New York Revolution: Councillor Joins Community Backlash Against Planned Wind Power Projects

Across the Land of the Free, there is a seething tide of frustration and anger that has seen thousands of community defenders rally in order to keep it that way; from Arkansas to Ohio and everywhere in between. New York is just the latest State to have misjudged the resolve of people out to protect their homes, families, their communities and the environment from the scourge of industrial wind power.

New York’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo may be determined to carpet his state in thousands of these things, but his constituents are even more determined to stop him. Now, it’s not only furious locals out to put an end to the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, a local Councillor has joined the growing throng dedicated to stopping these things.

Official Pledges ‘No Quarter’ In Fight Against Wind Turbines In New York 
Daily Caller
Andrew Follett
23 April 2017

An upstate New York local official has promised “no quarter” in his town’s battle against a planned wind power farm that has Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s support.

Yates town councilman John Riggi opposes Apex Clean Energy’s plan to build a 200-megawatt wind turbine project over the objections of local officials and a majority of voters.

Riggi says he’s not opposed to green energy, but doesn’t want it nearby if his constituents don’t support it. He wrote an editorial in a local paper this week pledging to accept “no quarter” in the fight against the Lighthouse Wind farm.

“The main concern is the desires of the constituency who are massively opposed to this project,” Riggi told The Daily Caller New Foundation. “It is like 87 percent opposed.”

Cuomo plans to drastically increase New York’s wind power capacity as part of his effort to phase out fossil fuels. Cuomo wants New York to get 50 percent of its electricity from green energy source by 2030. Cuomo did not return requests for comment to TheDCNF.

Riggi worries Apex’s wind farm, called Lighthouse Wind, will disrupt the region’s rural vibe.

“Some of these turbines would be 750 feet high,” Riggi said. “They want to put 70 of them in a 24 square mile area.”

“It would completely change the community into something very different from how it feels,” Riggi said. “People live here because they like rural living. They don’t want their areas turned into industrialized zones.”

Lighthouse Wind could also run into opposition from environmentalists, who are increasingly turning against wind power at the local level. Environmentalists have become concerned with wind powers impact on birds and bats.

“This area sits astride the preeminent bird and avian flyway on the North American continent,” Riggi said. “We have birds coming in massive amounts. There’s an issue with that. It’s a danger to the birds and bats.”

“Apex Clean Energy also works to ensure that our projects are responsibly sited for wildlife by conducting in-depth environmental impact studies for every project,” Cat Strumlauf, a spokesperson for Apex, told TheDCNF. “At every stage of development and operation, we coordinate with federal and state wildlife agencies to make sure that our projects are sited in areas where impacts to birds or bats are minimized and appropriately mitigated if necessary.”

Wind farms kill an estimated 573,000 birds and 888,000 bats a year, according to a 2013 peer-reviewed study published in Wildlife Society Bulletin. Wind farms are projected to kill 1.4 million birds annually by 2030.

The project could harm with the region’s economy, potentially creating problems for a nearby U.S. Air Force base.

“We also have an Air Force base 30 miles from the proposed project site,” Riggi said. “The base is concerned about the wind project because it would mess with the radar. We have an aerial refueling and drone mission there. It could impact how they’re performing as well.”

The wind farm could make a nearby military base, which is a critical part of the local economy, much less useful. The base pump $200 million a year into the region and employs over 2,600 people.

“Apex Clean Energy takes the safety and readiness of our military very seriously, and we work closely with the Department of Defense and its services to ensure our wind energy facilities do not adversely impact military missions,” Strumlauf said.

Riggi is also worried about the health concerns involving wind turbines. One of most common complaints about wind turbines by local residents is that they cause “flickering” when the sun is behind their blades. This is generally agreed to be incredibly annoying and there’s evidence that it can cause headaches, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression symptoms in people who live nearby.

Finally, Riggi is concerned Cuomo’s green goals give local government’s very little flexibility to determine how they go green.

“One of the thing the governor is very clear on is that he wants all towns to become more green,” Riggi told TheDCNF. “What I don’t understand is with all of this going on why would the governor not allow the towns to choose how they’ll support this initiative. There’s no flexibility.”

New York state currently gets less than 5 percent of its electricity from wind and solar, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). That’s a long way from Cuomo’s 50 percent by 2030 target.

“Do we want to reduce our carbon footprint?,” Riggi said. “Certainly. But we’re not being given the option of deciding how to do it ourselves. We’re full in on renewable energy, but the town wants to have a choice. We want to be the ones to make the decisions on how we’re going to contribute.”
Daily Caller

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. How about putting 8 turbines within 100yds of the Governors mansion.

  2. Russ Wood says:

    I beleive that the cartoon is by ‘Low’ in 1940, and is supposed to show the formation of the British coalition government to fight the Nazis. Yep – we all need to fight ‘these things’!

  3. Dear STT,
    I’ve been following you since you first came to be, back in late 2011 ? December of ………..
    Anyway….. Thank You so much. You have driven the facts in each article you write, with clear and concise language.
    Your sarcasm, when needed, is even top notch!

    People from all over the world have come here for valued information.
    From my perspective, of my community, after sharing this site to as many people I could since that time, I believe….

    STT, you deserve the award of Bravery from those you have helped. STT, did a large portion of making the following article happen, whether you know it or not.
    Thank You, God Bless.

    • Ella, STT has been plugging away at the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, since 26 December 2012. Sometimes it feels longer, but when we hear of triumphs like that presented in the story you linked and that we might have helped in that exhibition of people taking charge of their rights and their communities, 4 and a half years seems like an eye blink. Thanks for your support. We plan to use your comment and the story in a post very soon.

      • STT,
        From memory sparked by your fact : ) , “since December of 2012”

        I believe it was the about spring of 2011, give or take a few months when my husband and I were asked to attend a meeting about wind turbines coming to our township. One well known community member walked up to the podium and exclaimed on his way, how “he was the a$$hole that brought Invenergy into the Community”. Indications of community separation were apparent from just that one statement. Keep in mind, I did not personally know this person myself, but words can speak volumes.

        And as par the course, also had wind leases.

        The next meeting we attended was for Gilford Twp, Tuscola County. Nextra walked over the whole township in one week.

        I had already been doing as much research as I could and realized the outcome of what was to come.
        During that meeting, one of the most telling comments to me was from a ‘wind employee’ who loudly proclaimed that they were there to build 3200 wind turbines in the thumb of Michigan.

        This first gathering set the stage, which led to my husband to become the Chairman of the Planning Commission for our Township. Facts elude me at the moment when he was granted the chairman position.

        No one was willing to step up to the plate and it was paramount that this position was filled asap.

        Short version… One comment from a neighbor who told him, “he would have to get used to it “, lead this un-intellectual individual ( no, that is not a derogatory remark towards my love, he knows this, he’s just not that kind of guy) to put his whole life on the line and be the voice for the community, even if he looked like an idiot, he did not care.

        If anyone would have said before 2011 that he would be doing this, I would have laughed.

        He’s the guy that could care less about spelling simple words (omgosh, lol, he’s terrible) yet, he can ramble off a 16 digit number from 35 years ago, and without going into huge details, I refer to him as my master of many trades who went to community college for one week to take a test, pass and move on with life. Mastering attempts of various skills throughout life so far, without knowing how to spell…….He is an engineer mentally on his own.

        There’s more to our story and our area, just as other communities have experienced or are experiencing at this very moment.

        Many people stood beside us and helped with our township.

        So anyone reading out there, don’t feel afraid to step up. Someone will stand up after you, and another. Soon you will not be standing alone in your fight against the wind lobby.

        In the blink of that eye, the story continues.

  4. Jim Wiegand -Wildlife Biologist says:

    An interesting story ran in America recently. It may be a turning point where the people actually start doing something about rampant green energy fraud taking place. The title of this story is “Developer pulls plug on proposed wind farm near Searchlight” but it should have probably read ………………”Industry and Government fraud exposed in wind farm attempt.” because this is what really took place. Read the story
    In this situation true conservationists with some financial backing, finally took the federal Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to court, arguing the agencies hadn’t adequately analyzed the impacts to federally protected species.

    This happens to be the truth, not only for this location but at every wind farm location in America because this industry has been rigging and creating fraudulent research since 1985. I can prove it a hundred times over.
    But there is much more to all this because the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are in collusion with this industry and the production of all this fraudulent impact research. I can also prove this a hundred times over.

    Eagle populations are being slaughtered off across the world. Since 1997 the numbers of eagle carcasses from wind energy has grown every year and as of 2016 over 35,000 eagles have been shipped to the Denver Eagle Repository. In 1997 when America had just 1/35 of the installed wind energy we have today, wind energy was already listed as one of the primary sources of the Repository’s eagle carcasses. I have this in writing. Thanks to the Clinton Administration ( including AL Gore) , nothing since has been disclosed about wind energy, dead eagles and the Denver Eagle Repository.

    Stories about all the wind industry jobs being created are also complete farce because most of the money is funneled off to industry kingpins. In addition once you really scrutinize all the embellished green energy data it also becomes apparent these horrific turbines provide little energy at a phenomenal cost to taxpayers. In America turbines provide about 1/300 of this nation’s total energy, even using their embellished figures.

    With wind energy only a fraction of wind energy production ever gets delivered to end users. Wind energy production without backup energy, is like buying a 50lb block of ice from an ice company, but the delivery truck has no refrigeration and most of it has melted by the time you receive it. Yet tax credits are given
    as if none of these losses are taking place and taxpayers are being robbed.

    Sadly people have been led to believe that these inefficient turbines are going to be the backbone energy supply for a future of electrical transportation and electronic gadgets. It is not possible. As it is, almost all of the electricity used today to recharge every battery in America, happens to come from other energy sources. It will always be that way.

    Of course the scumbags and all the shadow companies selling these inefficient eagle killing turbines, have known all this for years.

  5. Jackie Rovensky says:

    We have come to believe today’s technological advancements in communication has ‘shrunk’ the world. Yet we see day after day communities in places like the USA having problems hearing about the debilitating disaster that has struck SA which has moved so fast to shut down base-load energy production with a push for a 50%+ ‘renewable’ energy production.
    Neither do they appear to know about the dangers of ISLF noise, either they do not search the internet and do not look beyond their own ‘isolated’ communities – if something is happening elsewhere it doesn’t matter they are the only ones concerned about their own backyards.
    STT and others work hard to get the message out there and people are coming to access the sites. Of course there are also those in Australia who are still ignorant of what is going on, they too have no interest or concern with what is happening elsewhere.
    Unfortunately there is no way to overcome this, except to keep working at ‘shrinking’ the world even more using modern communication technology.
    We also need to speak out when ever possible, respond to newspaper articles with letters to the editor, email or ring talk-back radio whenever possible. It doesn’t matter if you are responding to something happening in another State or country. Even if they do not print or read out your response or print your letter, the more they receive, especially from a number of people the more the word will sink in and someone will decide to do some research and a story. If we don’t keep it in front of them no one else will.
    We need to get out there in their faces so they cannot forget us and cannot say no one told them.
    They have to grow out of Fairy Tales sometime so lets ensure they have something factual to read when they do.

  6. Jim Hutson says:

    I love the bit about reducing their carbon footprint. In a recent visit to Australia a French wind turbine engineer told a friend of mine, also an engineer associated with the production of electricity, I will protect his identity, “That in the life of the wind turbine it will never offset its own carbon footprint”. And as my friend pointed out the French engineer derives his livelihood and career with wind turbines.

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