A message for “Enron” Macfarlane

To: Ian Macfarlane,

Federal Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources


Dear Mr Macfarlane

I am writing to you in connection with the Coalition’s proposed bill to amend the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000, so that national standards may be imposed on the noise emanating from wind turbines.

While I applaud the Coalition’s intention, I should like to point out that your bill as published contains an important defect. This is that necessary clauses are missing from section 30E(4).

Your first four proposed insertions, namely, for subsections 5(1), 14(2)(a), and for the end of section 14, all concern the creation of excessive noise by a wind farm.

However, your bill does not include any clauses setting out penalties for creating excessive noise. The penalty clauses in the original Madigan/Xenophon bill have been removed.

I respectfully suggest that the omission of the penalty clauses concerning excessive noise renders the bill incoherent.

A law must be clear. It must be coherent. And it must be complete. If it is unclear, incoherent, or incomplete, it can only create endless disputes, and defeat its own purpose.

A bill that defines excessive noise, but sets out no penalties for creating excessive noise is surely an absurdity.

I therefore suggest that you make the following additions to your list of insertions:

8 After subsection 30E(4)


Wind farms – excessive noise

(4A) The Regulator must, by written notice, suspend the accreditation of an accredited power station that is a wind farm if the Regulator believes on reasonable grounds that the wind farm is creating excessive noise (see subsection 14(6)).

(4B) The accreditation is suspended until the Regulator believes on reasonable grounds that the wind farm is not creating excessive noise. The notice must include a statement to that effect.

Only with these additions will the Coalition’s bill make sense. I urge you to include them in the bill. The wind farm neighbours who are already suffering from the impacts of inappropriately located wind farms, and those rural residents who are likely to suffer from the same kinds of impact from future wind farms surely deserve this.

Yours sincerely

David Brooks
Parkesbourne/Mummel Landscape Guardians Inc.
New South Wales Landscape Guardians Inc.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Grant Winberg says:

    There has been a lot said before elections by representatives from all sections of politics. A lot said that falls by the wayside after the election. Very few politicians are are free of this disease. Mr Macfarlane, this is your opportunity to take your place in government and carry with you meaningful undertakings to right wrongs. In the Maddison/Xenophon bill you have the makings of a truly honourable coallition bill. But only so long as it contains true compliance, accountability and enforcement. Don’t pass the buck to the States. Don’t blame the constitution. Just don’t pay the Rec’s or the coallition’s version of the same. No certification or compliance, no Rec’s! So simple.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    I would urge the coalition to get this right, before anymore people are placed in the line of ‘fire’. It is the role of Parliaments to safeguard their citizens from harm, and until this industry has been shown to be safe in it’s current application and locations then the duty of Parliament is not being actioned.
    Noise is not just annoying using the word in its simplist sense, it is dangereous, it is used as a weapon of war, in industry safe working conditions required people to wear protective clothing and equipment to safeguard their health, but this industry is being erected without such precautions taking place – except for the workers onsite. What about those living within danger zones around these installations – zones that have not yet been set according to effective independent research findings.
    Please all members of parliaments do your job and safeguard the health and welbeing of your citizens – no matter which way you are aligned in respect of this industry you have a duty to ensure the research is conducted and safety zones are created whereby no-one suffers unduly.

  3. Good chance MacFarlane will call it a “major victory” for “anti-wind groups” when the part of the legislation calling for research gets passed.

    This will then give the wind industry at least several more years to keep installing more sonic torture camps around Australia.

    The clean up bill will gratuitously be handed the taxpayer.

    Now that ii what I call legislating that “keeps everyone happy”… almost!


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