Dr Sarah Laurie on Alan Jones – it’s Royal Commission time


Here’s STT Champion, Alan Jones talking with Dr Sarah Laurie about how the evidence of health impacts of the wind power is being ignored and rural people are continually being abused by turbine operation.

Alan has a little radio show that more than just a few Australians tune into each morning. Syndicated through over 77 Stations and with close to 2 million listeners Countrywide – AJ as he’s known – is one of those people that leads the political charge on many issues that really affect ordinary Australians and which the rest of the press ignore.

The first piece has AJ ripping the fraud to pieces all by himself (11.48):

In this segment AJ is joined by STT Champion, Dr Sarah Laurie (9.02):

AJ and the Good Doctor cover:

  • fraudulent conduct by SA’s rotten little EPA at Waterloo shown by photographs of its noise loggers stuck under gum trees and fir trees;
  • sleep deprivation from wind turbines being a form of ‘abuse’ –  a term sued by American Psychiatrist, Dr William Halstein;
  • the Judge’s finding at Falmouth, Massachusetts that low-frequency noise from wind turbines caused irreparable physical and psychological harm to the health of neighbours;
  • the work by Neil Kelley establishing turbine noise as a direct cause of sleep disturbance from 3 year study of wind turbines back in 1985;
  • Dr Paul Schomer’s work establishing that people are being made ill by infrasound from turbines;
  • low-frequency noise is the cause of chronic severe sleep deprivation for neighbours – and that those are precisely the frequencies not being measured by responsible authorities; and
  • in light of planning authorities claiming the opposite, Sarah calls for a Inquiry – and no more wind turbine approvals at sites closer than 10 km from peoples’ homes;
  • AJ calls for a Royal Commission.

Dr Sarah Laurie

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Thank goodness for Dr. Laurie; a Great Lady indeed! However it is extremely disheartening to realise that so few from her profession are saying nothing and how the MSM are vilifying her actions when she has nothing to gain. She needs support in this fight, that means all of us need to speak out. Tweet, FB, comment on articles from the MSM, contact your gov’t officials, protest, present info. to local groups. We can all do at least these few things from the comfort of our homes. When I search the twittersphere on wind, thousands of tweets are in support, while only a handful are against. Until those numbers change, nothing else will change.

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    So much evidence, so much depravity, so much greed, so many with ‘self’ as the focus, so many willing to ignore evidence, so many who are too willing to follow a fraudulent ideology.

    Thank goodness we also have so many who are willing to speak out, to offer support and to take the ‘flak’ for doing so. Thank goodness for people like Dr Sarah Laurie and than goodness for those with the facility to get the truth out there like Alan Jones.

    Let’s hope we can say we also have many Politicians who accept the truth of the evidence and are willing to do something about it.

  3. Here in the UK, Cameron PM’s government and Planning Officers deny that there is any impact from turbines on anything – health, no way; noise – nothing abnormal; tourism – tourists like them; views/visual impact – they blend in with the environment; house prices – no negative impact when it comes to selling.

  4. The thing that amazes me, is if I was to plug one of these wind weasel or greentard GOONS on the nose, I would be brought before the court for physical abuse, as I would be found gulity, and be jailed, or have a big fine, or both. These GOONS can get away nearly with murder (people are suffering very bad health which is almost murder – torture at least) with all this infrasound and low frequency noise, let alone the audible noise – and nothing happens. Where is the JUSTICE in all this corruption of these useless fans?

    WAKE UP Australia, we need justice in all this so called clean energy, as it is corrupt to the core.

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