Maurice Newman To Have Last Laugh Over Wind Farm Committee Rebuff


Maurice Newman: all set for the last laugh.

Newman kicked off wind farm committee
Herald Sun
John Conroy
25 July 2014

Tony Abbott’s business advisor Maurice Newman has been kicked off a wind farm community consultation committee after being accused of attempting to restrict speakers attending meetings, Fairfax reports.

According to the news service, Mr Newman has been removed from the consultation committee for Union Fenosa’s $100 million wind farm near the NSW town of Crookwell.

Fairfax had previously revealed that Mr Newman had made representations to then-premier Barry O’Farrell to restrict government officials addressing the committee. No officials have since attended the committee.

Union Fenosa made the decision after the Fairfax revelations, with Union Fenosa’s legal manager Thomas Mitchell saying Mr Newman had “engaged in activities outside the committee to influence decisions”, Fairfax reports

Mr Newman, a landholder in the area, confirmed he had been “disinvited” from the committee, denying he sought to conceal the intervention to Mr O’Farrell: “I didn’t see why, as taxpayers, we should be funding the cost of staff from the Office of Environment and Heritage to travel to Goulburn…and (act) as advocates of the wind industry.”
Herald Sun

What’s the old saying about winning the battle, but losing the war? Union Fenosa might be feeling a touch of Spanish smugness over its move to eject Maurice Newman from its “consultation” committee – but, we thinks, its brush with “glory” will be short-lived. You see, Maurice is squarely focused on winning the main game. As the Prime Minister’s key business advisor, Maurice has been pressing the Head Boy to scrap the mandatory RET in its entirety (see our posts here and here and here). Kill the RET and the wind farm scam dies in a heartbeat.

Union Fenosa hasn’t secured a power purchase agreement for its proposed Crookwell project and, in the current circumstances, it has no hope of doing so. NO PPA means no wind farm, simple as that.

With the RET Review Panel likely to recommend an end to the current mandated 41,000 GWh target, no retailer in touch with their senses is going to sign a PPA now. Without a PPA, Union Fenosa will never get finance to build its project, so planning approval would amount to no more than a tick-in-a-box.

And – irrespective of the Panel’s final recommendation – STT hears that Tony Abbott is itching to scrap the mandatory RET in its entirety. The PM has vowed to make Australia the “affordable energy capital of the world”, once again – which signals the end for the RET (see our post here). And that’s an area where Maurice Newman has most certainly “engaged in activities outside the committee to influence decisions”. Oh dear!

So, while the Spaniards might be laughing now, STT thinks it’ll be Maurice Newman who’ll be laughing last and loudest.


Those ample ears have been tuned to
Maurice Newman FM for some time now.

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  1. Ivan Chan says:

    While RET enables IWT criminals to legal theft of the people, the PPA is the mechanism to get other electricity generators like Ergon and Origin to participate in the wind energy scam by supplying the real electricity which wind turbines cannot reliably dispatch. AEMO and all these pigs at the trough get their share of the thievery and suppress vital disclosures to keep the swindle a secret.

    Intermittent weak wind energy is only ever good for medieval age true wind mills. Never as industrial age technology.

    The few other players out there who are still honorable must jointly unite to technically provide supportive definitive conclusive real data evidence that IWT does almost NOTHING, and possibly worse, in NET electricity production.

    Come clean, spill the beans and start pleading leniency for your complicit conspiracy to defraud the Australian people. The worst ones deserve to be sent swinging in the gallows. This is unpardonable high treachery and subversion of Australia’s energy policies in addition to other ramifications of grave criminality caused by IWT.

  2. Obviously Maurice should have expected the Spanish Inquisition.


  1. […] what any reasonable corporate citizen would do: it booted him off the committee at Crookwell (see our post here). What’s that you say about “shaping the […]

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