Dogged Wind Power Push: SA’s Premier Plays ‘Dumb’ to Victorian Premier’s ‘Dumber’

jay weatherill

Jay Weatherill: ‘Dumb’ …


Terry McCrann needs no introduction to STT followers.

Here he is with a typically snarky and insightful take on the wind power disaster that has befallen South Australians and which – in what can only be described as a ‘bizarre, copy-cat economic and social suicide move’ by CFMEU puppet, Daniel Andrews – threatens to send Victorians back to the Dark Ages, too.

Jay Weatherill and Daniel Andrews: Dumb & Dumber
Herald Sun
Terry McCrann
3 October 2016

ABSOLUTE unmitigated, undiluted bullcrap: the desperate, indeed seriously panicked claim that South Australia going ‘all North Korea black’ last week had nothing to do with its embrace of useless wind ‘power’ (sic).

Ever since the crow-killing — if not so much, these days, the crow-eating — state threw the switch to the 18th century last Wednesday around 4pm, the global warming hysterics and the mainchancers at the renewable energy money trough have been in desperate dishonest damage control.

Oh my secular God-is-dead Gaia! Too many people might actually have been given an all-too-embarrassing glimpse of the ‘renewable energy-free future!’ So they went into maximum denial across the mainstream and social medias, while also viciously targeting anyone who had the temerity to suggest that the blackout might not have been totally, well, disconnected, to the obvious consequence of global warming alarmism.

Move on, nothing to see here folks. It could have happened in the very best of coal-fired electricity networks. And that’s a nice job in media you have there; pity if anything happened to it.

Except, ‘it’ didn’t happen in a coal-fired state. Indeed, SA was relying on exactly such a coal-fired network to bail it out, to haul them all back to the 21st century.

Just as every grid based heavily on wind and/or solar ‘energy generation’ (sic) does. Either coal, that is; or gas, or nuclear, or the real renewable energy source, hydro.

The most wind energy committed country, Denmark, only keeps the lights on — and the heaters heating in winter: remember how cold it got at Kevin Rudd’s great Coppenfloppen conference in 2009? — by having long extension cords into Norway’s hydro and Sweden and Germany’s coal and nuclear.

Indeed, SA is a mirror image: small enough, with a big enough neighbour that has real, reliable, power generation. At least, it does, for the moment, until Premier Daniel Andrews gets his way.

Close your eyes, empty your minds, and you might still be able to see what a fine set of clothes SA’s ‘wind emperor’ is wearing; with our preening idiot premier going to the same ‘tailor’ for a copy.

Now for the facts. Yes, the proximate cause of SA’s power failure was transmission towers being blown down in last week’s storm.

We’ll put aside the rather important question of whether they were blown down because they weren’t built robustly enough, because the scattered nature of wind turbines requires so many of them that it would cost too much to ‘gold plate them.’

That said, despite the additional lies told by the global warming fanatics, the winds in SA last Wednesday were neither unprecedented nor particularly violent. They didn’t top 100kmh; they didn’t even reach the speeds of the lowest level of cyclone.

The key question, the question that utterly damns the SA reliance on wind turbines, is what happened next — when SA ‘lost’ its wind generation.

As AEMO — the Australian Energy Market Operator, — explained in a press statement last Thursday, the damaged transmission lines supported supply and generation north of Adelaide.

But “the reason why a cascading failure of the remainder of the South Australia network occurred is still to be identified and is subject to further investigation.”

Without stating so, AEMO then gave precisely the answer.

About 1900 megawatts (MW) was being consumed in South Australia at the time of the power failure, AEMO said; the SA generation — mostly, my words, wind from the north — was “being supported” by a total of 610MW from Victoria.

What AEMO didn’t say, but is blindingly obvious, when wind ‘generation’ dropped from around 900MW to zero literally in an instant, SA just as instantly ‘asked’ Victoria for that 900MW.

So suddenly the long extension cord from the coal-fired stations in the Latrobe Valley was being asked to increase its supply from around 500MW to around 1500MW.

In effect, the ‘wind-powered state’ wanted to ‘borrow’ almost the entire output of one of Victoria’s coal-fired stations. And it wanted to borrow it immediately, at 4.18pm last Wednesday. The cord just ‘shorted out.’ So SA’s total reliance on wind meant that it didn’t even get the 500MW (600MW or so in total) that it had been getting from Victoria’s ‘dirty coal.’ At 4.18pm SA had a taste of what going straight back to the 18th century would be like.

There are two damning, utterly undeniable points that prove it was ‘all about wind.’


Skala Bakery in the Central Market Arcade was one of many businesses that couldn’t operate during the blackout.

If you are going to rely on the unreliable power ‘sources’ of wind or solar, when the wind don’t blow and/ or the sun don’t shine, you have to have back-up from a reliable power source, either gas or coal.

Further, you have to keep that back-up turning over, because when the wind don’t blow or the sun don’t shine, it can go from 1000MW to zip pretty quickly — even without dodgy towers falling over.

Which of course makes the whole exercise a farce. Why have wind at all to replace coal or gas if you still have to keep the coal/gas?

Unless, and this is the critical second point, you try to do it on the cheap — both the real cheap and the ‘environmental’ cheap: by using that long extension cord to ‘someone else’s dirty power.’ Except Wednesday showed us exactly what can happen when you do that.

Even before the whole supply generation went down at 4.18pm, SA’s wind ‘generation’ was fluctuating wildly — down 150MW then surging 250MW — putting severe stress on the extension cord to Victoria.

If indeed the winds had been as strong as claimed, forcing the closure of most or all of the SA turbines, we could easily have had the meltdown without the towers falling over.

Maybe, it would have resulted only in partial blackouts, taking SA back, say, to the late-19th century rather than all the way back to the 18th. South Australian premier Jay Weatherill is just the latest in a string of very stupid people who have drunk too liberally at the ‘renewable energy’ Kool-Aid fountain.

But what does that say about our premier Daniel Andrews, who can see what it gets you in SA and says we’ll do it also?

You’d have to say that ‘dumb and dumber’ only barely captures it.
Herald Sun

daniel andrews

Daniel Andrews: ‘Dumber’…

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  1. Hi,

    I started a PETITION “SA PREMIER JAY WEATHERILL : Demand the RESIGNATION of the Energy Minister for HIGH POWER PRICES CAUSING SA’s JOBS CRISIS and 15,000 household POWER DISCONNECTIONS, frequent POWER BLACKOUTS and the JULY 2016 POWER CRISIS” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

    Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support.

    You can read more and sign the petition here:

    Please share this petition with anyone you think may be interested in signing it.

    Thankyou for your time.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    It must be an ingrained stupidity in Governments which persist in following anything that promises so much and delivers so little. When they have not only been informed of the dangers and have examples of them but continue to believe in well orchestrated lies, they do not deserve to be in the positions they hold.
    As they are politicians they are there to look after the interests of not only their electorate but the citizens of the State and/or Nation they represent. They are not there to pander to the self serving meanderings of loud gratuitous lobby groups representing industries who have no other desire than to financially plunder to ensure their pockets are full. Industries who do not care where the money comes from as long as its ‘free’ to them and they have little to do but fill their pockets/bank accounts.
    Any scheme is good as long as they can get away with their loot with no consequences when their schemes have run their course.
    If this situation – Statewide Blackout – had occurred in Sydney, Melbourne or even Canberra action would have been swift, if they had been shut down as Adelaide was, if their States had been shut down across the board swift action would have taken to bring the political leaders who sanctioned the cause to account.
    But here in SA we just sit back and take it, listening and waiting for the ‘truth’ to be told of what went wrong knowing we will probably never be told the truth.
    We have for so long (14 years) allowed successive Labor Governments to make a mockery of Governing, we have had no choice with election after election won by default because the majority vote does not count, only the number of seats won. We have seen boundary changes made which favour Labor thus they have remained in Government with a minority of the State vote.
    And we are forced to sit back and watch the Government continue to send the state into the dark ages. Without leadership which should and could have prevented the situation we find ourselves in. If the Government had been sane and willing to listen to those who did not offer a quick fix, if we had a Government concerned about getting it right instead of trying to make SA appear to the outside world as a progressive ‘with it’ place, we would be sitting here with a secure energy supply, at a cost that does not frighten investment in industry and commerce, we would have a State that could hold its head high. Instead we have a State that is hanging-on by its toenails.
    Victoria, NSW and Queensland don’t let it happen to you. ACT you are a lost cause because you are part of the problem in the other States when you ‘invest’ in wind energy projects outside of your own Territory.

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