Rikki Nicholson: A real person, not just a receptor locator

Rikki Nicholson

Rikki Nicholson: Victim at Cape Bridgewater

STT Champion, Rikki Nicholson, shared this letter in response to the recent AMA position statement. Rickki lives in the horrors of the Cape Bridgewater wind farm in Victoria.

Open letter
Rikki Nicholson
16 March 2014

I am responding to the ill informed rubbish concerning health effects from wind turbines.

Sarah Laurie is one of the few medically trained Doctors worldwide who are prepared to abide by their Hippocratic Oath “first do no harm”.

I live at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria where 80% of my neighbours have been forced or chosen to leave their homes.

Sarah Laurie is unfairly blamed for scaremongering health problems. How is this possible when in 2008 we officially complained at a time when the Waubra Foundation did not exist?

Why is there not one wind farm operator prepared to publicly state that wind farms do not disrupt sleep and therefore cause a myriad of illnesses as a consequence?

Great people in history are ridiculed before they are proved right.

Where would we be today if Columbus had not believed in himself?

Rikki Nicholson

(A real person, not just a receptor locator)

You can also hear Rikki, with Melissa Ware, in this Victim Impact Statement video.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Sonia Trist says:

    Our home sits on a windswept pocket of land, with a view of Cape Bridgewater and at the northern end of the Pacific Hydro Wind Facility. The nearest turbine was erected 600 metres from our house, with total disregard for the dwelling’s existence.

    Rikki, Mel and son William live at the southern end of this Facility, facing north. They strive so courageously to put things to rights. They display early settler determination and fortitude, but at a cost to the life they wished to live at Cape Bridgewater.

    A wee story…
    The early settler history of our house commenced in the mid 1800’s. The home and surrounding one thousand acres, were settled by an Irishman, Mr Joshua Black. He was a very substantial member of the community, building blue stone buildings in Portland and contributing to a multitude of committees.
    Now he, his wife and two or three of his many children, rest nearby in the family grave. They also rest amongst the surrounding wind towers.

    How can this be?

    Recently the Council saw fit to belatedly acknowledge the Black Family Grave and original house as Heritage!

    I have read that life was extremely harsh for the early settlers, with very poor soil and the resulting nutritional deficiencies causing early deaths to man and beast.
    Some perished, some persisted, some survived and made lives for themselves.

    Now we hear of people, some of whom were drawn by the wild natural beauty of the Cape, under siege. As I write, the construction of the final stage of this installation by Pacific Hydro is occurring nearer to Portland. More unique environs, people and their families, will undergo, over time, that which we know to be actual at Cape Bridgewater.

    I am at once depleted yet enraged, by the injustice, greed, pernicious intent, contemptuous disregard, flagrant neglect, duplicity, collusion, destabilisation of communities, contamination of social networks,
    corruption to the point of abuse and more. So much more…

    How can this be?

    Sonia Trist.

  2. Noel Dean says:

    The horrible cruelty, to the likes of Rikki and Melissa and other great people at Cape Bridgewater and beyond, is well known to the powers that be and the Operators of these dreadful life-destroying machines. They are all too aware of the harm they are causing.

    For what other reason would this have occurred? The Victorian Planning Department, who have been requesting the operators of the Waubra Wind Farm to do rigorous objective compliance testing for two weeks concentrating on the harmful pulsing, amplitude modulation and that they have been working with Acciona in the design process for two and a half years – but then six months ago ditched it for a pathetic subjective ‘assessment’.

    This ‘assessment’ is to be done five times in 8 weeks for about 10 minutes each time. This does not even comply with the requirements of the New Zealand Standard. No equipment measurement is necessary, just one person with induced lack of hearing is required to continue the greatest act of fraud in this Country’s History.

    I have refused to take part in the ‘assessment’ because I would knowingly be taking part in this act of fraud. I have explained this to the planning department and said that they too would knowingly be part of this fraud. The turbines, by design, create modulation of sound as the blade passes the tower. The test reports of Acciona’s generators state that the sound coming from them has tonality. The Waubra turbines have two different size blades that create a beat. There are 50 turbines that need to be in low noise mode to comply. There are about 50 large turbines that have no low noise mode control at all. Also, because they operate at 2 different frequencies, there is a requirement in the the New Zealand standard to be assessed in wind speeds around 17 mts a second – but this has not been done.

    It is widely known wind turbines create a swooshing sound or SACss. This flimsy attempt to dismiss SACs is a act of fraud by the Planning Minister and administered by his department. The 5 db penalty must be implemented immediately, state-wide, or the resignation of the planning Minister will be called for.

    The introduction of the same method of noise assessment as happens for any other noise issue and that is the one used by the EPA and monitored by the EPA immediately, instead of by the developers. This rot about noise form turbines as being no different than any other noise is not true, because a different formula is used to assess the sound experienced. The sooner this is done the better and then we can go towards am assessment of low frequency sound using the latest available methods to assess the extent of amplitude modulation of sound/air pressure to eliminate tinnitus and other air pressure induced illnesses. Only this way will the likes of Rikki, Melissa and hundreds of other people around state can look toward to a better life now and into the future.

    Noel Dean.

  3. Andrew Gabb says:

    Well written Rikki. Together we stand to fight the spin and denigration. It is exhausting but let us all stand firm with the belief that truth overrides all evil. We can all hold our heads high as we tell the truth, are independent of outside $ manipulation, treat people with dignity and have compassion for all the people seen as collateral damage. The pro wind movement will eventually get its just desserts!!!

  4. Love you Rik, hang in there. The NHMRC assures us their review was rigorous and transparent and there is going to be an independent research program into community concerns about the health impacts of wind farms on humans. I’m told the Australian Government supports this health study and real time monitoring of wind farm noise emissions to be public on the internet.

    We may be a “small group” of people being affected and the available studies according to the NHMRC may be of “poor quality” but finally… perhaps, there will be light and some silence, at the end of the tunnel for our family and so many others out there on the land and towns near IWF’s. That is, if it truly is independent study and monitoring, and we keep hanging on.

    • Jackie Rovenksy says:

      Let’s hope when the NHMRC talks about a research program into ‘community concerns’, they are talking about independent research undertaken by ethical people and those with no bias or outside influences into what is CAUSING the health issues that are creating the concerns. We certainly don’t want money wasted on another research program which creates lists of symptoms resulting in a nonsensical ‘diagnosis’, as has been done in the past by someone with no training or expertise in medical or acoustical matters.

  5. Well said Rikki.

    How long is it before the NHMRC and AMA get the BALLS and stand up for the citizens like yourself and others, who are suffering the trauma of these fraudulent fans.

    The AMA and NHMRC are followers not leaders. They would rather follow the wind weasel and greentard goons, rather then lead the citizens of this great nation to stronger and better health.

    These fans lead to a lot poorer health, as that is well documented.

  6. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Well said, its a wonder we human beings have managed to advance at all considering the way those with vision and ethics are constantly denigrated. More power to the truth and those who work to expose it.

  7. David Mortimer says:

    Alida and I have visited Rikki’s home at Cape Bridgewater and quite frankly, we don’t know how anyone could live there because of the incessant pulsing sensations that can be felt as well as heard.

    We also are referred to as “receptor locations”. The term is offensive and totally dehumanising, just as being told that we are desensitised because we have machinery in the vicinity of our farm homes as Infigen did in its environmental impact statement for the Bodangora wind farm (and I daresay, others).
    We are totally over being treated as mere “things” and closet psychopaths.
    The winds of change are growing.

  8. Of cause the wind weasel and greentard goons will deny that they are causing any harm to peoples health, by their fans. To say the least, you would not expect any think else, from such a fraudulent crimnial lot.

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