Germany Squanders $Trillions on Subsidised Wind & Solar But CO2 Emissions Barely Budge

As we are continually reminded, CO2 emissions from fossil-fuelled power generators are all set to incinerate the planet. $Trillions in subsidies have been literally thrown to the sun and the wind, purportedly to kill coal, for good. To all but the most deluded, it’s fairly apparent that utterly weather dependent wind and solar will never displace, let alone replace conventional generators.

After 30 years and hundreds of $billions in subsidies, the combined output of wind and solar satisfies a measly 0.46% of global energy demand. Notwithstanding rocketing power bills (those subsidies have to come from somewhere), the eco-zealots’ maniacal mission of slashing carbon dioxide gas emissions has turned into a dismal failure. Not least in renewables obsessed Germany.

Energiewende “Fundamentally A Disaster” – Germany To Miss CO2 Reduction Targets By A Mile
No Tricks Zone
Peirre Gosselin
6 December 2017

The latest forecast shows snow and cold air moving across much Germany this weekend, again. Despite Germany ‘s ruddy CO2 emissions, winter keeps coming.

German public broadcasting, here for example, reports today that despite all the green, climate-preaching, Germany will miss its 2020 CO2 reductions by a mile. More embarrassingly, the country has not reduced its CO2 equivalent emissions in 9 years when 2017 is counted in the statistics.

2017 Co2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions are are projected to be at about 906 million tonnes this year (2017). [Data taken from German Ministry of Environment]

The online site of German NTV public televisions reports that the results of a study by the Prognos Institute tell us that not only is the country going to miss its 40% CO2 reduction target compared to 1990, but that also “energy efficiency is significantly below the expected development requirements of the energy concept”. In fact energy efficiency has worsened over 2016, NTV writes.

Although Germany is a country that likes to preach to countries about their obligations and responsibility to boost green energies and cut back on “dirty” fossil fuels, it itself has failed miserably to make any progress of its own.

NTV adds:

“The German government has fallen way short of all its major targets when it comes to the Energiewende.”

High costs with no results

The NTV later continues:

“Regardless of subsidies in the triple digit billions for the expansion of renewable energies, the emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide have not decreased as planned, but rather have stagnated since 2014.”

Actually CO2 equivalent emissions in Germany have been stagnant for 9 years now, as mentioned above.

“Fundamentally a disaster”

Germany’s EEG feed-in surcharges are currently costing more than 24 billion euros annually, according to the German Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft (Water and Energy Management).

In terms of what the citizens are getting for their money, the Union of Bavarian Economy President Alfred Gaffal has called it “fundamentally a disaster”.
No Tricks Zone

And my insanely costly mission was to?…

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  1. Germany has a history of poor insight, decision making and actions. Just look at the mistakes and blunders they made before and during WW1 & WW11. Look at what happened and look at the destruction of their country because of these poor decisions they made during that time period. I can’t believe the rest of the world would follow Germany’s lead knowing their decision making history, especially when it comes to their current renewable energy miscalculations and foul ups.

  2. This irrational and insane belief in “renewable energy” and global warming of the German people demonstrates why a madman found a massive following that resulted in the mass slaughter called World War II.

    People seem to have a propensity to falling for leaders and causes that pave the road to hell. At least here in America the people can fight back–indeed this ability to fight back at all costs is what differentiates us from the rest of human history.

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