From Receptor 98288 to Auschwitz 98288

WTS Receptor

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By Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

If you live within the shadow of a “wind farm,” did you know that you are no longer considered a “person”?  You’re now a “receptor” and you’re given a number.  Say, Receptor 15.

You think I’m joking?  I’m not.  Wind companies now refer to people as “receptors” — a receptor with a number assigned by the wind company.

Thus, my name is Calvin Martin, except, if I live within a wind farm, I would be Receptor 15 — or whatever number I am assigned by Big Wind.

I’m going to repeat this.  I am no longer a human being—a person—suffering from wind turbine infrasound & low frequency noise; I am Receptor 15 who is “annoyed” by what I “allege” to be infrasound & low frequency noise.

The people driving me out of my home and destroying my health, the people driving my livestock to distraction and driving away the wildlife, the people turning my bucolic landscape into an industrial wasteland and turning me and my neighbors against one another — these people call me Receptor 15.

Or Receptor 98288.  (Just a bigger number.)

Consider Leon Greenman.  Mr. Greenman was “Leon Greenman” till he found himself living within the boundary of a concentration camp in Hitler’s Germany.  A concentration camp where the Third Reich was engaged in the “natural experiment” of liquidating what the National Socialists (Nazis) considered the “weaker” and “less desirable” members of the human species.

Thus Mr. Greenman got hauled off to a camp called Auschwitz, and was stripped of his name.  To the staff at Auschwitz, he became No. 98288.


Here’s what keeps me awake at night.  How short a step is it from Receptor 98288 to Auschwitz 98288, I wonder?

Both programs being necessary—Were they not?—for the greater good of society, for the greater good of the earth (to avert global warming, in the case of wind energy), and of course the greater good of the fatherland.

Both create jobs—don’t forget that bonus.  And both create a large redistribution of income.  Both are technological, organizational, and propaganda marvels—one showcasing the ingenious technology of mass genocide-while-pretending-it’s-okay (inspired by the Chicago stockyard/slaughterhouse model, some historians argue), the other the ingenious technology of mass illness-while-pretending-it’s-not-happening.

Both programs are altogether brilliant “natural experiments.”

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    History tells us we can overcome this type of power push, this desire to control what, where and how people live and work. Money or the desire to appear important is usually the driving force of these people. They draw in the weak minded by utilising propaganda to give them the impression they are in control, working them like puppets to get them to do their bidding.
    Unfortunately in each and every case it is the intelligent hard workers, those who can see fact from fiction who are the ones who suffer, they work to try and help the weak understand what is happening but to no avail – until the day the intelligent hard workers rise up through research, speaking the truth and not giving in – and take control of the propaganda machine. In doing this they are able to get the message out to the weak, which then come to see the intelligent hard workers have taken over, so fall in with them.
    Why, because they are weak and need the support of the stronger to enable them to function, they cannot make decisions without the support of the stronger, who are you, me and those who can see beyond the propaganda smart sell talk.
    So don’t give in, don’t let the weak minded down, they need us to help them understand right from wrong because they cannot see it themselves. They are in their Ivory Towers in false belief they are the ones in control.

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  3. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    True industrial wind farms do create a few jobs, but as the failed Spanish obsession with renewables has demonstrated, for each job created in subsidised “green” energy 2.2 jobs in the real economy are lost.

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