Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Wind Power Fantasy Doubles Power Prices


Cult leader explains her plans for total economic annihilation.


Ontario was, once upon a time, an agricultural and manufacturing power house.

Alas, the former pursuit has been smashed by plummeting property values and sonic torture, making thousands of farm homes uninhabitable; the latter endeavour has been demolished by power costs that have risen 108% due to the fantasy of trying to rely on weather as a meaningful power source.

We’ll hand over to Parker Gallant for more detail on how Kathleen Wynne and her wind power cult have destroyed a once happy and prosperous Province.

Chiarelli magic: how millions of your dollars are nothing to Wynne government
Wind Concerns Ontario
Parker Gallant
21 April 2016

Energy Minister claims $408 million increase is simply an “aberration” 

When asked about the latest increase in electricity prices coming into effect May 1, 2016, Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli told the Legislature it was an “aberration.”  He went on to blame Ontario consumers for the price rise because they “used less electricity than expected this past winter”.

Decreased electricity demand was also the reason given by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) in their press release. The OEB said the price of the average bill would increase by “$3.13 per month for households and small businesses”.  That makes no sense: the OEB’s press release of April 2015 made no mention of the fact that more energy was used in the prior winter because it was exceptionally cold — yet the price went up.

Using more or less electricity doesn’t affect continually rising electricity prices despite claims made when the local distribution companies (LDC) are spending those hundreds of millions of our ratepayer dollars telling us to “saveONenergy”.

Let’s look at the electricity line on the “average bill” for the actual cost to Ontario’s 4.5 million residential ratepayers.

The message from the OEB was: it will only cost the “average ratepayer” $3.13 more per month and together with the same cost in the October 2015 press release of $4.42 more per month, adds $90.60 annually to the “average bill”.

If one applies the $90.60 annual cost to just residential ratepayers, the amount removed from ratepayers pockets is huge.  With 4.5 million ratepayers (based on the OEB’s Yearbook of Distributors for 2014) it represents $408 million. That’s without including the additional costs to tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses.

If it seems like power bill increases never end in Ontario, let’s look back. The all-in average electricity rate as of November 1, 2008 was 6.02 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) so the 4.2 million ratepayers, at that time, consumed 40.3 terawatts (TWh), costing them about $2.4 billion.

Fast forward to November 2015 and the 4.5 million ratepayers were paying an average of 11.6 cents/kWh, and the cost of the 43.2 TWh consumed was $5 billion. The increase in just seven years was 108%. That’s well above Ontario’s inflation rate.

The rates for every kWh of electricity consumed since 2008 have cost ratepayers $9.5 billion more than if the rates been maintained at 6.02 cents/kWh.

The average annual increase ratepayers have paid for just electricity has been almost $1.4 billion1. and has been caused mainly by the addition of renewable energy, principally in the form of unreliable and intermittent wind and solar requiring back-up support from gas plants.

With the increase effective May 1, 2016 and the prior one of November 1, 2015, the added cost of over $400 million annually to residential ratepayer’s bills for the electricity line will be an “aberration” only in the sense that it represents an increase of 8% as opposed to the double digit growth of the previous seven years.
Wind Concerns Ontario

1.Please note the $2 billion cost of smart meters, transmission lines to connect wind and solar to the grid are billed in the “delivery” line.

ontario protesters

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Wynne is right in line with the United Nations’ goals for reducing Carbon. The UN is dictating the Ontario government’s power generation policies/agenda. Wynne works for the UN… not Ontario – she is padding her resume so that when she is done with us, she will be qualified for a nice cushy job at the UN. We are looking at a NO-WYNNE solution

  2. Part of the reason is that she represents and stands behind a promise to promote a socio-political agenda that appeals to people who have a very shallow understanding of the ramifications of her values. Having a person like this ‘at the helm’ in Ontario is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. ‘These are dangerous times.’

  3. Why? It’s all been said and she cares nothing for anyone outside TO and Chiarelli is a moron to say because “we didn’t use enough over the winter, we will make it up now with higher rates”. I am afraid the parcel of you pathetic morons shud be horse whipped.

  4. She has the votes of the greater Toronto area. Urban vs. Rural and urban has the numbers. What they don’t have is turbines.
    We need electoral reform in Canada.

  5. Reblogged this on Patti Kellar.

  6. Why do they keep voting the woman back in?

    • Jackie Rovensky says:

      Because like here in South Australia the majority are not living with the danger and torment of turbines, they sit back and say those who complain, complain because the don’t want them in their backyards – well their right but WE know why we don’t want them in anyone’s backyard – further it will only be when the cost of energy has got to the point they have to live without electricity on demand because they cannot afford it and if they could it would not be available 24/7 will they start to THINK with their brains in gear rather than with their ‘greenie’ hats suffocating it.

    • Because BullSh_t Baffles Brains — That’s how She got In !!!

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