Parker Gallant: Wind Power Outfits’ Christmas Bonanza in Ontario

money for wind

NOT HAPPY SANTA: sure, Christmas is all about “giving”, but
Ontario’s power punters don’t have to be happy about it.


More wind energy means higher costs to power punters, pure and simple. If you’re looking for obscene examples of the great wind power fraud in action, you need look no further than Ontario.

Ontario is the place where the most bizarre energy policy in the world has seen thousands of giant fans speared into the backyards of homes – in the most agriculturally productive part of Canada. When we say “bizarre” we mean completely bonkers as Canada has one of the “cleanest” power generation mixes on the planet, with the vast bulk of its electricity coming from zero-emissions sources, such as nuclear and hydro.

Ontario energy mix 2013


As explained in this post, Professor Ross McKitrick: Wind turbines don’t run on wind, they run on subsidies, Ontario has built a policy that sees wind power (when the wind is blowing) “displace” emissions free hydro at enormous cost to power consumers and taxpayers, as wind power outfits are guaranteed to reap fat profits despite market conditions.

Where the wholesale market price for power in Ontario is between $30-50 per MWh, wind power generators pocket a fixed price of $135 MWh – even if there is absolutely no market for it and the Province literally has to pay neighbouring US States to take it.

Parker Gallant – a former banker – is out to ensure that Ontario’s power consumers and taxpayers are aware of just how ludicrous its energy policy has become.

STT followers will remember our story last year – Parker Gallant Uncovers the Hidden Costs of Ontario’s Insane Wind Power Policy – where Parker explained the enormity of the wind power rip-off, particularly when the wind blows – by counting what could have been bought instead – starting with Tim Horton’s coffee; not to mention equally ‘vital’ services, such as health care, say.

Parker has been plugging away at his calculator again – and worked out that a windy December has just cost Ontario’s power consumers a whopping amount.

Wind farm December bonanza in Ontario: great for wind developers, bad for consumers
Parker Gallant
Wind Concerns Ontario
11 January 2015

Why December was the cruellest month if you pay hydro bills in Ontario

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) measures their weeks from Wednesday to the following Tuesday when issuing their weekly summaries.   As it turned out, the week of December 24, 2014 to December 30, 2014 was a wonderful week— for wind developers, that is.

The approximate 3,000-megawatt (MW) capacity of wind turbines operating in Ontario pumped out almost 209,000 MW hours (1,244 MW per hour) of electricity; that represents about 8.4% of Ontario’s total demand of 2.5 million MWh.  That also meant the developers generated $25.8 million in revenue (average of $123.50 per MWh) for the week, providing them with a great Christmas present.

The name on the gift card was Ontario’s electricity ratepayers who were obliged to pick up the costs of the contracts for the wind power generation as it found its way onto that big Santa sleigh known as “Global Adjustment.”  While the wind turbines were producing 8.4% of Ontario’s demand for electricity, Ontario was exporting an average of 3,017 MW per hour, or about 507,000 MWh for the week to Michigan, New York, Quebec, etc.  The 507,000 MWh represented 20% of Ontario’s demand.

The volume of those exports resulted in the “weighted average HOEP” (hourly Ontario electricity price) which came in at a lowly $5.66 per MWh for the week, generating just under $2.9 million.

The utility-scale wind turbines, as noted above, produced 209,000 MWh which was 41.3% of the export volumes while generating electricity at about 41% of their capacity.  Ontario didn’t need that power.  So while exported surplus power nets a few million, the sad part of this Christmas story is that the “bare bones” cost of wind’s generation was $24.6 million($25.8 million in payments to wind developers, less $1.2 million generated from the sale of the 209,000 MWh via the HOEP) all paid for by Ontario’s ratepayers.

Not included in the (one week) cost of $24.6 million to subsidize wind developers were the additional levies hitting ratepayers through payments required for back-up for wind generation for idling gas plants, spillage of clean hydro and steamed-off nuclear and the additional cost of those meteorological stations to measure how much we ratepayers pay for constrained wind.

The cost of the Christmas present to the wind developers was about $5.00 for each Ontario ratepayer (just the $24.6 million).  Most of that Christmas gift will be transferred to foreign banks in countries (South Korea, USA, Germany, etc.) where the developers’ head offices are located along with a big ho-ho-ho from our Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli.
Parker Gallant

Parker Gallant: the cost of curtailing wind is borne by all

Parker Gallant: it’s power punters that end up
paying the hidden costs of wind power.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Marshall Rosenthal says:

    Thanks, again, STT,for brilliant and clear information about the enormous renewable energy Ponzi scam. When you read Joe Fone’s book, CLIMATE CHANGE: NATURAL OR MANMADE?, you get to understand where it all came from and who is stealing big money, really big money, from people all over the world. The ECO-Fascists are riding high now, but the leaky green boat launched by the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that has adopted computer models that only look at CO2 levels, (that do nothing), to spread alarmist nonsense about a fictional climate catastrophe, is sinking.
    All you punters out there can watch it sink.

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