Wanton Criminal Destruction: Wind Developers Killing Birds & Destroying Forest Habitats


Remember all that guff about wind power being ‘clean’, ‘green’ and like a big cuddly toy, hugging a welcoming environment right back?

This is the crowd that tells us that carpeting the planet with bat-chomping, bird slicing, blade-chucking, pyrotechnic, sonic-torture devices is all for the ‘greater good’: despite these things – as a wholly weather dependent power source – being incapable of producing power on demand; and, therefore, of ever being able to provide a product with any commercial value, save the massive subsidies it attracts.

The trail of human misery is easily justified by the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers – thousands driven into penury with worthless, uninhabitable homes are simply regarded as ‘road-kill’.

So our feathered friends are clearly batting against the odds, too.

Rule 1: whichever of God’s creatures you might be, NEVER, EVER stand between a wind weasel and a mountain of tax payer and power consumer subsidies – unless you’re ready to fight these cowards to a stand-still.

In Ontario, Esther Wrightman drew the wrath of NextEra (aka NexTerror) for videoing the developer’s deliberate and wanton destruction of the nesting home of a pair of Bald Eagles. In the video, NexTerror’s goons place the ‘heavy’ on a pair of properly passionate young women – their naked shame at being exposed for what, in every circumstance, should constitute a crime manifesting as menace, threat and thuggery.



eagle nest ontario
NexTerror’s Bald Eagle eradication program: as ‘green’ as it gets.


The destructive tactics being used in Ontario have a purpose: to erase all trace of ‘protected’ bird life so that wind power outfits don’t have to face prosecution for killing icons, such as Bald Eagles etc.

By wiping out their habitat and/or slaughtering them in advance, wind power outfits can claim that their proposed developments can’t possibly kill anything on the wing, once these things are up and running. Think of it as ‘pre-emptive bird-strike’.

In the mother of all ironies, in Germany – held up by wind-cultists as the ‘greenest-of-the-green’ – the scorched earth tactics seen in Ontario are being deployed in a game of avian avarice. You see, turbines aren’t permitted within cooee of the nesting sites of a range of bird species. So, developers are paying a band of chainsaw wielding ‘eco-warriors’ to wring the necks of any chirpy little obstacles; to eliminate their forest habitats; and any trace of evidence that might prevent the advance of the ‘greenest’ power source on earth.

German Wildlife Foundation Calls For Wind Park Moratorium, Cites “Increase In Criminal Activity” By Wind Park Builders
Pierre Gosselin
17 December 2015

The German Wildlife Foundation has put out a press release: Chainsaws rip birdlife protection

The German Wildlife Foundation sees an increase in criminal activity in the construction of wind parks

As delegates congregated in Paris, chainsaws were busily cutting down forests in Germany to make way for wind turbines. Protected trees which are homes to bird-life were being illegally cut down and birds killed.

Research by the German Wildlife Foundation, the Nature Protection Alliance (NABU) and the Committee Against Killing Birds have confirmed such criminal acts. So far at least 40 cases of illegal devastations to large birds within the scope of planned wind parks have been registered.

In most cases the nests were destroyed or the trees cut down. At least in one case young birds were struck dead. The most common victim by far is the Red Kite. But also the extremely rare Lesser Spotted Eagle saw nests destroyed.

“These are not just random acts of recklessness by young rowdies, but rather criminal acts against protected species which can be punished with up to five years imprisonment,” says Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, sole Chairman of the German Wildlife Federation. “The killing and destruction of nests represent a whole new dimension in the endangerment of species by wind park facilities,” says Prof. Vahrenholt. “Biodiversity and species protection are being callously sacrificed under the guise of wind energy and climate protection.”

Unscrupulous green energy dealmakers

Such criminal acts have been registered in 10 German states already and scrupulous green energy dealmakers are doing it with chainsaws. The current minimum distance regulations in most cases would forbid the construction of wind power facilities.

But the value of property on which a wind park is built increases enormously in value overnight with the use of chainsaws: For each wind turbine the property owner can expect to earn €1.6 million in leasing fees – i.e. € 80,000 per year, for 20 years.


The research results presented by the environmentalists shows a frightening trend: Two years ago two cases were reported, in 2014 there were ten cases, and this year through November there have been 19 cases of nest destruction and bird killing nationwide.

In addition to the Red Kites and the Lesser Spotted Eagle, also other species such as sea eagles, black storks, tree hawks and bats have been impacted.

eagle 1

Charges have been lodged in all cases. The German Wildlife Foundation anticipates more charges over the coming months because trees are cut down mostly during the winter months. “Also the construction of wind energy continues unhindered, and for this reason we fear a new wave of nest destruction,” says Prof. Vahrenholt. The German Wildlife Foundation reiterates its demand for a moratorium on wind turbines in forests.

Anyone who witnesses such an incident is asked to document it, press charges and to inform the Wildlife Foundation. More here

For questions contact: Dr. Jochen Bellebaum at [+49] 40 9707869-25

Inconvenient truth nuzzles up to Mother Earth.

3 thoughts on “Wanton Criminal Destruction: Wind Developers Killing Birds & Destroying Forest Habitats

  1. Thank STT you for bringing this outrageous hypocrisy to the attention of the world. Is this what ’eminent domain’ is all about, as it pertains to the habitat of all living species?

  2. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    If Greens love nature, why aren’t they more concerned about carpeting unspoilt, pristine landscapes, avian habitat/migratory roots and fragile ecosystems with industrial wind turbines?

    And why aren’t the ‘compassionate’ Left, who push the wind scam, thanks to brilliantly crafted ‘global warming’ alarmist campaigns, more concerned about the massive wealth transfer from poor and middle class consumers and taxpayers to those nasty “1%” billionaires and corporations who are raking in still more billions?

    Where’s the outrage from the tree-hugging ‘greenies’?

    Unreliable energy – wind and solar, has nothing to do with environmentalism or “saving the planet”, rather it has been hijacked by faux-green, vote grabbing politicians and rent-seeking crony corporatists.

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