Donna Laframboise: “Global Warming” – The Greatest Lie Ever Told: Pt 1

chris turney stuck in ice

Climate Change “Experts” trapped in delicious irony.

STT doesn’t make a song and dance about the Old “Global Warming” Chestnut – we generally leave that to specialist bloggers on the topic.

STT is usually content to load-up on the economic and environmental fraud that is wind power (see our post here).

We start from the reasonable assumption that the only reason for throwing $billions in REC Tax (and other) subsidies at wind power is that it will do what its proponents say it will do: ie, result in a substantial net reduction in CO2 emissions for the same given level of power generated across the grid – that is, when CO2 emissions are tallied for all of the generation sources needed to meet daily demand, that wind power REDUCES total emissions of CO2.

It does not – and will never do so – because wind power is delivered at crazy, random intervals – rarely matching peak periods of demand and often being produced at night-time when demand plummets. Because electricity cannot be stored in bulk (not at anything like commercial cost) there can be no supply “smoothing”.

Under Australia’s mandatory RET, when there is excess wind power it is “dumped” at dispatch prices equal to or less than zero (ie wind power generators literally pay the grid manager to take it) because they will still claim a supply on their Power Purchase Agreement (and get a REC for each MW) with their retail customer.

The result is that thermal generators (coal or gas fired boilers) vent steam – wasting gas or coal to keep the boilers running and to maintain “spinning reserve” to be available in a heartbeat when the wind drops and the grid needs a surge of power to keep it up and running.

Then there’s the INSANE cost of firing up Open Cycle Gas Turbines and diesel generators which belt out 5-6 times the amount of CO2 per MW generated than coal fired thermal plants which are far more energy efficient. These fast-start-up plants are called in to back up wind power on the 100 or more occasions each year when wind power goes completely AWOL from the entire Eastern Grid.

Paul Miskelly and Derek Partington have spelt it out in clear and simple terms – see our posts here and here and here.

Anyway, back to the global warming yarn. It was and is, of course, the premise upon which the whole wind power fiasco is based – although, it’s now called “climate change” – whatever that’s supposed to mean?


Donna Laframboise – out to expose the greatest lie ever told.

Donna Laframboise is a Canadian feminist, journalist, writer, and photographer – and is the author of “The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert” (2011) – a book that has a pretty fair crack at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Donna also runs a site called – that attacks the well-worn furphy that over 150% of all scientists totally “believe” in the “science” of global warming – every last bit of it – no, really, they do – just ask the IPCC.

After reading a little of Donna’s work you get the sense that – in her view – “global warming” is the greatest lie ever told. Here she is being interviewed in the 1st of 3 posts – see what you think:



About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Vic Wright says:

    What a mob of gullible mugs we humans are (collectively)
    I was not aware of Donna, her book or her website before this STT article. Thank you STT.
    Time we got off our butts, strengthen our backbones and ensure Donna`s expose is not wasted and shot down by this delinquent organisation that believes it serves science.
    Start by obtaining Donna’s book, easy just download it for approx. $10 AU. Available also in Paperback. If this read doesn`t convince you try Ian Plimers “heaven and earth”.
    Personally I will refuse to purchase a newspaper that uses the words “peer reviewed” in the same sentence as IPCC or quotes them as being “the” authority on Climate Change. Journalists the world over owe it to their readers to keep the IPCC honest, or allow science to become a dirty word.

  2. Keith Staff says:

    Global warming – climate change – whatever, has always been with us. At the moment, Ice and cold on the eastern seaboard in the USA. Rain, wind and cold in the UK. Hot sun in Oz,—– O.M.G.. —-
    it’s known as “weather”. It’s always changing, but don’t tell this to the ecofascists or the left-leaning greentards, they might spill their café lattes as they sit on the inner city sidewalks of Melbourne or Sydney, twittering away.

  3. Vic Wright says:

    CSIRO is often quoted as a source of scientific evidence of climate change. Their website FAQ “Is climate change a settled science?”. We should all read their answer, we should also check their disclaimer that accompanies some of their documents.

    BOM has records that go back 100 years that prove it is getting hotter, but 100 years is but a moment in earth’s history. Ian Plimer devotes a few paragraphs to the theme “What if I’m wrong?” in his book ‘Heaven and Earth’, perhaps those for climate change action should also ask this question.

    We should not accept the “consensus” so readily and remember the publics attention was caught by Hollywoods “Documentary-The Inconvenient Truth”. It is dangerous for our continuing existence as we know it to follow so blindly, to believe we are a plague on this earth is a self-defeating belief. Those who have experienced the health side affects of IWTs know just how gullible the voter is and how readily their belief can be turned to dollars.

    What can we do? Simply stand up and be vocal, let our politicians know, for if we do just that, we will be the noisy majority, not the silent one. IWT`s are a symptom not a solution.

  4. Go Donna….drag these miscreants out into the light of day!

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