO2 forced climate change is a load of baseless nonsense, and Trump is making this point loud and clear.

      There is zero empirical proof that CO2 causes warming in our convective atmosphere. If you think there is.. present it.

      Up to you Phil ! Can you step up to the plate where all others have failed ?


  1. We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans

    America’s Wind Industry Squeals as Republicans Slash Massive Wind Power Subsidies…

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