Wind Power: A Fraud Promulgated by Fools based on a Fantasy

Ian Plimer is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide, and the director of multiple mineral exploration and mining companies. He has published numerous scientific papers, 7 books and is one of the co-editors of Encyclopedia of Geology.

Ian also manages to draw plenty heat for his attack on global warming hysteria. What impresses STT is that, unlike his interlocutors, Ian Plimer’s grasp on the facts goes back some 4.6 billion years, as long as this orb has been lapping the Sun, rather than the last Tweet that popped up five minutes ago.

Ian managed to infuriate the wind and sunshine cult with his book ‘Not for Greens’. And, no doubt, his latest effort will do just the same.

We gave Ian’s latest book, a plug in this post: Ian Plimer: The Climate Change Delusion and The Great Electricity Ripoff

Here he is being interviewed by Alan Jones (podcast here – transcript follows):


Transcript: A fraud promulgated by fools based on a fantasy
Alan Jones and Ian Plimer
6 October 2017

Alan Jones AO: I can only say it as I see it, and at week’s end, I’m sorry, and I’ve just alluded to this, it has to be said that the Turnbull government is betraying the Australian people. Totally out of its depth on this critical issue of energy, electricity, gas. The reason is simple. Those people seeking to fashion an energy policy (Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg), these are prisoners of the global warming hoax. They’ve argued it. They’ve defended it. And now, as we’ve said many times, the rubber’s hit the road, and we face this awful prospect that the world’s biggest exporter of energy. Say it again. The world’s biggest exporter of energy. Whether it be coal, or gas, or uranium. The world’s biggest exporter of energy. Which of those words don’t you understand, Malcolm? Is now saying to Australians and to business, “We can’t guarantee you electricity supply, and where it may be available to you, it may be at a price you can’t afford.”

Extraordinary. Has there ever been a greater political crisis in our history since Federation? The world’s biggest exporter of energy and some households have no electricity, and some businesses, jobs, closing. They can’t afford the energy. Terry McCrann and I talked about this ten years ago. We said it would end in tears. We talked about it being a national economic suicide note. I say unapologetically, on the basis of where we are, Malcolm Turnbull should resign. All of this was predicted by Professor Ian Plimer, but of course, it was a joke. I was a joke. McCrann were a joke. Where did he feature? He was just a sort of a global warming denier.

I’ve spoken to Ian Plimer many, many times. A very, very fine Australian, because he’s prepared to put his head and step into the ring. He’s Australia’s best known geologist, Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne, was Professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide, Professor and Head of Geology, University of Newcastle. He’s published more than 120 scientific papers on geology, and now he’s released a magnificent new book, easy to read, “Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Ripoff.” Here it is. A text for the nation. The only people who won’t read it are the bed wetters. Presumably, Plimer, Professor Plimer, presumably knows nothing. Not to be listened to. It’s published by Connor Court. It was launched yesterday at the Sydney Mining Club. Brilliantly, I’m told. I couldn’t be there. I was launching Mark Latham’s book by Cory Bernardi. To find out more about the book or to order, just go to, Professor Ian Plimer is right here beside me in the studio. Ian, good morning.

Professor Ian Plimer: Good morning, Alan.

Alan Jones AO: A magnificent book. The rubber has hit the road.

Professor Ian Plimer: It certainly has. It’s been a long time coming, and we still got a lot more pain to go through, because the same fools that put us in this position are now telling us that they can solve it. I mean, you gotta be joking. Pull the other one. The fundamental flaw in this whole climate change delusion is that it is argued that the 3% of total annual emissions coming from humans drives climate change. The 97% of natural emissions don’t. It’s only our 3%. Now, no one has ever shown … No scientist has ever shown that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive climate change. No one had shown it. So, we’ve got a fraud promulgated by fools, based on a fantasy.

Alan Jones AO: Good on you. Let’s go to Chapter 1. This is what Professor Plimer says, amongst other things, in Chapter 1. I quote, “You couldn’t make this up. Australia is the world’s biggest exporter …” This is the point I’ve been making. “… of energy. That’s coal, liquified natural gas, uranium, and oil. Yet, it has unreliable and increasingly expensive electricity on a par with many third world countries.” He writes, “Some households are now having no electricity, and employment-generating businesses are closing because of expensive energy.” He writes, “All this was predicted by independent scientists and engineers, but because they didn’t foolishly follow the false fed, they were silenced. Electricity is not a luxury,” he says, “It’s a necessity.” That’s the guts of it.

Professor Ian Plimer: It certainly is. I live in South Australia, the blackout state, and what have I done to solve the problem? I bought a generator. Now, I shouldn’t be living in the city of Adelaide, having to have a 7.5kva generator in my garage. That is primitive. Nothing can be guaranteed. We’ve got these batteries that will keep South Australia going for four and a half minutes …

Alan Jones AO: Not four and a half minutes, quite.

Professor Ian Plimer:… And of course, there’s a huge problem with those emissions, so what’s South Australia done, as Tasmania did? Get all these diesel generators. I mean, it’s a joke!

Alan Jones AO: It is a joke. Just let’s take one first point, which you’ve said and I’ve said many times, we must make this point. We all want the planet to be a better place. Professor Plimer makes that in his book, up front. But as you say, the environmental movement, your words, to make a better planet, has been taken over by activists with a political agenda. Scientists got money, you say, by frightening people witless. Business can see money in solar and wind power. Billions of dollars. They joined the cap.

Professor Ian Plimer: Exactly right. These carpetbaggers loved it. I’ve lived a lot of my life in universities. People live off research grants, and if you can frighten someone and get a research grant, you’ll do it. It doesn’t matter about the truth. In this book, I go into how science works in the peer review process, and there’s a wonderful paper that I’ve found where it argues that the penis actually has created some climate change. I mean, isn’t that fabulous. Talk about a piece of scholarship, out there in the peer reviewed literature. C’mon, you gotta be joking.

Alan Jones AO: But the point that you make also, your words, “Climate political policy became unrelated to science and has become the new fundamentalist Green religion. We are wasting resources on invented issues.”

Professor Ian Plimer: Well, very much so. What Green could claim that these bird- and bat-chomping turbines creating only electricity when the wind is at a very specific velocity, what Green would pollute the countryside with these. These turbines have toxic chemicals in them. There’s a huge amount of energy needed to make them. We’ve still got to keep a coal-fired power station ticking over. What Green would promote that as being environmentally friendly. These people have got nothing to do with the environment.

Alan Jones AO: Unbelievable.

Professor Ian Plimer: You and I are much better environmentalists than those who beat their chest and say, “We’re trying to save the planet.” Save it from what? We should save it from the Greens.

Alan Jones AO: Correct. You say, “A belief in human-induced global warming is mired in totalitarianism, self-loathing, anti-capitalism, and hypocrisy.” You make that point in Chapter 4, Professor Plimer, that you just made five minutes ago, but it’s worth repeating. No one’s every shown that the human emissions of carbon dioxide drive climate change. “The scientific process,” he says in Chapter 4, “has been corrupted.” “Peer review is controlled,” he says, “By a small cabal of climate catastrophists, so that contrary views won’t be published.” “Climate models,” he writes, “have failed.” “When contrary scientific interpretations are aired, Green activists resort to violence and surveys on a consensus opinion of so-called ‘scientists’ have been cooked.” Fact. They are facts.

Professor Ian Plimer: It’s fact, and the whole global warming scare is underpinned by fraud. Where is the due diligence by the politicians? It’s all parties who have failed in their due diligence. Where is the quality assurance and quality control that they should have done, which you do for any normal business decision.

Alan Jones AO: Let me just take two points together that you make. Unapologetic and blunt and simple. “If you want cheap electricity, a strong economy,” and you gotta say these things slowly. This is Professor Ian Plimer. “If you want cheap electricity, a strong economy, and jobs, then mine coal for power generation.” Let’s then look at the other point that you make in all of this, when you say, “At present,” these are your words, “At present, planned or under construction coal-fired power stations …” Planned or under construction. We’re talking about high efficiency, low emissions. “China 583.” Planned or under construction. “India 217.” Many of these things, of course, will be using our coal. “Indonesia 145. Turkey 71. Vietnam 84. Japan 43. Australia …” Professor Plimer?

Professor Ian Plimer: Zero. Absolutely zero. We are so rich in energy and we are killing off the cheapest source of energy in this country and these people are paying high electricity bills and then they lose their job. That is the economic future that the Green madness has given us.

Alan Jones AO: Quite. I mean, here we are now. All these countries are gonna use Australian coal.

Professor Ian Plimer: Yes, of course. They love it, because it’s very low sulphur and low ash.

Alan Jones AO: Turnbull’s had a shot at me today here about supply. I said, the issue is not supply. And the issue is not supply. The issue is the fact that, as I use the analogy of my old man, every morning in the dairy, he would say, “How much milk does your mother want for today?” So, we took what we needed for, and it was cheap, because it was ours, we had it. It’s the same with energy, isn’t it.

Professor Ian Plimer: Yes, of course. Exactly the same. Exactly the same argument. Here we are. We’re exporting about 8,000 tonnes of uranium in yellowcake. We are the only G20 country that doesn’t have nuclear power. We’ve got a small reactor at Lucas Heights, and that creates medical isotopes. It’s a 20 megawatt reactor. But, we have a desert state, like South Australia. You could put a decent sized reactor at say, Olympic Dam, where we’re mining the stuff that goes into other peoples’ reactors.

Alan Jones AO: It is frightening. I mean, you talk then about the Paris Agreement. They saw the money coming, didn’t they. We’re gonna commit, you make the point, to spending US 125 billion this year, 125 billion, on wind and solar subsidies this year. I mean, they seen the money coming!

Professor Ian Plimer: That’s right. There’s subsidies. It’s our money, and the carpetbaggers have got in and are clawing all this money. But, what a wonderful thing the Paris Agreement was. It binds people, except China, except India, except Indonesia. You go there, and drink Bollinger and have a great time, and you come back to Australia, and the best thing you can do after the Paris Agreement is nothing, because that is great for the economy in Australia.

Alan Jones AO: Isn’t it amazing? And of course, the subsidies supporting wind and solar, and as you say, this is Professor Plimer, so he’s either telling lies to us, or he’s thoroughly researched, “Wind will provide half a percent and solar a tenth of a percent of global energy needs.”

Professor Ian Plimer: Wonderful, isn’t it. We waste billions on the weather, trying to generate electricity from the weather, rather than using something where the energy is concentrated.

Alan Jones AO: Frightening, isn’t it?

Professor Ian Plimer: It is frightening.

Alan Jones AO: Frightening.

Professor Ian Plimer: We are led by fools.

Alan Jones AO: Frightening. We are led by fools. Where do we go from here? Just for the lay person out there, you’re not gonna get a coal-fired power station tomorrow. They just don’t pop out of the ground, do they.

Professor Ian Plimer: No they don’t. They take a while to build and of course, you have environmental law fear that will slow it down.

Alan Jones AO: I mean, 5.1% of the world’s total electricity is generated from nuclear resources. We’ve got more uranium than any country on earth, and we don’t even contemplate it.

Professor Ian Plimer: No, we don’t, and you can easily buy reactors, these modular reactors. You can buy them, put them out in the bush. If a town enlarges you add another module. If the mine closes, you put it on a B-double and take it somewhere else. This is done in many places in the world. Why don’t we?

Alan Jones AO: Do you sense, and I’m speaking slowly and deliberately here, because this is a crisis, is it not?

Professor Ian Plimer: It is the greatest crisis this country has ever faced.

Alan Jones AO: Every faced. You’re absolutely right. The notion that we’ll actually put business out of business, put people out of work-

Professor Ian Plimer: And once you lose markets, you never get them back.

Alan Jones AO: Never get them back. Do you sense, as I do, hence the headline about me this morning, we’re looking to blame people, that these people know they’re wrong, they’re terrified, and now don’t know where to turn.

Professor Ian Plimer: That’s exactly right. They cannot say, “I’m sorry, folks. We were misled. We are wrong.” They can’t do it. So, they’re digging the hole deeper and deeper and deeper, and the poor punter keeps paying more and more and more and more for electricity, and then they lose their job.

Alan Jones AO: Well, Professor Plimer provides the answer. Very simple. He says, “Cancel the renewal energy target. Cancel renewable energy certificates. Cancel the clean energy targets. Cancel the subsidies. Cancel the mandate for wind and solar. Cancel the climate research institutes. Cancel the climate conferences.” This is in the book. “Get rid of the CSIR. Get rid of the carbon capture schemes. Get rid of the Paris Agreement.” And he says, “The tragedy is,” and he quotes Mark Twain, “It’s easier to fool the people than convince them they’ve been fooled.” Great to talk to you.

Professor Ian Plimer: Thank you Alan.

Alan Jones AO: Professor Ian Plimer.

2GB, Alan Jones Breakfast

AJ unloads on the greatest economic & environmental fraud of all time.

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  1. It’s a pity that the words of Mr Plimer, STT and others are so disregarded. Nero fiddling while Rome burns…comes to mind. The conservatives need to remove anyone with any ties to renewable energy promotion before real change can be enacted: Turnbull, Frydenberg, Bishop, and the more vocal supporters need to be retired. The less vocal need to be on the backbench. And that includes Abbott. He’s had his run at PM. He still has a role to play, but not as PM if the RET and subsidies are to be scrapped. Australia needs a definitive anti-renewable energy leader who appeals to the young Australians who have had enormous wealth willed to them not by a lifetime of slogging at a job, but by the relatively sedate by-product of enormous population growth and the accompanying demand for housing and property.
    Unfortunately, the likelihood of this occurring sooner rather than later appears slim. It will be comforting to know that Australia and New Zealand will have company in their economic demise with many European countries. However, strong businesses still need to have a presence in Europe. Aside from mining and farming, there’s little need for any manufacturing base in Australia, particularly as the political environment is so far tilted towards anti-business and utilizing existing businesses as sources of tax revenue rather than wealth generation. There’s still tourism I suppose. It’s a great feeling with a third of the nation serving drinks and being tour guides to foreign business leaders on vacation.
    I’m probably being over-dramatic, but I can’t help this feeling that Australia is sliding slowly and inexorably towards the feeding grounds of communism. I can temper that thought with the reasoning that the education standards are high and Australians have too much sense and lack of collective zeal while the weather remains great at the beach to ever allow that to happen, but I’m sure many in Venezuela felt the same way 15 years ago.

  2. Well said Professor Plimer and keep going Mr Jones.

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