There’s your view, my view and then there’s the truth.

One of the things that has dismayed us about the wind farm issue is its split into the usual (and somewhat tedious) left wing/right wing division.

Left wing = ALP/Greens = wind farms good. Right wing = Liberal/Nationals = wind farms bad.

Additionally, the issue has been become linked with the climate change debate i.e. If you oppose wind farms you must be a climate change sceptic or denier.


The justification for wind farms is linked to the global warming issue. But a clear examination of wind farms must be undertaken apart from the climate change debate.

Such splintering allows supporters of wind farms to dismiss any criticism as politically motivated or the product of spin by the fossil fuel industry, or an extension of climate change denial.

But the picture is more complex than this.

In communities across Australia there are many people who believe in human-induced climate change but oppose wind farms.

In the early days there were people who welcomed wind farms into their community as good for the environment, good for their cash-strapped neighbors, and good for their community.

But their direct experience has produced a change in attitude. We know this to be true because we have spoken with many people in wind farm locations.

But there’s more at stake here.

This issue is too important to be side-lined by a political imperative. While governments pursue the wind farm agenda, lives are being  affected. The human equation is significant.

History is filled with examples of the private sector running rampant over humanity. The lust for profits at the expense of people is an old story. We believe the wind farm issue is rapidly shaping up to be something similar.


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About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.

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