‘Green’ Epiphany: Environmentalists Join Fight Against the Great Wind Power Fraud

turbine rotor germany

The death of the wind industry didn’t come about because BIG Coal felt ‘threatened‘ and set out in some kind of John Grisham conspiracy to wreck it by fair means or foul. No. What kills it is the fact that a growing band of ‘eco-travellers’ – of the kind who once placed their faith in the Wind Gods – have woken up to the scale and scope of the great wind power fraud.

For the climate change Chicken Littles, their quest to rid the planet of dreaded CO2 gas (query how plants and every other living thing survive without it?) has seen the more sensible of their number turn their backs on the wind; and to nuzzle up to nukes, instead.

Dr. Alan Carlin is one such who, despite his background with America’s top environmental lobby, the Sierra Club, not only reached the obvious conclusion (viz, that wind power will never replace conventional generation sources), but has repeatedly determined to put pen to paper, to make sure his peers know all about it (see our post here).

Bursting from the same stall, and for much the same reason, is another eco-warrior, Joel Keller who has also tumbled to the fact that wind power is utterly meaningless as a power source.

Joel, from Warren Ohio is an expert in renewables and runs a recycling centre, NEO-ARC LLC. He teaches courses in renewable and alternative energy at Lorain County Community College, Cuyahoga Community College, and Baldwin Wallace University.

Here’s Joel’s epiphany about just some of what’s wrong with wind power.

Concerns raised about Lake Erie wind turbine proposal
The Morning Journal
Joel Keller
6 June 2016

I am an expert in renewable and alternative energy, having thoroughly studied and taught about all forms of such power production for the past three years.

While I don’t question the motivation of Lorain County commissioners who want to take advantage of federal monies (our taxpayer dollars) to put wind turbines in place in Lake Erie, I have real concerns about any such project.

While “renewable energy” has its place in power production, wind energy, in particular, is very problematic for a number of reasons.

First, it’s important to realize that placing wind turbines in Lake Erie is not a simple project. Many issues come to mind with such placement. One is that underwater power lines must be laid to deliver the power production to land. Will the closest land placement be near the transmission or distribution grids? If there is more than one turbine, multiple cables or connections will be needed to get the power to where it can be used, increasing the capital cost of the project compared to if the same turbines were placed on land.

Second, even if each turbine is the largest model currently available, unless there are literally dozens of them constructed, they won’t produce the equivalent power output of even a medium-sized gas fired power plant.

Third, maintenance of a large number of wind turbines offshore presents a much costlier and difficult scenario than the same power output from more conventional power plants. Imagine the difficulty of having to replace a 100-foot-long turbine blade out in the deeper waters of the lake.

Fourth, large numbers of wind turbines offshore in Lake Erie will present a new set of obstacles for boaters, especially at night time.

Fifth, and most importantly, there will be many days when the wind is blowing so hard that the turbines will have to be “braked” off, in order that they not spin out of control. Similarly, there will be some days when the wind doesn’t reach a high enough level to cause the blades to spin at all.

A long-term study from the United Kingdom shows that the actual power production from wind turbine farms is far lower than the total potential capacity of the project, usually in the range of 20 percent to 35 percent.

For every kilowatt hour a wind turbine is shut down, some alternative source will be needed to fill in for it, essentially doubling the capacity needs of such projects.

Sixth, bird kills from striking spinning turbine blades have been catastrophic in other areas of the U.S. Lake Erie lies on the flight path for migratory birds and there will likely be thousands of animals killed by spinning turbine blades, including some protected species.

Finally, the cost per installed kilowatt is significantly higher for wind projects than for more standard types of power plants. Where a gas-fired plant of 600 megawatts, which is a medium-sized facility, costs in the range of about $1,000 to $1,500 per installed kilowatt, wind turbines typically cost more than double this amount.

When looking at the actual capacity factor, too, the cost for wind power will be four to eight times that of gas- or coal-fired plants. In order to make a profit, wind turbine generated power will have to be priced well above more traditional production facilities.

For these reasons and others, I am of the opinion that wind projects are not yet ready for prime time. The Lorain County commissioners need to do some homework before spending taxpayer “gifts” from the federal government.
The Morning Journal

Texas turbine fire 01

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. The Bald Eagle is both the National Bird and the National Animal of the United States of America and yet at the very “least” dozens of Bald Eagles are killed in California by Wind Turbines each and every year !

    So what does this mean ?

    The Bald Eagle is protected as our National Bird by both Federal and State laws with the “minimum” Federal penalty punishable by up to two years in prison or a $250,000 fine.

    So how does this law/penalty apply to You and I ??

    CHARGES PENDING: Teens Kill American Bald Eagle POSTED 8:55 PM, FEBRUARY 13, 2014.

    These two teens were arrested and charged with the crime of killing “1” Bald Eagle yet the so called “Progressive’s”, also known as Marxist Leftists, which our President proudly excepts to be a member of, and that the Governor of California Jerry (Moon-Beam) Brown does also allows for the Mass-Killings of Bald Eagles each and every year and go so far as to not even consider it an issue, but again if You or I were to do the same then We face a fine and up to 2 years in Federal Prison !

    Aren’t these so called animal loving tree hugging Marxist Progressives supposed to put “Nature” first as the most prized and protected of all things, greater than the protection of Human Beings ???

    And just go to show you how “evil” these people really are they send their own people out daily to gather the Bald Eagle carcasses as to pretend that nothing ever happened, and then they go back to celebrating what great conservationists they are !!!

    That’s not just evil, that is Satanic !

    And then on last breath day they go off to the judgement of the liars and hypocrites !!!

    And that is the definition of “Scum” !

    So remember, the last “s” in the word “Progressives<-" stands for "SCUM" !



  2. Some-one may be killed if “THEY” do not listen.

  3. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    “Wind power will never replace conventional generation sources.”

    When Dr. Alan Carlin of premier climate change lobby group, the Sierra Club, makes this inference to wind power, you know Industrial wind is on a road to nowhere…other than its ongoing ability to decimate flora/fauna, create devastating fuel poverty and encourage corporate fraud.

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