Scots Rejoice as Highland Wind Farm Plans Slammed

highland fling

Time for a wee Victory dance!


Sallachy and Glencassley wind farms refused consent
BBC News
17 November 2015

Scottish ministers have refused consent for two major wind farm schemes in Sutherland in the Highlands.

Sallachy and Duchally Estates in Sutherland had proposed constructing 22 turbines.

Energy giant SSE sought permission for 23 turbines at Glencassley Estate, near Lairg.

Scottish ministers said the projects would have had an “unacceptable impact” on wild land. SSE said it was “very disappointed” by the decision.

Energy Minster Fergus Ewing said the Scottish government had to “carefully balance” the benefits to be drawn from renewable energy projects and their impact on scenic landscape and wild land.

Visual impact

He said: “We have been clear that wind farms can only be built in the right places and Scottish planning policy sets out rigorous steps to ensure wind farms are sited appropriately and sensitively.

“I have considered these applications fully and recognise the efforts made by the applicants to mitigate the potential impacts of the developments.

“However, I have refused permission as the proposals would still have significant and unacceptable landscape and visual impacts in the local areas and these are not outweighed by any wider policy benefit.”

A spokesperson for SSE said: ‘We are very disappointed with the decision by Scottish ministers to refuse consent for Glencassley wind farm.

“We will examine the decision in detail and consider all options for the project before commenting further.”

Developer WKN, which wanted to develop the Sallachy project, said it was “deeply disappointed” by the decision on its application.

‘Local opposition’

Stuart Brooks, chief executive of landscape conservation charity the John Muir Trust, said the refusal of consent for both projects was “tremendous news”.

He added: “We are particularly delighted that the Scottish government is following through and using the Wild Land Areas map to provide protection to Scotland’s nationally important wild land areas.”

However, Rob Gibson, SNP MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross said the wind farms had “strong local support”.

He said they had been refused consent based on “desktop methodology”.

He said: “No doubt non-government organisations who believe in conservation by remote command will be delighted.

“Here in the north my constituents are perfectly capable of conserving what is best in their neighbourhood.

“They also know that to end depopulation local income from clean power is an essential ingredient to create sustainable jobs.”
BBC News

Rob Gibson reckons there’s “strong local” support for wind farms! STT thinks he should get out more (without his baggage train of wind industry benefactors); and find out just what Highlanders really think about these things:

Scots Fight-back as Wind Power Outfit Aims to Thump its ‘Community Message’ Home

Then there’s Gibson’s drivel about wind power being ‘clean’ – now that would be the same wonderful stuff that’s led to contaminated, undrinkable and toxic water supplies in, that’s right – the Scottish Highlands:

Scotland’s Toxic Shock: Wind Farms Poisoning Neighbours

And, in his spin-doctor, show-stopper, Gibson pulls the biggest lie of all when he starts talking up the thousands of “sustainable jobs” that are supposed be delivered, as part of our wind ‘powered’ future:

Scots Rejoice as Highland Fan Plan Canned & Wind Power Jobs Myth Exposed

Maybe Gibson thinks he can still get away with that kind of rubbish in late 2015? Or maybe, just maybe that’s precisely what his wind industry paymasters told him to say?


Rob Gibson’s claim about his constituents’ ‘love’ of
these things, gets lost somewhere in translation.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. The SNP has a very strange energy policy (100% renewables) for a party that wants/expects an independent Scotland, we all know that 100% renewables can often produce nearly 0% output.

  2. The SNP is of course a vicious class warfare oriented organisation . It hates England but is dependent on it for massive subsidies – talk about resenting our kindness ! Many of us would welcome Scotland’s independence. It joined the Union in the 18Cy only because it was bankrupt. The SNP needs to learn the same lesson again ? the SNP is vandalising its natural heritage all in the name of progress. Little does it realise that all it is doing with wind turbines is enriching the FEW.

    • Surely you would not condemn all of us who live in Scotland to the mercy of the SNP. The majority do not want independence as the referendum last year proved. We are fighting to protect Scotland and we are grateful to Westminster for pulling the rug from under the feet of the SNP and the wind weasels. Rob Gibson? A more unpleasant pro wind you couldn’t meet. He wears a turbine lapel badge and has no interest in the views of those who are against wind turbines trashing where we live. He stands down as a MSP next year. Good riddance!
      He is out of touch and over the hill!

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