Senator Bob Day Aims the Blowtorch at the Great Wind Power Fraud


Bob Day says: ‘time to turn up the heat’.


Bob Day is the Family First Senator for South Australia. He’s one of the good Senators sitting on the Senate’s Inquiry into the great wind power fraud; and he gets it.

Here’s a recent press release from Bob which requires no further introduction or comment from us.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Family First Senator for South Australia Bob Day marked the end of the contentious Renewable Energy Target (RET) debate by welcoming new government commitments on wind turbines: “For a long time Family First has been receiving complaints about wind turbines.

When I was elected to the Senate in 2013 it became apparent that something needed to be done about this, so together with a number of Senate crossbenchers, I moved to establish a Senate inquiry. I have been deputy chair of this inquiry which has held hearings all over Australia,” he said.

“In at least fifteen (15) countries around the world, people from all walks of life have come forward complaining about the health impacts of wind turbines – nausea, blurred vision, vertigo, tachycardia, high blood pressure, ear pressure, tinnitus, headache, exacerbated migraine disorders, sleep deprivation, motion sensitivity and inner ear damage.

Many of these people initially welcomed turbines into their area. It has been found that the principal cause of these symptoms is ‘infrasound’ or low frequency noise which is emitted by wind turbines.

People living up to 10 kilometres from turbines have been affected. Acoustics experts, biologists, engineers, farmers, doctors, nurses, sleep experts, pharmacists and others have all come forward from throughout Australia and the world testifying about the impact that wind turbines have had on people’s lives.

Only now are non-English speaking countries finding voice about the impact of turbines in their backyards. Yet the wind turbine industry and its environmental supporters all claim this is either a conspiracy driven by anti-wind activists or it’s all psychological and have at times treated these victims in an offensive, dismissive and uncompassionate fashion.

To add insult to injury, wind turbines have had negative impacts on property values, have driven up power prices, compromised local shire councils and divided what were once friendly & harmonious communities.”

“After receiving evidence from well over 500 people all over the nation so far, the inquiry tabled an interim report which made several recommendations. Key among these were to:

  1. Improve scientific knowledge about the health impacts of wind turbines;
  1. Appoint a wind farm commissioner to provide independent assistance with complaints about wind turbines; and
  1. Ensure the government finance corporation responsible for funding renewable energy will stick to its charter of supporting new technologies rather than established technology like wind.

These measures put the brakes on the out-of-control wind turbine juggernaut so, at last, some oversight, scrutiny and accountability can be imposed on this damaging mass-scale energy experiment.”

“South Australians have been asking for these reforms on wind turbines. I have endeavoured to secure them.”

Senator Bob Day
24 June 2015

Senator Bob Day: determined to bring an end to the madness.

Senator Bob Day: time to bring the madness to an end.


Now, while STT feels no need to add to Bob’s solid presentation of plain, old common sense, we’re moved to allow STT Champion, Annie Gardner to respond in terms that can only turn up the heat. As soon as it hit the network, Annie forwarded Bob’s Press Statement to all and sundry among our political betters and journos, along with this pointed missive.

Dear All,

I am forwarding to you all, Senator Bob Day’s recent Press Release, which outlines what the Senators have learnt since the Senate Inquiry into wind farms began hearings on 30th March 2015, in Portland.

To date, I am aware at least seven hearings have been held, with another in Sydney next week, with no doubt more disturbing revelations which have till now been denied, and swept under the carpet.

We thank Senator Day and his Senate Inquiry colleagues very much, for listening to so many rural Australians impacted by acoustic emissions from wind turbines, and for issuing, to begin with, the Interim Report from the Senate Inquiry, and for this Press Release, which really tells the TRUTH about what’s happening to thousands of innocent, hard-working rural Australians, the backbone of this country.

No matter what the outcome of the Senate Inquiry, whether it is acted upon, or deliberately ignored due to close association or direct pressure from the wind industry, the evidence is “out there” that there definitely are health impacts caused by the acoustic emissions from wind turbines.

We seize on Senator Day’s description of wind power as an energy “experiment”.  We have heard wind power described in this manner on several occasions previously, and the impacted families here at Macarthur align this description as an “experiment,” side by side with the Nuremberg code.

We are of the opinion we have been the “guinea pigs” with the “experiment” of AGL’s Macarthur wind energy facility, as have so many other rural Australians been used, in similar situations. See

Googling the Nuremberg Code Section 1, I read as follows –

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent, should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit …..”

Section 4 reads –

“The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.”

However, we DID NOT GIVE OUR INFORMED CONSENT to this energy “experiment” at the Macarthur Wind Factory. We had NO CHOICE in the matter.

We request that this experiment ceases IMMEDIATELY and that in particular, as we have requested of AGL hundreds of times to no avail, the wind turbines are TURNED OFF AT NIGHT, so we can sleep, just as Justice Muse ordered in the Falmouth Court case in the USA:

The Amended Renewable Energy Target passed in the Senate last week will ensure possibly double the amount of wind turbines constructed during the next four years, in order to reach this new target. As a result of this, thousands more rural Australians will be sentenced to a life of pain and suffering (without their consent) particularly as these new turbines will be considerably higher than the monsters here at Macarthur, and have far greater generating capacity, emitting far greater infrasound.

Those persons impacted as a result of this “energy experiment” will suffer ongoing sleep deprivation, as our families suffer constantly. Our sleep deprivation is most likely to increase with the most probable construction (thanks to the new RET deal) of yet another enormous wind farm to the north and east of our properties (Penshurst), literally surrounding our homes and farming properties with 365 monster turbines of at least 3, and possibly 4 megawatts (4 mw turbines never having been used in Australia before).

Sleep deprivation is recognised as TORTURE, by the UN Committee against Torture.

“The Committee against Torture (CAT) has noted that sleep deprivation used for prolonged periods constitutes a breach of the CAT, and is primarily used to break down the will of the detainee. Sleep deprivation can cause impaired memory and cognitive functioning, decreased short term memory, speech impairment, hallucinations, psychosis, lowered immunity, headaches, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stress, anxiety and depression.”

The truth is emerging ….. countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany realise this and are taking action, whilst Australia is foolishly forging ahead with the very damaging Amended Renewable Energy Target, despite being warned ….. the consequences will be disastrous, both physically and financially, opening the door for what would appear to be, inevitable litigation.

Ann Gardner

Annie Gardner

We’ve got Bob Day’s attention. Now, have
we got your attention Mr Abbott?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jim Wiegand- Wildlife Biologist says:

    Are wind turbines getting more bird and bat-friendly as the wind industry would like us to believe? NO. Is a big gun friendlier than a small gun? NO. What has changed with turbines is that turbines have not only grown much bigger, but so have industry lies.

    Everyone should view the YouTube video “Cheeseburgers and the wind industry” and you will understand just one of many reasons why I believe many millions of bird and bat fatalities annually are being concealed by the wind industry.

    The USFWS in reference to Communication towers………… “The taller the tower, the more likely it will kill birds”. But with wind turbines that have far more dangerous 200 mph spinning blade tips, this same fact is being dismissed by the wind industry and USFWS.

    And for those that think communication towers are more dangerous because of propaganda I will present another fact. Very few raptors (less than 1/10 of a percent of carcasses found) have ever been killed in the 75 year history of studying avian mortality around communication towers. Turbines slaughter raptors. Also in my research I have yet to come across a single eagle ever being reported killed by a communication tower.

    Since 1997 approximately 31,000 eagle carcasses have been shipped to the Denver Eagle Repository of which thousands have come from around wind farms. The cause of death and exact locations where these 31,000 eagles were found has never been disclosed by the Interior Department, even though once upon a time the USFWS did disclose that wind farms were a primary source of the eagle carcasses sent to the Denver Eagle Repository. Not a word was ever said about communication towers.

    Our Interior Department along with the FWS have been protecting this fraudulent industry for decades by endorsing the wind industry’s rigged research and providing this industry with voluntary regulations. As a result most of the wind industry’s slaughter to protected species is being concealed behind contrived research.
    In America the real numbers of birds killed by turbines are in the millions annually.

    If that isn’t enough, both wind industry and USFWS personnel are conveniently bound by gag orders with severe penalties so dead eagle and endangered species information remains hidden from the public. Because of this any discussions with FWS representatives and people connected to the wind industry are meaningless because they will only reveal “approved” information.

    The same probably holds true in Australia because this industry’s fraud has no boundaries.
    For college students here is a tip, the last honest turbine mortality study. It was conducted 30 years ago in 1985 when it was estimated that 6800 birds were being killed annually by about 200 MW of installed wind turbines. I would provide a link but this study was stripped off the internet years ago.
    …………..”McCrary, M.D., R.L. McKernan, and R.W. Schreiber. 1986. San Gorgonio wind resource area: impacts of commercial wind turbine generators on birds, 1985 data report. Prepared for Southern California Edison
    Company. 33 pp”.

    The truth is that inefficient wind energy producing a trivial amount of energy is not a fix for anything. But it is a green-washing Orwellian nightmare that society must wake up from.

  2. Absolute credit to Senator Day and his independant Senator colleagues who appear to have a good understanding of the problems with the Wind Industry, and empathy for its victims, in contrast to a strategy of victim blaming and ridicule by the Wind Industry and its megaphones.

    The test now is the outcome in terms of Government action to those involved to account, for the collusion and corruption of politicians and Government employees, and entities such as the EPAs and NHMRC, with the Wind Industry.

  3. I hope senator Day’s torch is hot enough that it can melt all wind turbines into rubble, never to generate a single watt again. Then we need to turn the heat up on all windweasel grubs so that they get the feeling of what it’s like for all the people that live near these things.

  4. Not Too Close says:

    Those who build wind farms have all the financial gain (with reduced financial risks thanks to the RET) and it is others who face the risks (the families living nearby). This is not a risk/reward situation that leads to balanced decisions.
    Stripping away the ability of corporations to hide from the consequences of their decisions on the health of others will see an improvement in the siting of wind farms. However, it is not until senior management of these corporations can also be held personally responsible that we will start to see windfarms located so as to not impact rural folk’s health.

  5. Neil van Dokkum says:

    If only we had an Irish politician with balls to do the same.

  6. Someone needs to step up and realise the suffering is not only from WIND POWER.

    INDUSTRY is pure HELL here in the MAITLAND area. PLEASE help me and those here that have no idea about what is happening to them.
    Tinnitis is so bad in this area, plus a lot of other things.

    MAITLAND IN NSW is a torture chamber

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