Victim: Marie Frost

Marie FrostSTT would like you to meet Marie Frost who lives just over 500 meters away from the Hepburn Community Wind Farm at Leonard’s Hill, Victoria.

Marie is troubled by the audible noise that the turbines produce, particularly when the wind is blowing from the North-East. In this video, Marie offers a heart-felt warning to all rural people threatened by turbines, to do everything in their power to stop them going ahead, as they can destroy a peaceful life as it has for her, and her family (3.07).


You can see and hear other victim impact statements here.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. If these industrial winds turbines aren’t stopped very soon, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE, & none of us (friends of people suffering & people suffering from these BLOODY THINGS) will be responsible for the outcome.

    When the goverment, wind companies & greentards, get their backsides kicked, don’t you complain about it, as you all have been warned plenty of times in the past.

    It is a disgusting disgrace, to have people suffering from these wind turbines, the way the goverment & greentards have let it to go on. These wind turbines would be the biggest FRAUD & CRUELTY this country has ever seen.

  2. Best wishes and sympathy from the UK. We have 60 million squashed into an area smaller than most Oz states. So we cannot escape these monsters easily. But as in Oz I guess, the Turbine/solar industry, fat on subsidy, has endless taxpayer money to con/browbeat communities at the planning stage. Cameron PM is NOT a real Conservative and despises traditional Conservative voters. So turbines now infest many of our most beautiful landscapes – other than the area of Oxfordshire he represents! Our Conservative ‘Daily Telegraph’, too regularly points out how Cameron’s landowner aristo father-in-law earns £1000 PER DAY from turbines on his country estate.

  3. We are trying to stop two turbines from being built in our area. These are being sold to the community of Baringhup. Simon Holmes a Court is trying to sell it on the same model as Hepburn. I think he is a sly maniputive a???????e. Mount Alexander Sustainability group, of which MacWind is the off-shoot, are trying to erect them. Mt Alexander Shire have a memorandum of understanding with the sustainability group (MacWind) and they are pushing each other’s barrow (it’s like the tail wagging the dog – so to speak).

  4. Windshift says:

    Holmes bin Caught!

  5. This is obscene. Poor Marie and her family. And, to think, it is a community industrial wind farm. So much for the word ‘community’ – who’s community? Certainly not Marie’s.

  6. Colin Walkden says:

    Another victum going through the same thing as I have, and am still going through. The wind has been very strong here at Windyhill this last week, every night sleep deprivation. As Marie says, you can’t get away from it.

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