The Foul Stench in Falmouth: Wind Industry Corruption Runs Riot

Definition of fraud

As it goes in Falmouth, the wind industry goes everywhere: lying, bullying, bribery and good old fashioned fraud is the order of the day.

Local boy, Frank Haggerty digs the dirt where the popular press fear to tread.

Falmouth wind turbines corruption blows out of control
Wind Action
Frank Haggerty
1 May 2016

The Falmouth “Land Court deal” is so corrupt the news media won’t even print a story. The news media and the government are entwined in a vicious circle of mutual manipulation over the poor placement of wind turbines taking health and property rights. Folks, this story happened April 28 and not one peep from the news media.

In Falmouth, corruption is the province of small men, not political giants. And sometimes the corruption is so ordinary that the corrupt don’t recognize it.

Falmouth today has a very important topic: Is corruption the price you pay to operate two illegally placed wind turbines?

Falmouth Land Court-Beacon Hill Helps Lower Corruption Levels

Corruption is not funny and it is not free in Falmouth. Taxpayers are paying up to $300,000 every six months to pay a platoon of lawyers to use the court system to stall any kind of a resolution to the taking of health and property rights of up to 200 residential home owners. The neighbors describe the noise from the turbines as a type of torture.

Falmouth is ground zero for poorly placed wind turbines in the United States. Massachusetts politicians made a disastrous mistake allowing megawatt wind turbines in twenty one communities. The land based wind turbine business is a health and financial fiasco. The incomplete ocean wind turbine port in New Bedford was a waste of 113 million dollars. Wind turbine “jack-up” barges used for building wind turbines don’t fit through the narrow hurricane gate opening.

The public is aware the Town of Falmouth has a history of hiding noise warning letters, memos and documents since the inception of the installation of its foreign made wind turbines. General Electric a domestic wind turbine company refused to build a single wind turbine because of residential setbacks and ice throw but the town somehow got 5 million in stimulus money to buy a foreign turbine. Even the EPA waiver for buying the foriegn made turbine said they needed a special permit but never got one.

The Massachusetts courts have said the wind turbine victims have been injured. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection told the town the turbines are breaking state noise guidelines.

The Massachusetts courts told the Town of Falmouth they need a Special Permit to operate Falmouth Wind 1. The Falmout Zoning Board of Appeals after 6 months of hearings refused to issue a Special Permit.

The Falmouth Select Board made a decision recently to file an appeal with the Massachusetts Land Court where there is no jury.

Land court assigns one judge the length of a trial.

A jury in Massachusetts Superior Court would surely deny the Special Permit based on all the hidden letter, documents and memos that would come to light. The only way to win now is with a political wink and a nod.

On April 28, 2016 the town filed an appeal of the Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals. The trial in Land Court is scheduled for the fast track anywhere from 16 months to 34 months. Falmouth taxpayers are paying for this next dog and pony show. A show that is going to cost up to $300,000.00 every six months for the foreseeable future.

Low and behold the Massachusetts Land Court placed Judge Robert Foster who was appointed by Governor Patrick to the Land Court in 2012 in charge of the case. Up on Beacon Hill they call this a coincidence. I know what I call it.

You may remember Governor Deval Patrick he was following the wind turbine renewable energy agenda of 2000 megawatts of power by the year 2020. While Governor Patrick was governor his buddy former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi who was the father of the Massachusetts Green Communities Act went to federal prison and is still there today. At the trial the public found Governor Patrick had been using a fake email to avoid Freedom of Information Requests over wind turbine discussions. The email was

Massachusetts residents have been asking for criminal justice reform for Beacon Hill Democrats. Falmouth appears to be the new Beacon Hill.

The commercial wind turbine business on land and sea has been a colossal health and financial fiasco and all your politicians are aware the multitude of the ongoing fiasco today.

Embarrassed local and state officials are afraid to admit what looks like a massive bunco scheme taking taxpayers money to hide their mistakes filing court case after court case.

The commercial wind turbine agenda is falling apart all over Massachusetts

The filing by the Falmouth Select Board to appeal the Zoning Board of Appeals decsion doesn’t pass the smell test.

It stinks of Beacon Hill’s ‘old school’ corruption.
Wind Action


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  1. As goes Falmouth, so goes the world. Frank Haggerty has been persistently pointing out the horrors of corruption and its marriage to the wind power industry in Falmouth, MA, USA. The pro-windies via their head spruikers have pointed to the “democratic” support for the torture machines. When was the last time they had put out to a vote whether it it should be appropriate to call an ambulance for their medical emergency or to see a doctor for some “unexplained” symptoms that had mysteriously popped up, particularly after the wind turbine blades started to spin next door? The leader of the pack in Massachusetts, former Gov. Deval Patrick, has positioned himself to be tapped as HRH Hillary’s running mate. What a pretty picture that would make! Corruption works in Massachusetts, why not the Nation? If Obama gets appointed UN Sec.-General, there goes the whole shooting match (pun intended).

  2. Reblogged this on Patti Kellar and commented:
    It ‘stinks of old school corruption’. Sound familiar to residents of Huron County perhaps?????

  3. Pamela Maddock says:

    Something stinks in Aberglasslyn NSW. The noise here is torture and there are no wind turbines here. Authorities are ignoring any requests for help here. Life is HELL

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