Industry claims wind power reduces CO2 emissions “just nonsense”


Lovely Heraldic Dragons and giant fans just don’t mix.

The battle is on to prevent the UK from being overrun by giant fans being slung up by Danish, German and Spanish developers – and to prevent the spiraling cost of power from turning a first world economy into a third world basket case.

This video covers the latest in the battle to keep the beautiful valleys of Wales truly green.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. The evaluation process our Government and EPA regulators use to evidence public health and environmental integrity fails to rest on any independent evidence or appropriately structured economic, social or environmental indicator list or moral standard. Government and the EPAs simply accept the protocols and measures offered by corporates to justify polluting activities as safe, and further direct our taxes to subsidise the continuation of the obscenity.

    The call from our group, to establish an Ethics Council for the evaluation of industry licensing and taxpayer subsidies, is ignored. Ministers, Parliamentary members, Departments, Councils and EPAs have demonstrated for decades an inability to listen to affected residents. They have turned their back on the suggestion of collecting public health data from local GPs to change local environmental management. They ignore the loss of species in our living environments. Such failure is a burden for our community and our future on the planet.

  2. And this big gap of evidence in CO2 abatement is from the industry that keeps saying there is no “credible evidence” confirming the harm that wind turbines do to human health…

    Says a lot about their marketing apparatus – highly deluding but more fiction than fact.

  3. This is an international scam, with industry tactics playing out in Wales, Britain, Scotland, Europe, Asia and the Americas just as in Australia. The sooner more politicians with the integrity to actively listen to their constituent’s hellish experiences of living next to wind factories, and act to halt this systemic industrial abuse, the better.

    If wind turbines were a pharmaceutical, they would have been pulled from the market a long time ago and forensically examined to scientifically identify the causes of the harm they propagate. If there were established therapeutic benefits, their dose would be adjusted, if not, they would be binned. It is clear the regulators and political masters are turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to any scrutiny whatsoever of this industry. We now also know the Greens are publicly receiving funds from Danish Big Wind. Who else is receiving industry largesse??

    All praise to Nik X, Alby, Chris Back, Bruce Scott, Craig Kelly, Ron Boswell and John Madigan and their Australian and international peers for having the ethics and integrity to listen to their constituents and pursue the truth of this national and international travesty.

  4. Martijn de Koo says:

    How is it possible that all governments of the first World are taking the ‘green’ story for granted? Even when numbers are proving the opposite? Even the small island of Aruba is threatened. And also here the government is planning to put more IWT in place, even without any subsidies. Who’s paying the bill?

  5. I am not convinced that they believe it’s good for anything but their wallets! Look how many of the wind pushers have their money invested in this scam!

  6. If you believe industrial wind turbines are going to cut CO2, you would also believe that human babies are found under cabbage leaves or that the tooth fairy is real.

    The Greens must live in a fantasy world if they think these turbines are good for the planet.

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