With No Market For Intermittent Wind Power China Curtails Production or Dumps It


With the wind industry taking a belting around the planet – its spruikers are left clinging to any vestige of hope, with the anxious zeal of shipwreck survivors happening upon that last piece of flotsam.

One such “hope”, is their belief that China provides the perfect example of what wind power outfits can do when immune from the pesky little obstacles like free power markets and democratic rights.

The line they spin is that China is leading the world in the roll-out of these things; and is well on the way to a 100% wind powered future. But, as with almost everything that the wind industry tosses up as self-justification, the facts tell a somewhat different story – in China:

20% or more of China’s wind power capacity isn’t even connected to the grid (talk about idle gestures);

grid operators aren’t about to change that equation, simply because they’ll lose money on the “deal”;

the vast bulk of China’s power generation comes from reliable coal fired plant (as you’d expect in a country that’s serious about economic growth, industry and employment);

wind power investors are taking a flogging and are being told to pray to the Wind Gods in the “hope” of better returns next year; and

the whole scam depends (apart from suitably benevolent breezes) on the continued willingness of governments to force (through mandated subsidies and/or fines) grid operators or retailers to take power at exorbitant cost, from an entirely weather dependent generation source, that has no commercial value – apart from pocketing subsidies or avoiding fines.

For more detail of the above, see this post:

China’s Wind Power Ponzi Scheme Collapsing: Grid Operators Refusing to Connect Wind Farms

As everywhere else on Earth, the ‘economics’ of wind power in China are pure nonsense. As this recent report simply confirms.

Unpredictability of wind energy makes it hard to compete with coal in China
CCTV America
7 August 2016

China is the world’s largest producer of wind power, with a current capacity of 75 gigawatts — more than 20 times the largest coal power plant in the United States. But with so much clean energy at its fingertips, why is the country still reliant on coal as its main energy source?

CCTV’s Guan Yang reports from Liaoning province.



Wind turbines were virtually non-existent in China a decade ago, but now they are all over the country. Despite their ubiquity, the disadvantages of wind power are numerous.

For one, it’s unpredictable. It’s also a fluctuating source of energy. In areas without consistent wind or where wind strength is too low to support the turbines, the heavy upfront investments often go to waste.”

Most wind farms have a real-time prediction system to optimize operational efficiency. They are also given an estimated demand so that power transmission can be better coordinated.

“Other than output plans, the prediction system also helps us to arrange a timetable of maintenance and testing when winds are weak,” Woniushan Wind Farm Operator Hu Bowen said.

However much of China’s wind energy goes to waste due to a preference for more stable forms of energy such as coal. Only a small portion of energy storage facilities use wind power.

“With the current electricity price, wind farms stand no chance to break — even if investing in storage facilities, unless some form of compensation are granted,” Woniushan Wind Farm Manager Luo Wenhao said.


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  2. And they are having problems at ~2.8%. Funny, that is remarkably close to the capacity credit for wind power.

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