Delingpole: ‘There is a God’

fallen turbine

By James Delingpole

Richard Dawkins you are WRONG. There IS definitely a God – and for proof, look no further than His decision to topple a ruddy great wind turbine at Bradworthy in Devon just a day before my first ever appearance on Question Time.

With luck, this will mean a wind turbine question pops up. I do hope so, for it will give me the perfect opportunity to the point out yet another of the myriad reasons why wind turbines are such a monstrous and utterly indefensible blight. Apart from being ugly, noisy, expensive, inefficient, destructive to wildlife and incapable of doing the one thing that notionally they’re supposed to do – “reduce CO2” – they are also BLOODY DANGEROUS.

James-Delingpole_140For chapter and verse on this go to Caithness Windfarm Information Forum. It has compiled a list of accidents and fatalities caused by wind turbines. Since the 1970s, for example, there have been at least 133 fatalities caused by wind turbines. The worst of these was an accident in Brazil last year when a turbine fell onto a bus, killing 17 passengers.

Really, though, given the proliferation of wind farms in the last five years – and given their inherent instability and the number of wind turbines now being placed irresponsibly next to people’s homes or to roads – it’s amazing that the death and injury rate hasn’t been higher.

At this site – Windbyte – you’ll find plenty more examples of recent near misses.

The turbine bought for £55,000 by the “eco-friendly” Gorran School in Cornwall, which seized up and showered the playground with debris.

Blades ripped off three turbines by high winds in Huddersfield.

Another one down in Shropshire.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. You need to read Mr. Delingpole’s book “kiling The Earth to save It” All the dirty tactics are typical of the wind industry. Its not in Sydney’s backyard nor Canberra. So they do not give a toss. Just ruin the countryside until we are buying food from overseas at astronomical cost and dodgy food practices health wise. Its a matter of MONEY not reliability nor concerns for rural Australia.

  2. Harry Makris says:

    ….. What is true, is that America has had this technology since the 70’s-80’s, rife with scams and corruption, and now has tens of thousands of abandoned turbines rusting and littering the landscape around devalued communities that no one wants to live in…….
    But then that’s America… that can’t happen here….can it..?

    .Well, it’s already happening…Try and sell your place around here… even the agents walk away…. ouch…!!!!

    …Was someone talking about Land Values…?

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    If these structures were cars or other industrial machinery – even if they were prams they would have to have been safety checked for the purpose they are being used for, they would also have to be tested for safety and use in the locations they are being used in. Industrial machinery has to have guards to prevent injury, they have to be enclose and/or located so that if there is an accident they pose no danger to the general public. Why is it these machines are allowed to be used without such safeguards or safety certificates? Every thing else even toys have to have checks for their safety – Why has it been OK to install these massive industrial machines without such checks.
    Why, becauses they are ‘green’ so they must be safe!!!!!!! Governments and industry safety authorities have been hoodwinked and are ashamed to admit so the process continues.

  4. maureen campbell says:

    I’m shocked and alarmed at all this upset to people is going, it’s is so scarey that the government can turn it’s back on the rural people who have always been the back bone to Sydney. Have these poor people not got a right to a goods night sleep? Where are our human rights the boat people have more rights then us in the country side, who provide your Beef,Lamb, Chicken, Vegies.

    There will be no farms if it is left to Julia. Only bloody wind farms!
    Shame on the people of Sydney have not helped us by speaking out. It’s time the laws were changed in Australia to give us a fair go.


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