Wind Turbines: The Evil Seed

They came in like a soft silent breeze
Hushing the naïve
Speaking with forked tongues
Proclaiming black is green
Maiming thinkers with corrupt words
Casting a thick cloud of concern
Residing with hidden evils
Leaving a trail of trash
Forever scarred
The stench you see
Smells of decay

What appears above and below is a plea from Michigan. The author quite rightly sees the roll out of giant industrial wind turbines akin to an evil seed – that, like an errant tumour, takes root, multiplies and ends up totally consuming once productive, healthy and happy rural communities.

It all starts with a host – no host, no turbines.

That host may start with good intentions, hoping to be ‘green’, and accepting what they have been told. But the reality is so profoundly different. Many hosts are gagged by the slick and cunning lawyers and can not share their suffering – but some can and do:

SA Farmers Paid 1 Million to host 19 turbines tell Senate they would never do it again due to unbearable sleep destroying noise 

Turbine hosts lament: Hammered by wind power outfits, hated by former friends, relatives, and neighbours

David Mortimer, Turbine Host: An “Inconvenient” Wind Industry Fact

Once turbines are allowed in a community, it becomes easier for the system to bring in more – chasing the stream of subsidies that have caused this perversion in the first place.

This story comes from Tuscola County, in Michigan, in the US, where with no more than a week of notice, the first turbines were approved.

This area, called the Thumb (the shape of the State resembles a mitten protruding into the Great Lakes of North America) is considered the third most fertile agricultural land on earth – the naturally blackened dirt fields are ‘bars of gold’ for farming.


Bars of gold in Tuscola County


It intersects key bird migration pathways.


Map of southern migration routes for North American
birds created by Chicago Department of Environment.


Now turbines are everywhere. The views of the Northern lights are replaced with an industrialised red light district.

Red lights

360 Degree Red Light District – not the oldest
profession, but the end result is just the same


And the community is ruined. Community cohesion is gone. All those years of built community friendships are gone.

But the aggressive cancer of turbines progresses unabated. A further 2,700 turbines are planned for the area, with a new transmission line now completed. That number is more than twice the total number of wind turbines in Australia.

And it all starts with a host, who signs away so much, for a tiny sack of silver.

Don’t let the evil seed settle where you live. Please stop these things before they start.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Did I mention there is now at least 1 per acre?! All packed in to maximize greed … “they” tell us the land was zoned for mining anyway and there is no harm where we put them ……

    Did I mention the birds? Thousands of them dead because they cant get away from the tips going almost 200 miles per hour [do the math – 180 ft radius x pi = circumference x 30 rotations per minute x 60 =_______________ ] 192.68 mph.

    Rare eagles killed so they passed a law “only one dead eagle allowed per month” times thousands of eagle killers.

    Walmart nearby tried to go green and put up high speed mills in their parking lots. Then they had to hire guys to go clean up the dead birds under them each morning before the customers could see them!! And they cost more in maintenance than they earn.

    Impractical inefficient death machines all because of a government subsidy program. Our tax dollars hard at work!!

  2. I had valuable land in Tehachapi California … HAD! [considered the birth place of this wind mill plague]

    I still have it , it’s just not valuable anymore. at first they were quaint, small devices, even a bit charming like old windmill pumps from the late 1800s. Then they changed!!

    Now there are these giant 300 foot tall monsters spinning day and night [unless the wind mercifully stops!] and the noise! whirring grinding droning machines that no living thing with hearing or sight can stand to be Near for long …. [ever notice there few or no animals near these things ?!]

    And the constant movement …. where is it written they have to be white!? Then at night blinking red lights to keep away low flying aircraft, …. too bad the eagles don’t know what they mean! And those lights don’t blink independently Noooo ! acres of blinking red lights simultaneously on off on off …..!!!!!

    I expect drunken sailors and trainmen to hang out near them looking to “hookup” …… [kidding] [but not funny]

    The once beautiful rolling hills and mountain slopes are now a blight.
    Only strip mining could be worse ….. no the cement factory in town mines and it is not near as bad!

    All this mostly because the Kern county board saw a shot at some quick money …. it’s always about the money!

    People sell out and leave town not realizing the harm to be done to their neighbors. No one ever thought a few windmills could hurt … but a few became thousands! Now entrenched removing them seems impossible …. one investor thought of putting some on the mountain top pass … local hunters assured him that it would be impossible to maintain due to atmospheric lead.

    The local wise ones in nearby Cummins valley got smart fast and blocked these by restricting them to one per parcel and no bigger than 100 ft, so they can be stopped!!

    And if they try to put them into your area or even nearby stop them, limit them, to 1 per twenty acres and require they be small and quiet!!

    There are many places that are deserted in the desert and salt plains they could work there ….. just not where anything lives..!


  3. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    The seed can only flourish if it is fed. We have a way of either feeding or starving this seed its called REC. The Federal Government has said they will direct REC to other more appropriate and useful seeds, but to ensure the bad seed doesn’t continue to grow they need to starve it and divide the REC among those seeds which can grow, produce and be beneficial. We don’t want to become a Tuscola. we want our wonderful vistas and natural beauty to continue to be there for everyone. We want to be able to escape to the quiet of our rural regions, to escape the tensions and noise of the cities to regenerate and feel at peace. We want to know we can escape, we want to know we can retreat to rural Australia and not suffer pain, where we are able to escape, to stop the noise in our heads from the noise of the city.
    We want to be out there, look up and see a sky where you think you can touch the twinkling stars, in a sky so full of them it seems unreal, and to lie back and hear nothing but nature, to look out across miles and miles of nature without a piece of concrete, tarmac or glass in site and the only things rising from the earth are trees, or outcrops of naturally occurring rocks.
    And if we cannot take the time to go that far the next best thing is the escape to regions of this great country where we can still lay back and see a sky full of stars, trees, cliffs and outcrops of rocks, and feel and sense the silence of nature. With some quiet tarmac roads, tractors sowing and reaping crops, cattle, sheep and other animals gently grazing, and the occasional farm house and its associated buildings settled into the land surrounding it.
    We do not want and do not need to travel to these wonderful places only to find screeching, thumping, grinding towers with blades making indescribable noise day and night, that destroy the natural beauty and peace. We don’t want the un-natural invasion of machinery which has no association with the land.

  4. Today’s post on Watts Up With That, “A very PC prayer for our times” — especially the cartoon depicting a man praying to these eco-crucifixes — is most appropriate for this discussion. Here is a new take on the Lord’s Prayer, designed to encapsulate the Pope’s message in his recent “climate encyclical’:

    Our Gaia, Who art in danger,
    Sustainable be thy name,
    Thy renewable energy resources come,
    Thy Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s will be done
    On Earth as it is in the upper atmosphere
    Give us this day our daily organic ciabatta
    Forgive us our carbon emissions
    Though we can’t forgive those multinationals who emit against us
    Lead us not into excessive plane travel
    Deliver us from genetically modified crops
    For thine is the moral high ground
    The onshore wind farms and the subsidies
    For as long as the taxes can be raised. Amen.

  5. The windy road to the deep ignorance says:

    ‘The evil seed’ is at its heart, an expression of wind industry corporate greed, whereby their well known adverse impacts on human health (social, physical and mental) are totally disregarded (and actively suppressed) in the name of obscene profits. And to the detriment of the broader societies whereby the most disadvantaged are plunged into fuel poverty amid distortion of energy grids and markets. The only winners are the energy corporations (who yes, also are major players in the fossil fuel businesses of gas, coal and oil) cheered on by ignorant and/or ‘willingly’ blind urban Green ideologues reciting mindless mantras of a wind powered ‘renewable nirvana, ‘whatever it takes’.

    As Richard Flanagan, profound Green and noted Australian author has observed, what is currently absent from the political culture (of all persuasions) is empathy for fellow human beings. The abuse of citizens by governments the world over as proxies for a corrupt and dishonest wind industry is no finer example. That the Green movement itself is blind to such abuse of fellow citizens who happen to live in rural locales is breathtaking hypocrisy, not lost on James Lovelock, Green and Gaia founder.

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