Could the Wind Industry Get Any More Ridiculous?!?!


Sometimes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words: it’s ‘priceless’!

Saturday Silliness – wind turbine photo of the year
Anthony Watts
23 January 2016

The entire rationale for wind turbines is to stop global warming by reducing the amount of CO2 being returned to the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.

In the attached picture, recently taken in Sweden, freezing cold weather has caused the rotor blades of a wind turbine to ice up bringing the blades to a complete stop.

To fix the “problem” a helicopter is employed (burning aviation fuel) to spray hot water (which is heated in the frigid temperatures using a truck equipped with a 260 kW oil burner) on the blades of the turbine to de-ice them.

The aviation fuel, the diesel for the truck, and the oil burned to heat the water, could produce more electricity (at the right time to meet demand) than the unfrozen wind turbine could ever produce. (Before it freezes up again).

The attached picture is a metaphor of the complete insanity of the climate change debate.

In decades to come this one photo alone with sum up an era of stupidity, when rational thought, logic and commonsense was abandoned and immense wealth and resources needlessly sacrificed.


Roll up, roll up! To the most bizarre Circus on Earth …

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Remember Murphy’s law No. ??: “Each solution of a problem causes at least two new problems!” – So, the Real problem is: mankind should recognize, that it is impossible to solve problems – one might avoid a problem, risking another one, so it is necessary to choose the least problem possible in a certain situation. Under other circumstances, a totally different choice might produce a much better result (such as saving energy, saving energy, saving energy and at a pinch building a few spacial concentrated NPP’s instead of the world wide pest of expensive, ugly, disfunctional, weak, dangerous for nature and so on windmills and solar power plants)

  2. Shane, I think it’s serious ‘cognitive dissonance’ we’re dealing with. To me, it’s not a left /right issue. It has more to do with the individual’s inability to process the disillusionment that comes when one realizes that governments cannot be trusted to make intelligent decisions that we expect them to make to protect all of us.

  3. Reblogged this on Patti Kellar and commented:
    Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

  4. Anyone who wants to read the whole hilarious, head shaking hogwash, the promotion of de-icing by helicopters can be found here.…


    Imposing in there hundreds,
    Such an army on display,
    Those alien grey metal monsters
    I saw while on my way.
    Aliens on our shores have landed,
    So tall, backs straight and true,
    At night they watch through flashing eyes
    Of red, at me and you.

    Some have scaled the mountains,
    Others near schools and homes,
    Of one thing I am certain,
    Those aliens have no souls.
    No “whispering” from their ranks at all,
    An unearthly sound they make,
    It envelops each and everyone,
    No more can humans take.

    Three giant arms revolving,
    Enveloping all around,
    They’re here to ‘save the planet’,
    The biggest “con” I have found.
    Such hideous tall grey monsters,
    Invade green and pleasant lands,
    To stay for generations,
    Unless the people make a stand.

    These aliens feed on power and wind,
    Without either, they will die,
    They’re NOT environmental friendly,
    They’re for profit, (at a cost), that’s WHY.

  6. Can anyone tell me why the left will chase an idealogicall idea so hard that natural common sense is completely lost. ?

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