US Judge Orders Noisy Turbines to be Shut Down

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Consumers Energy’s fans canned by Judge as too noisy.

Court Orders Utility To Address Wind Turbine Noise Problems
Michigan Capital Confidential
By Jack Spencer
February 7 2014

Residents near Consumers Energy wind farm complain of health issues

A judge has ordered Consumers Energy to come up with a plan to rid its Lake Winds Energy Plant of excessive noise levels.

Last month, Consumers Energy asked the 51st Circuit Court to overrule Mason County’s finding that the Lake Winds industrial plant is not in compliance with the county’s noise ordinance. As part of that legal action the utility also wanted the court to issue a stay that would block efforts by Mason County to enforce the county’s interpretation of the ordinance until after the case had been argued in court.

On Monday, 51st Circuit Court Judge Richard Cooper denied the CMS request for a stay and ordered the utility to submit a plan to the county by today to mitigate the noise problem. In response, CMS officials said they would comply and a mitigation plan would be submitted.

“We were asked to submit a mitigation plan by Feb. 7 and we will do so,” CMS spokesman Dennis Marvin said. “It will be up to the county to make a determination on our plan. At the present time, we do not know how that process will work.”

Marvin said the judge’s decision not to grant the CMS request for a stay will not prevent the utility’s case from moving forward.

“We believe the arguments we’ve outlined are well founded,” Marvin said. “We look forward to the court’s review.”

However, there isn’t any wiggle room for mitigating the noise issue, said Kevon Martis, director of the Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition (IICC), a non-profit organization that is concerned about the construction of wind turbines in the region.

“There are only two ways to reduce the noise level,” Martis said. “One would be to increase the distance between the turbines and the homes, and it is too late for that. The other is to reduce the decibel level, which would significantly increase the operating costs of the plant.”

Lake Winds is a 56-turbine facility located south of Ludington in Mason County. It was the utility company’s first wind plant project in Michigan. Residents who live near the $250 million plant began complaining of health problems shortly after the turbines began operating. They filed a lawsuit on April 1 arguing that noise, vibrations and flickering lights emanating from the wind plant were adversely affecting their health. Among the symptoms noted in the lawsuit were dizziness, sleeplessness and headaches.

Less than six months later, in September, the Mason County Planning Commission determined that the wind plant is not in compliance with safety guidelines. CMS appealed that decision to the Mason County Zoning Board of Appeals. In December 2013, the County Zoning Board of Appeals upheld the planning commission’s decision. In response, CMS took the county to court. If the 51st Circuit Court ultimately upholds the Mason County finding, CMS would be expected to take the issue to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Lake Winds is part of the utility’s effort to meet Michigan’s renewable energy mandate, which requires that 10 percent of the state’s energy be produced by in-state renewable sources by 2015. Though the mandate was ostensibly aimed at reducing carbon emissions, the 2008 law did not require that emissions be monitored to measure the mandate’s actual impact.
Michigan Capital Confidential


And then the hammer came down.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. David At a Burrow says:

    The spotted wind weasel is an endangered species, their fatal weakness being their primal fear of transparency, justice and the light of independent and impartial acoustic and medical science increasingly being shone on their dishonest malicious and corrupt conduct. They have a symbiotic relationship with the crooked acoustician, identified by their frequent use of technical ‘smoke and mirrors’, acoustic misinformation, and microphones generally located where the sun does not shine, in partnership with corrupt (and/or incompetent) EPA/regulatory authorities.

    Their days are numbered as they succumb to independent scientists without conflict of interest, diligent police and regulatory authorities, an independent judiciary, and courageous rural folk who speak the truth.

  2. At least one judge has got balls. These judges need to stand up and be a man or a woman, not be a little boy or girl.

    All these wind weasel and greentard goons are nothing more then blubbery sooks.

  3. Jeffs' Last Goodbye says:


    I love the way Big Wind and it’s sycophants, often with the acquiescence of a compliant leftist media, continually allude to the idea that sticking giant fans in my backyard is a noble sentiment, that is generally explained away as “in an effort to meet (some places) renewable energy mandate”.

    The parasites never say “We’re going to make an absolute motza on these windmills with all the subsidies, through the Renewable Energy Certificates and the Renewable Energy Target and without the aforementioned, we wouldn’t consider investing in windmills.

    Enough already.

  4. David Mortimer says:

    I can’t wait for the same ruling to be made in Australia. Perhaps the ignorant turbine lovers in our country will sit up and listen when turbines are shut down in Australia not just because they are uneconomical or that they do not mitigate GHG production but because they do actually destroy our health and we are not just making it all up.

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