People being forced from their homes … it’s happening all over the world

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Ivan Chan says:

    This is an organized, intentional act of terrorism by the ones who rule the world.

  2. Dear friends,
    It has been come so apparent here on Yorke Peninsula the divisiveness, with only the proposal and application process being implemented. We have clowns such as Dave Clarke from Crystal Brook batting off with insecure psuedo intellect / control freaks, such as Simon Chapman declaring that we people who have no financial, nor ego victory are the problem.
    We are the people who, as have become so apparent in recent times who really ‘give a shit’ about our worlds. I have witnessed in recent times the angst that ” ceres project” rains upon us. I hear it within and outside of peoples who were most recently fence sitting.
    Always, with anything ‘there comes a time”. THE time is upon us allo Australia. It is happening overseas, as you are all aware.
    I have just been speaking to people on King Island. They are about to begin the process of being fucked over by corporate psycopaths. ie. Big Wind. Talk to them.
    We are going to slay this monster

    Keep working, Martin

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Sarah you and your colleagues around the world are doing a great job you are showing people you care by the work you are doing and that is so important to those who feel forgotten and abused by Governments who only see the mystical $ sign being waved in front of them, and not the faces of the people. Then there are those who say they want to save the environment but flatly refuse to believe or even contemplate they could be wrong in the way they want to acheive this.
    More and more people are now aware of the truth because of your dedication to ensuring those who are suffering have a voice speaking out in the wilderness.
    How so many of those who could make a difference ignore the obvious continues to amaze me.

  4. Dr Sarah Laurie, CEO Waubra Foundation says:

    What is occurring is a fundamental abuse of the human rights of these residents. It is global in nature, and supported by those at all levels of government who are turning a blind eye to this human suffering, which has been hidden and denied for too long.

    Rural families are being forced to abandon their homes, in order to protect their health. People do not do that for “no reason”. Nor do they do it because of fear of potential health effects, as is being asserted by researchers who examine “complaints” or conduct laboratory studies but who NEVER go and actually listen to these people’s stories.

    The rural families, including extremely vulnerable citizens such as elderly widows and babies, leave because they cannot sleep, they are getting sicker and sicker, as are their families and they know that they consistently feel better when they go away from their home, or when the wind turbines are not operating.

    Just as the turbine hosts and their families, as David and Alida Mortimer have patiently explained. They too are told “there is no evidence of adverse health effects” except that now it has become qualified to “there is insufficient good quality peer reviewed published evidence”.

    This is just what the Tobacco Industry did.

    And Asbestos

    And thalidomide

    The confidentiality agreements the companies have with turbine hosts AND with sick residents who they purchase properties from such as Trish Godfrey, are prima facie evidence that the wind companies know full well that some people will become seriously unwelll.

    The true impact is ignored, denied, and NEVER properly and transparently investigated by any government authority.

    Call the people “receptors” and their homes “receptor locations”.

    Call their symptoms and reports of serious harm to health “complaints” and then either ignore them, or state, without any investigation, that they occur in the general population and therefore there is “nothing to worry about”.

    Call the symptoms “annoyance” when in fact they cover a range of serious health problems including severe depression, suicidality, crescendo angina, severe exhaustion, just to name a few.

    No wonder those supporting wind energy are so threatened when sick residents and professionals advocating for research continue to speak out.

    We are growing in number, and we are not going away, nor will we be silenced.

  5. Jackie Rovensky says:

    The story is the same throughout the world, money and jobs are considered before the lives of people. Then what do they get illness, cost of medical treatment, no worthwhile jobs, no true investment, money outgoing from government coffers to pay for the companies to produce little or no energy and not even a reduction in CO2 emissions. The turbines in this item are smaller than are being installed here. Maybe Chapman needs to return to his research and do it properly.

  6. I genuinely feel sorry for these people as my partner and I are in exactly the same situation thanks to Hepburn Wind. Lies, lies and lies!

  7. I’ve included their report on We are now up to 420 reports with sleep disturbances ranking at the #1 negative effect.

  8. Goverments and wind companys that think industrial wind turbines are good have shit for brains, because they only destroy a lot of peoples lives from the noise ect.

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