Response #11 to Chapman’s “study”


FM: Noel Dean

Dear Mr Chapman  and the Dean of Sydney University,

Fictional  comments or assertions about something that has been experienced by other people are extremely harmful for the people affected emotionally, and extends the time of  harm, whether it be emotional, because of bullying by noncompliance to permit conditions enabling developers to use excessive sound pressure as a weapon, physical pain which most times needs a form of pain relief be it acupuncture or medicine, as well as financial harm. This can only be described as unconscionable conduct.

Professor Chapman, making these assertions  as a professor of health at the Sydney University can only be described as a national  disgrace .

Nocebo is an excuse to get funding and not a reason for complaints.

Up until I was affected I did not use the internet. The turbines in the area I worked in exposed me to at least some 1,000 hours of exposure to infrasound  before I realized that the turbines may have been giving me headaches.  [This makes any study of subjecting people less than this of no value ]

On the 24 of May, 2009, after staying away from the turbines for about one week because of headaches, my wife and I went back to the house that night to sleep. I heard a loud swooshing sound coming from the turbines in the backyard of the house to the north. They had not operated when we slept at the house before this. There were many turbines to the south operating before. I did not get woken during the night by the sound, probably because we were sleeping at the opposite end of the house. The morning after I experienced a pain in the head like no other.

I met with my son the next morning and he asked me ‘are you alright?’ I said I had a dreadful pain in the head. He said ‘your eyes are swollen’.

This is not a nocebo effect, Mr Chapman. I ended up in hospital after this – muscles around my body were going in and out of spasm fairly quickly. The doctor at the outpatient area told me that there was too much electricity in my body and to stay away from the area of the wind farm .

Your many claims in regards to the Waubra Foundation and the advertisement in the media in November, 2009, by the Landscape Guardians [page 12 of your study] was after a story in The Ballarat Courier on the 26 July, 2009, and many other items in the media, including The Australian , ABC television, The Weekly Times, the Pyrenees Advocate and local radio.

Also included  were stories about Trish Godfrey and others involved at Waubra. The developer also purchased Trish Godfrey’s home. This is not a nocebo effect, Mr Chapman. This information is on the internet, so it goes without saying that you are well aware of conveying false information to support your over-inflated ego.

I went to the doctor after the dreadful pain in the head and the response was  that he sent me to a specialist for investigation of Labyrinthitis, which is the inflammation of the inner ear.

This is not a nocebo effect, Mr Chapman.

This appointment took about 10 weeks to happen – in the meantime treatment by the doctor was many B12 injections to cope with the pain. I was instructed to lie down in a dark room to rest. This is not the nocebo effect, Mr Chapman.

Dr Salt has talked about symptoms like these but because you have no medical training you dismiss this. The damage to me will affect me for the rest of my life.

I have been told treatment would only work if I stayed away from the wind farm area.  I had great results after about 3 or 4 treatments but at one stage I needed to go to the wind farm area to help my son. The pain in the back of the neck came back as I was told it would – so it was back for more treatment to get it right again.

In recent times if I get as close as 5km to the Waubra wind farm for half an hour or so the muscles in the back of my neck go into spasm.  It can take in the order of 2 months before I get relief if I do not go for acupuncture treatment.

This is not the nocebo affects Mr Chapman.

This is real pain and suffering that my son, my wife, my neighbours, my brother who has turbines on his property, my friends around the state and those interstate suffer.

Mr Chapman, you would be very well aware of the Dean Report. It is a peer reviewed report of the noise impact assessment of the Waubra wind farm.

It is not mentioned in your references. It is very clear from this omission that you are not acting in the best interests of the Australian people. This confirms that you have used unconscionable conduct to defame people who are suffering.

This is reinforced by your lack of interest as a professor of health in seeing that the recommendations of the Senate inquiry are  acted upon to ensure the welfare of people is protected.

It is plain to see that the increase in the length of the blades used as indicated in your study creates more complaints.

Wakey, wakey, Mr Chapman.  This is all fact. Your study is disingenuous.   Please find attached an executive summary of The Dean Report .

Noel Dean.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Andreas Marciniak says:

    Hi Noel Dean and Families, and friends, to a fast growing new Family that has spread over the world,my self and my Family and friends in Waterloo know what you have been going through,we just have to keep up the fight. from one Wind turbine Refugee to another.Thanks for speaking out.

  2. Astral Weeks says:

    Noel, thank you for your honesty and courage in the face of the industry acoustic and media onslaught you and your family have weathered. It is an onslaught aided and abetted by Pr Chapman and his reckless campaigning under the guise of “research”. It is reminiscent of the Japanese whale slaughter in the name of “scientific research”. It is a complete fiction serving elite interests. Interestingly the Japanese whaling fleet also uses acoustic weaponry generating both high frequency and infra sound (LRADs) against opponents.

    Significant questions arise from the research S Chapman has authored. How is the funding accounted for and to whom? SC’s activism clearly demonstrates a real and/or perceived conflict of interest on the basis of the NH&MRC’s National Statement on Ethical Conduct in HumIan Research

    It also begs the question as to how SC is willingly blind to the confirmation bias in his recent “its all in your head” paper, yet is a Professor of Research?

    Emails from the Climate and Health Alliance also reveal SC in behind the scenes strategising consistently pushing an aggressive ‘end justifies the means’ line in personal attacks on opponents, plainly revealed in articles and public broadcasting episodes on ABC’s Radio National

    We await this Napoleon meeting his Waterloo

  3. Thank you to Noel and your family for your ongoing courage and determination in exposing the negative impacts of WEFs. Your knowledge and support is greatly valued.

    some people might find this interesting, a study into High frequency sound, the noise that is inaudible because it is too high, it cannot be compared to infrasound, which you can see in the tiger study this is just a short description into what was done. I would suggest that Chapmans experiment was very lacking in it’s methodology, but he is not a Scientist.

  5. Dr. Robert McMurtry has a commentary on Chapman’s nocebo study as well.

  6. Admitting to the health problems, would be a financial disaster as far as the wind industry is concerned. It would lead to lawsuits, buying people out of their homes, enforcement of greater setbacks, and a public distrust of the industry that would reach far beyond the rural communities. They are desperate to discredit absolutely anyone, in order to keep their dirty secrets. The sooner we are able to expose them for the miscreants they really are, the less damage they will be able to do! Congratulations, and sincere thanks, to all who have the courage, and integrity, to come forward and tell your stories, and also to the many experts who believed enough in the victims to actually investigate their problems objectively, and honestly, rather than having a preconceived notion, as the wind industry has done, and then look for literature to back up your theory. All this, they do through inadequate methods, such as computer modelling, which should be followed up by real-life studies, but they never are, because with computer modelling, you can “tweak” the results. In real life, what you see, is what you get. And real-life studies, on real-live people, would be a devastating blow to an industry that thrives on lies and secrecy. The truth is….that people in countries all over the world, that have had these wind factories imposed on them, are suffering from the same symptoms and it is a dose response. The closer to turbines, or the longer the exposure, can result in greater distress. It is not difficult to understand, if you want to…

  7. Noel, our hearts go out to you & your family with what you are suffering. I say thank you for speaking out & continuing to do so, as it is definitely helping those of us who are still trying to fight against proposals getting off the ground! We had the local ABC radio (WA Great Southern) do an interview with Simon Chapman a week or so ago & I was horrified that they have not bothered to tell both sides of the story. We are currently trying to get that to happen so that people realise just how serious the issues are.

  8. Dr Sarah Laurie, CEO Waubra Foundation says:

    Noel Dean and his immediate family have suffered greatly in many ways from the effects of exposure to operating wind turbines. Not least because they have had to leave their family home, and farm, in order to regain their health.

    Despite being significantly adversely affected, Noel has always been prepared to help educate others, when he has been well enough to do so.

    Noel has endured countless episodes of public ridicule from overt and closet wind industry advocates whilst telling his story, including on the national broadcaster, during ABC TV’s Four Corners Program Against the Wind, in July 2011. Andrew Fowler, Michael Doyle, Clay Hichens, Janine Cohen and Kerry O’Brien should hang their heads in shame for the way they chose to portray Noel in that program.

    Noel has led the way in trying to unravel the puzzle of what precisely is causing the symptoms he and his family and neighbours have endured near operating wind turbines. He has my utmost admiration and respect for his integrity, steadfast personal courage and determination.

    Noel Dean is truly an unsung hero, whose initiative in employing Dr Bob Thorne to come and investigate what was happening at Waubra helped kickstart the acoustic and clinical investigation of the problems at wind developments in Australia.

  9. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Truth WILL win out and Chapman will be a forgotten man. When he looks for another topic to ‘hang his hat on’ he will not find one, because people will remember his desperate actions to augment his inflated ego and what damage he was willing cause.
    Will we show empathy – DEFINITELY NOT.

  10. Noel,I feel very deeply for your situation as any fellow human would. Chapman is not prepared to listen to people like you and many others cause he does not give a flying fig, while his nest is feathered by the wind industry.

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