This has been going on since 2004

Vicious dogsIt took the wind industry a while to wake up, but when it did, it turned on Dr Sarah Laurie with all the viciousness of  a prison dog.

Let us give you some examples.

Laurie is director of that “malign, shadowy creature”, the Waubra Foundation.

Her claims are  based on questionable investigations.

She is not qualified to testify on matters related to health and wind energy. She is in a conflict of interest related to wind energy.

She is not qualified to be a practicing doctor. She is well-meaning and honest but mistaken.

She has a lengthy record in making public statements that are likely to cause considerable anxiety and distress about wind farms.

She is unregistered, de-registered, never registered. She is at odds with the medical profession. She is a liar. She is the patsy of a fossil-fuel nuclear energy front group that pedals junk science.

Sarah Laurie is the high priestess of wind turbine syndrome.

(Google her name. It will take you less than a minute to dig out the above.)

So what really is the situation, as we see it?

Sarah-Laurie321x375A country doctor raises questions about an industrial technology that is spreading across the country like weeds fertilized with buckets of public money.

She raises these questions after traveling thousands of kilometers and meeting with hundreds and hundreds of rural and regional Australians.

And her message is simple.

We need to stop building more wind turbines near where people live until we know what’s going on, until an independent health study is undertaken.

And  what happens?

The industry that is the focus of her questions turns on her in an extraordinary, prolonged and unprecedented attack.

And it is aided by an assortment of regrettable, self-serving, publicity-seeking academics and lobby groups.

But here’s the point.

Laurie is not a lone voice in the medical profession.

When she first started speaking out in late 2010,  doctors in Australia had been asking questions, expressing concerns, calling for further investigation for six years. That’s right. The first health concerns were expressed in Australia in 2004.

(Additionally, overseas there is a plethora of medical specialists and academics who have been raising the red flag on the wind industry for years.)

Over future posts, we will profile those in the medical profession here who have been asking questions about the wind industry, and calling for more research.

Some of the names, and some of the stories, we think will surprise you.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. when we read about individuals that care about other people in our community we realise that these people are listening to people that are affected and being affected or being affected with an issue.Sarah is a person that is listening and showing that she does care and is doing her best to help. Thank you very much Sarah.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Sarah is our voice of reason, who would have thought asking for independent research, would cause so much angst amongst proponents of an energy production process they continue to say is ‘safe’!
    It seems a process of ‘fight dirty if you can’t fight fare’ is what drives some proponents, who cannot distinguish the difference between ethics, public profile and money.

  3. ken anderson says:

    Big Tobacco now has a fellow traveller – but one that is fed by the taxpayer ……

  4. Interestingly all those attacking the integrity of Sarah Laurie have one of more of the following characteristics:

    1) they either have their financial interests in wind energy threatened;
    2) they follow a new quasi religion which indoctrinates them in believing in wind energy or else they will burn in CO2;
    3) or they are so thick that they fail to realise that even with 6000 industrial monstrosities, there is still no guarrantee that one large coal plant will ever close down;
    4) and lastly and most importantly if one wishes to protect their right to live in healthy environment without wind turbines the windies will offer them a coal mine, nuclear plant, copper smelter etc instead. This pinnacle audacity and rudeness that comes even out of the mouth of so called health professionals that see nothing wrong in spreading harm rather than mitigating it.

  5. Daniel Rusden says:

    Congratulations to STT. This is the best thing to happen to investigative journalism in Australia since The National Times. Keep on hitting ’em hard guys.

  6. grannyange71 says:

    Congratulations Sarah on holding your ground today with such quiet dignity and self belief. The intimidatory tactics of the wind industry do not work when you are on the side of common sense and justice.

  7. Thank God for Sarah. if you want to hear lots of lies just talk to the developers

  8. Shelley McDonald says:

    Sarah Laurie is obviously on the right track, otherwise why should she scare the wind industry. And by god she has them worried. We all know why. God bless you Sarah.

  9. Thanks for setting the record straight. Of course we always knew that — but the wind industry must be getting worried. Keep up the good work!


  1. […] Ware at Cape Bridgewater; Colleen Watts in New South Wales; and, of course, the extraordinary Sarah Laurie in South […]

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