Waubra Foundation Website Goes Live

STT’s delighted to announce that the Waubra Foundation has just launched its magnificent new website.  Here’s the link: http://waubrafoundation.com.au/

It’s a one-stop-shop for information on the health impacts caused by giant industrial wind turbines, including sleep deprivation and other recognised adverse health problems. It carries the latest research on turbine noise, sleep and health issues – useful for educating those that are new to the issue and critical to getting planning authorities to avoid planning disasters – like Waubra, Waterloo, Macarthur and others – in future.


STT says: “hats off” to Sarah Laurie and the hardworking crew that put it together – it will become a great resource to the victims of giant fans all around the world.

As Molly Meldrum used to say: “do yourself a favour – check it out”.


Do yourself a favour – check it out!

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Noel Dean. says:

    Hats off to Dr Sarah Laurie, the Waubra Foundation and STT.

    The great work of Sarah Laurie and the Waubra Foundation is very much appreciated. The Waubra Foundation was born from the harm and destruction of people’s lives by the invasive sound pollution and the dreadful impact of the turbines on the people of Waubra. So much so that a privately funded noise impact assessment report of the Waubra Wind Farm was commissioned. It was in this process, that a very wise person almost instantly saw the need for a foundation to help the suffering people. Hence the Waubra foundation was born.

    In July 2010, the Noise Impact Assessment Report was released to the public around the world. In the same month, Dr Sarah Laurie become part of the Waubra Foundation. Since that time, Dr Sarah has been working tirelessly talking to many people suffering (whom many doctors had, and still do, write these sick people off as nut cases) when the suggestion of the turbines starting up has been put forward as a cause.

    There has been a steadily increasing flow of information that has been confirming acoustically and medically what Dr Sarah has been saying. This was greatly promoted by the Senate inquiry into the wind farm harm. Recently a Swedish article proposed that those people who have suffered from polio are more impacted by the eddies and sound pressure variations of wind farms – perhaps this is why I suffer so much at Waubra?

    Thanks for putting forward the information that one would expect to be coming from the NHMRC [as a duty of care by Government public servants]. I can not thank you enough for what you have done for so many.

    Noel Dean.

  2. I also agree, “hats off to Sarah Laurie”. She has worked tirelessly to help those experiencing problems associated with wind turbines and warning others of the potential problems. The whole time she has been vilified and denigrated by the wind industry and the numerous gutless bloggers supporting it.

    Sarah has risen above them all, while they are slowly falling by the wayside, never to be heard of again.

    Congratulations to Sarah and the Waubra Team, keep up the good work.


  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Its a great site, easy too get around and full of information. This is what has been needed for sometime, but it takes time to organise efficiently. I recommend everyone pass the link onto all councillors and members of parliament, then they can’t say they didn’t know or there is no information available. Well done Waubra Foundation.
    To Chapman – accept the inevitable – no matter how many times you and your cronies search the web for descriptions of how individuals express the impact symptoms of these things on them, there is only one thing causing the problem – Industrial Wind Energy facilities.

    • Gaia Abandon says:

      Absolutely agree Jacky.

      The Waubra Foundation site should be the compulsory reference for anybody genuinely seeking the facts and truth about personal and community health impacts of Industrial Wind Turbines. That includes politicians and lawmakers, ethical acousticians and the uninformed medical profession. And not least the rural neighbours of wind factories being abused by the wind industry carpetbaggers, racketeers, and their supporters.

      The NHMRC should take note. The time for denying the independant science is over.

      Corruption has no place to hide from the scientific truths which are slowly and surely being revealed.

      The time for perpetuating misinformation and harming human health in the name of politically correct sustainable energy mythology, political favours, academic narcissism and money is over.

  4. Congratulations to the hardworking and ever vigilant Sarah Laurie and the rest of the WF team for their efforts to get the message out that these monsters are actually monsters and not fluffy white cute fans that make a gentle swooshing sound.

    Whilst the wind industry “fans” and cronies have websites and resources that outnumber the so called “anti-wind” campaign by a degree of about 100 to 1, don’t be surprised if Chapman and his bandwagon of admirers find that the new WF website is more evidence of coal industry funding… Poor sods are so well resourced (and who knows by whom) that they have PLENTY of time to analyse, profile and turn every stone in hope of finding one tiny grain of gold.

    Recently that professor from Sydney University called me a “invertebrate troll” on the ABC website because I do not blog on any other issue. I assume that the “public health” professor spends more time google-ing my name than doing any meaningful research… Maybe a target for funding cuts? Abbott and Rudd any comment on who funds Chapman’s intelligence gathering operations?

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