Wind Power: Just the latest “Con Job”


What the wind industry is built on.


John and Anne Carter, have lived next to the Crookwell wind farm in NSW since it began operation in 1998. Although these cattle farmers are not troubled by audible noise, as their other neighbours are, they are impacted by infrasound – Anne in particular, as well as their animals.

A while back, John gave a stern message for potential turbine hosts; reminding them that if they sign the contracts being offered they will no longer really own their land; their land will be significantly devalued (as it can no longer be subdivided), and it is likely that some of their family and their animals will be negatively impacted by the wind turbines. Share their real life story of living next to a wind farm in this video interview with STT (5.36).



Now John has come out swinging again, with this ripping little piece that appeared in The Land.

Wind farms – another con?
The Land
John Carter
28 June 2015

TONY Abbott’s attack on the ugliness of wind farms, and their effects on the health of some who live near them, marks the first time the Prime Minister and I have been in agreement.

Abbott spoke against wind farms from personal experience after cycling on Rottnest Island.

His comments followed representations by independent Senators John Madigan, Nick Xenophon, Jacqui Lambi and David Leyonhjelm.

They have many stories of people living in a hell caused by the low frequency noise emissions from wind farms.

Abbott’s comments triggered a barrage of letters from city folk living far from wind farms – hypocrites en masse. They wouldn’t tolerate wind farms in national parks or on the windy cliffs of Sydney’s coastline.

One University of Sydney professor, with no medical qualification, has been vocal in his denial of any effects on health caused by wind turbines.

He claimed they are only suffered by jealous, unpaid neighbours.

However, South Australian grazier Clive Gare, with 19 turbines on his property giving a million dollar income across five years, told the Senate inquiry the noise has been unbearable.

He was initially excited about hosting renewable energy, but now believed “towers should not be any closer than 5 kilometres to a dwelling”.

“If we had to buy another property it would not be within a 20km of a wind farm,” he said.

Wind farm company AGL has paid thousands to insulate the Gare property from the noise but hasn’t succeeded.

Another professor from Sydney University, with a medical qualification, associate professor of neuroscience Simon Carlile, urges a proper examination of the effects of low frequency sound waves, and recognition that, like seasickness, they effect some but not all.

For 30 years there has been evidence of a causal link between impulsive infrasound and low frequency noise, and adverse effects on people.

Research by NASA established wind turbines could generate surprisingly high levels of infrasound and low frequency noise.

It is also clear that 10 to 15 per cent of the population is more sensitive to noise, including low frequency noise and infrasound.

Symptoms include chronic sleep deprivation, sinus pressure, tinnitus, and pains in the chest, headaches, nausea, and vertigo.

Germany’s peak medical body asked its national government to halt construction of wind farms until a full study on their health effects was conducted.

The UK government recently announced it would cease subsidies to new wind farms, effective next April.

In 1999 the world was conned into changing their computers for the Y2K bug (which would have made the date 2000 indistinguishable from 1900) that never came.

We were conned by the US munitions industry with Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction”.

We are now being conned by turbine manufacturers claiming to save the planet.

It’s time for solar subsidies to Australian owners to be re-instated, now that battery storage has become viable.

Why are we subsidising overseas owners of ugly and inefficient wind turbines and increasing our power costs when Australia has an over-supply of electricity?

Why, if coal is so bad for the planet, are we still opening coal mines and sending vast quantities to China – isn’t China on the same planet? We are witnessing hypocrisy on a grand scale.
The Land

Definition of fraud

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. “We were conned by the US munitions industry with Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction”.”

    It is a surprisingly appropriate parallel Mr Carter, given that weapons systems makers Siemens and GE are also major turbine manufacturers.

    The marketing pitch is the same, except now ‘turbines are saving the world’ from mass destruction. And the ‘collateral damage’ (civilians in Iraq, turbine neigbours with IWT) are simply and callously disregarded.

  2. David Mortimer says:

    A couple of things. Many people have opinions about many aspects of IWT noise and without conclusive testing, they will remain opinions. 20km is NOT far enough away. It is at least 40km for us and that is from actual experience.

    The suggestion that the noise is like motion sickness and doesn’t affect everyone is also an opinion. In 23 years in the RAN, in all manner of sea states, I never met any one who never got sea sick to some degree.

    In my opinion, we may likely discover that the effects of infra and low frequency noise from turbines acts on the wiring of the brain from our distant ancestors when a low pulsing, growling sound meant imminent danger.

    Also, in my considered opinion, battery or thermal storage is a dream that is beyond the realm of economic and physical likelihood. Briefly, if you take our off grid 1.75kw solar plant as a starting point. The batteries are deep cycle lead acid variety which can store enough power to keep the home alive until sunup next day. The turbines next to us are 1.75megawatt. Our battery bank is about the size of a wheelie bin. Now if you can imagine 1,000 wheelie bins, allowing space for maintenance etc, we have a shed about 130mtrs x 15mtrs and that is not allowing for cloudy days or 20% max discharge or even bigger turbines where we a looking at many thousands of of batteries, hundreds of tonnes of lead and thousands of litres of electrolyte. All for ONE turbine.

    That is assuming there is any spare turbine power left to put a piddling bit in a battery of any kind!

    And if you think that turbines have a short life span, you can expect half of that with the batteries.

    I think you might be getting the picture.

    We are in Canada for 3 weeks and will try an do better when home again. android tablet too difficult to type into an save.

    • E Griffiths says:

      Even 40 km not far enough if you’re particularly sensitive to infrasound/ low frequency noise … especially when wind direction and atmospheric conditions are conducive for efficient propagation of infrasonic wind turbine noise pollution. My wife can testify to that 😦

      We have 9 years of observations on which to formulate our hypothesis (opinion), including a digitised noise recording, in the 10Hz-20kHz frequency spectrum, taken in 2009. The only thing we can’t prove conclusively is that the infrasound recorded in our home was emitted by a wind farm 40 km (25 miles) away. Since then, alas, more wind farms have been built closer to our home. My wife hears the cursed infrasound pollution constantly now, with the nearest operating wind farm only 13 km from our home. Even at this distance she can become ill when the infrasound is intense 😦

      All the operating wind farms are well hidden from our view by the surrounding hills, so we are not afflicted by the “nocebo effect” postulated by the professor of tobacco advertising … how could anyone in their right mind postulate such a ridiculous “affliction”? I suppose fan huggers are not in their right mind, so that could explain the nocebo brainwave :\

      As for lead acid batteries, nearly all chargers on the market do not charge batteries at a high enough voltage, so they suffer from chronic undercharging, which leads to layer upon layer of lead sulphate building up on the plates – end result is that the batteries die prematurely. In theory the lead acid batteries should last years, but battery charging technology results in built in obscelence.

      • Right on the money E Griffiths.

        It is common for impulsive infrasound noise to be the highest sound pressure levels present over the entire noise emission frequency spectrum of wind turbines.

        Infrasound also diminishes much more slowly with distance than does noise in the audible frequency range (noise at frequencies above 20Hz). Serious adverse health effects including chronic, severe sleep deprivation are being reported by residents living up to 10km from turbines and lesser levels of disturbance out much beyond that distance.

        One practical application of infrasound that exemplifies this long distance propagation characteristic is for the detection of infrasound noise caused by nuclear explosions occurring thousands of kilometres away. A network of strategically located stations around the globe listens continuously for such nuclear explosions.

        The current high cost and relatively short useful life of secondary batteries means they are not a cost effective means of storing energy, particularly when it is sourced from high cost, intermittent generation such as wind or solar – it simply makes the power delivered even more unaffordable than it was to begin with.

  3. Martin Hayles, Curramulka says:

    Some interesting reading from the Senate Inquiry in Canberra, from the farmers who have been threatened with ‘force majeur’ to sign new contracts from ruthless, disreputable wind companies, to Dr. James Prest, whose expertise apparently is in the field of Environmental and Natural Resources Law, but blatantly exercises his talent in obfuscation, pedantry and bastardry.

    Thankyou John Madigan.

  4. Con after con,
    And they keep going on,
    Perhaps now is the time we should stop them.
    A huge harvester we could build,
    With tungsten carbide blades filled,
    Then the wind turbines we could just crop them!

  5. Any one that believes that these wind turbine torture machines are good for this planet are nothing more them SCUM, with all the evidence that is around and that is coming to light.

  6. As everyone (including the wind industry and the public servant planners) knows, John Carter is stating the obvious. Wouldn’t it be great if the federal coalition went to the election with a no more subsidies for onshore wind turbines platform and were returned to government. As John Carter pointed out, the Conservatives did this, regaining the mandate to rule in their on right. Are our voters any less sensible?

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