Cuomo Curses New York to the Dark Ages with $360m on Subsidised Wind Power

andrew cuomo

Andrew Cuomo heads up New York wind cult.


In 2017, with examples like Germany, Ontario and South Australia on file, any political leader still pushing subsidised wind power on his or her people is either a certifiable lunatic or is in on it.

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York State simply leaves that question begging with his move to throw $360 million of taxpayers’ money to the wind.

In New York, Wind And Solar Get Double Their Value In Subsidies
The Daily Caller
Andrew Follett
16 January 2017

New York state is paying 11 large wind and solar power projects two times more in subsidies than the projects actually generate in electricity.

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the $360 million in spending over the weekend, but didn’t reveal the precise amount of funding for each project. A good portion of the funding will go to the large company Invenergy’s 105.8 megawatt Number Three wind project in upstate New York, as well as NextEra Energy Resources’ 101.2 megawatt Eight Point project along the Pennsylvania border.

State officials are handing out the equivalent of $24.24 per megawatt-hour over the next 20 years to the 11 projects. Wind turbines can get an additional $23 per megawatt-hour in federal tax credits.

The electricity generated by these 11 projects, however, will only sell for an average of $16.25 per megawatt-hour, according to the federal Energy Information Administration (EIA).

New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), the state’s power grid regulator, sharply criticized Cuomo’s plan to boost state green energy use, saying that it could cause blackouts and would make it hard to ensure reliable electricity. NYISO also noted Cuomo’s plan would require the state to triple its installed wind-energy capacity and add more solar panels than the combined capacity of Spain and Australia, in just 14 years.

Cuomo’s green energy czar responded by saying that NYISO was being “held captive” by special interests and lacks “understanding into the imperative to address climate change.”

Solar and wind power get 326 and 69 times more in subsidies than coal, oil and natural gas for the comparative amount of energy generated, according to 2013 Department of Energy data collected by Forbes. Green energy in the U.S. got $13 billion in subsidies during 2013, compared to $3.4 billion in subsidies for conventional sources and $1.7 billion for nuclear energy according to data from the EIA.

New York state currently gets less than 5 percent of its electricity from wind and solar, according to EIA.

The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is currently investigating how green energy undermines the reliability of the electrical grid, and officials believe there is a “significant risk” of electricity in the U.S. becoming unreliable because “wind and solar don’t offer the services the shuttered coal plants provided.” The agency suspects that replacing conventional coal or natural gas power plants with wind and solar, could compromise the reliability of the American power grid.
The Daily Caller

If New Yorkers are in any doubt about what chaotic wind power does to the reliability of a power grid, they should speak to South Australians, who know all about it:


‘Not Earth Hour’ – Adelaide, South Australia 28.9.16

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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    Upper New York State: In 2017, with examples like Germany, Ontario and South Australia on file, any political leader still pushing subsidised wind power on his or her people is either a certifiable lunatic or is in on it.

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    Right, Left, Centre, Conservative, Liberal or communist – I still can’t get my head around the fact that ANY human being can be intrinsically motivated by ideology over facts, data and reason in support of the wind experiment.

    “Progressiveness is a sickness” has been thrown around a bit lately but surely hard data pertaining to blackouts, energy poverty and economic ruin must prove unequivocally that wind energy is a compete failure and surely MUST override stubborn “save the planet” ideology?!

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  5. estherfonc says:


    I started a PETITION “SA PREMIER JAY WEATHERILL : Demand the RESIGNATION of the Energy Minister for HIGH POWER PRICES CAUSING SA’s JOBS CRISIS and 15,000 household POWER DISCONNECTIONS, frequent POWER BLACKOUTS and the JULY 2016 POWER CRISIS” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

    Our goal is to reach 200 signatures and we need more support.

    You can read more and sign the petition here:

    Please share this petition with anyone you think may be interested in signing it.

    Thankyou for your time.

  6. Jackie Rovensky says:

    It’s seems quite amazing to me that in this day and age of the instant messaging system which transports messages, news, information etc around the world in a matter of moments, that there are some who still have not ‘got the message’ that these things are money pits and the pits empty into the pockets of greedy owners and their sidekicks.
    What doesn’t amaze me is that this poor sole and those asking him the questions have not realized that he cannot provide details that he does not have – because its those who are receiving the bucket loads that dictate how much they want and when, where and how it is spent. The givers have no say/control of where it ends up.
    So often we read here and elsewhere how the same things and stories are repeated time and time again around the world.
    We are no better here in Australia, from State to State you would think we are a million miles apart and do not speak the same language and have no internet or National news systems that can and should be sending out warnings to every part of the Nation – it also sounds like the same thing is happening in many other so called advanced Nations.
    It makes you wonder if the money pit recipients have control of not only our media but also our Politicians and other authoritative people in positions where our rights, health and well-being should be at the pinnacle of their duties, not the needs of greedy money grabbers who ‘sell’ and ideology and system that can never achieve even close to its lauded claims.
    Well perhaps not wonder but more despair because they do.
    Joseph Goebbels had nothing on these perpetrators of the Propaganda machine in operation today who are masters at the Divide and Conquer mode of control.
    The day the world leaders wake up and see what has been happening they will pull the plug and give the world and its people a chance to survive.

  7. Brian Johnston says:

    Here we go again.

    The turbines do not produce useable electricity. The owners of these monstrosities are being paid to produce useless harmonics
    These things are more than useless
    They are a fraud
    Maybe STT could follow this up with some suitably qualified electricity generation engineers
    I have. It’s where I get my information. The experts
    Weatherill and his advisors should be sued right now
    These turbines are so out of whack they produce high and dangerous voltages in the earth system. These voltages affect livestock. These voltages are illegal

    Someone should be charged

    The electricity generators are required by law to supply a constant set voltage +-3%. That means constantly making immediate changes to output. If electricity demand goes up then voltage goes down therefore capacity has to be modified to bring voltage back in line. Bringing wind and solar into the mix is not an answer. It is creating huge problems.

    More electrical engineers should be speaking out

    This whole mess has to be exposed from a technical point of view

    Turbines produce useless harmonics

    Look at California. As soon as the maintenance starts shut them down and build new ones on new subsidies
    There are thousands of turbines idle in California

    • Yes, indeed Brian, here we go again.

      We have taken the time and trouble on a number of occasions to explain to you (and only you) that wind power is “usable”.

      Your proposition is half right: modern wind turbines produce ‘harmonics’.

      This video explanation from electrical engineer, Andrew Dodson makes that plain enough:

      However, modern wind turbines generate electricity as DC current, which is converted into AC current before it is transmitted into the grid. That conversion reduces, to a large extent, the voltage and frequency fluctuations if no conversion to AC had taken place.

      Variations in voltage and frequency are, of course, part and parcel of wind power generation, which follow momentary and periodic changes in wind speed. However, as previously pointed out, provided that there is sufficient synchronous power generation capacity connected to the same grid, the variations in voltage and frequency in wind power that result from variation wind speed, are ordinarily fully compensated by rises and falls in the output from synchronous generators. Much of this comes from spinning reserve held by baseload operators, and the balance from peaking power operators. In places like South Australia, principally from inefficient and costly Open Cycle Gas Turbines and diesel generators.

      As previously pointed out, Frequency Control Ancillary Services are part and parcel of any grid. Before the introduction of intermittent wind and solar, the demand for and supply of FCAS was largely driven by variation in load (i.e. changes in daily or seasonal demand). Now, however, there is a far greater need for FCAS, with wild variations in voltage and frequency resulting from changes in wind power output (both in terms of rapid increases and decreases).

      Where we said changes in wind power output are “ordinarily fully compensated” by the ability of synchronous generators to fill the gap, when the proportion of wind power rises above about 20% of total generation capacity, all bets are off. South Australia provides an example where, with the loss of a major baseload power plant, its remaining baseload generators and what can be drawn from neighbouring Victoria is often insufficient to account for rapid collapses in wind power output, given the volume of the power lost when the wind stops blowing or blows too fast.

      STT has, among its sources, not only qualified electricity generation engineers, but the very engineers who designed, built and managed Australia’s Eastern Grid – geographically, the largest interconnected electricity grid in the world. Accordingly, we are confident in the propositions we outline above.

      In short, wind turbines do produce harmonics as you observe. However, in a grid dominated by conventional, synchronous power generation sources wind power is not “useless” as you put it.

      We agree that wind and solar power are a problem for grid managers rather than a solution to any perceived problem.

      The grid engineers on STT’s team consider wind power an annoyance more than anything. Where once power was dialled up during the course of a day to match predictable changes in demand (the evening roast, for example), grid operators are being forced to shunt wind power around when there is little or no demand for power and to scramble for supply when wind power disappears and demand is high.

      Your reference to thousands of idle turbines in California is really an observation that those turbines are now worn out and beyond their economic lifespan.

      STT and our engineering team will continue in our efforts to inform politicians and the general public about the problems associated with intermittent wind power. It is not helpful to simply keep asserting that wind power produces nothing but “useless harmonics”. That statement is demonstrably false and does nothing to assist in educating the public about the real problems that chaotic, subsidised and intermittent wind power causes to electricity grids and electricity markets. Your comments maintaining that assertion are not merely a distraction for us, they are unhelpful.

  8. I love that concept of an independent not-for-profit system operator, but of course it will take more than that to defeat a politician looking to buy votes with other peoples money. Electricity will only return to Planet Sane when politicians are kept out of it almost completely, let them pick a budget for system evolution (say 5% of consumer bills), then butt-out completely.

  9. Terry Conn says:

    I have always thought that describing the actions of those we disagree with as ‘evil’ is crass and moralising and putting people down because of lack of capacity to properly verbalise your objections, but in the context of ignoring the bleeding obvious in respect to wind turbine power you can be forgiven for thinking this wind power cult is close to the brink of evil given what it means for ordinary decent citizens.

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