These people get it

Liberal Senator for South Australia, Sean Edwards


Senator Edwards originally hailed from Clare in the mid-north of South Australia and began his position as Liberal Senator in 2011. This press release from Sean details the economic fraud of wind power and its dire impact on South Australian businesses and families. Sean really gets it. See previous post here.

Liberal Member for Hughes, NSW, Craig Kelly MP

craig kelly

Craig Kelly MP has represented the people from Hughes in NSW since 2010.

He speaks his mind and is disturbed by his fellow Members’ callous disregard for the human health and well being of Australians living near inappropriately-sited wind turbines.

Despite being bullied on many fronts, Craig spoke passionately at the 2013 Rally about accountability issues of noise and health associated with wind turbines.

Liberal Senator for Western Australia, Dr Chris Back

chrisbackpicSenator Back has been in the Senate since 2009. He is chairman of the Education, Employment and Workplace Relations References committee, and actively contributes to the Rural Affairs and Transport committee.

Recently he has been appointed Deputy Oppostion Whip in the Senate.

You can hear Chris speak at the 2013 Rally, expressing his deep concern for the way wind energy developments negatively impact rural communities.

Liberal Member for Hume, NSW, Angus Taylor MP

angus-taylor Hume

Angus “the Enforcer” Taylor has just slammed his pro-wind power opponents to pick up the seat of Hume in NSW. Angus takes up where the “faultless former Member for Hume”, Alby Schultz left off.

Angus has “renewables” running through his veins – his grandfather, Sir William Hudson, built the greatest Hydro project in Australia’s history – the Snowy Hydro Scheme. Naturally, Angus loves renewables – but he hates intermittent, unreliable and insanely expensive wind power with a passion.

No slouch with numbers, Angus was awarded a Rhodes scholarship, studying at Oxford University, having dominated Law and Economic Degrees at the University of Sydney. As The Australian put it:

His CV reads as if it’s too good to be true. Born in Nimmitabel in south-east NSW, went to Sydney’s the King’s School, studied honours economics/law at the University of Sydney, winning the university medal for economics. Then he chuffed off to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar for a masters in economics. He is a director of management company Port Jackson Partners and co-founded Growth Farms, responsible for the management of $300 million worth of agricultural assets across Australia. He is not short of a quid.

And he’s not short of smarts or courage, either – Angus is all set to dismantle the wind industry piece by stinking piece: “hats off, Angus”.

Democratic Labour Party Senator for Victoria, John Madigan

indexBlacksmith John Madigan came galloping into the Australian Senate in July, 2011, on a DLP ticket.

Tough, uncompromising and independent, Madigan has conducted wind farm forums around the country, hearing evidence from landowners and residents who live near power plants driven by wind. He says he has been observing the industry for years.

His Ballarat office is about 30-kms away from Waubra, one of the largest wind farms in the southern hemisphere. It continues to be one of the most controversial.

On wind farms, Madigan told the Parliament: “Am I obsessed? Yes. I am obsessed with the health and wellbeing of ordinary Australians. I am obsessed with good regulation and accountability. I am obsessed with full transparency and with exposing cover-ups. And I am obsessed with the protection of taxpayers’ money.”

We are not in full agreement with all DLP policies, but on this issue, Madigan certainly gets it.

Hear what he has to say at the 2013 Rally.

Independent Senator for South Australia, Nick Xenophon

272742-nick-xenophonOutspoken independent, Nick Xenophon was conscripted to the wind farm cause by Madigan. No small feat considering the number of causes Xenophon already works (pokies, the Murray Darling, supermarkets, food labeling, the carbon tax etc etc).

Apparently a little reluctant at first, he attended one of Madigan’s community wind farm forums and recognized it as an important issue.

Madigan and Xenophon have introduced a Private Members Bill to impose national standards on noise emanating from wind turbines via an amendment to the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000. The Coalition has announced they will support it.

Burchell WilsonBurchell Wilson
Burchell Wilson holds the chief economist role at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He’s been on the front foot for some time now, seeking the abolition of the mandatory RET – which he sees as “corporate welfare on a massive scale”.

Chery Hall

cherylhallwebABC reporter Cheryl Hall won a 2011 Quill Award for her report into wind farms.

The judges’ citation read: The reporter used compelling and powerful interviews and delicately balanced reporting to present the story of conflict over wind farm developments and their effect on the health of people who live near them. This, along with excellent visuals, impressed the judges.

In her statement, Hall said the issue of wind farms and health had been ignored by authorities for more than two years. Her report is here:

Graham Lloyd

graham-lloydGreen groups, environmentalists and wind farm supporters say The Australian‘s coverage of this issue is linked directly to the Murdoch ownership of Cavan, a property near Yass in New South Wales under threat from wind farms.

But anyone who knows environment editor Graham Lloyd would know this man is not for sale. Lloyd has been a consistent and fearless reporter of the other side of the wind industry. He is one of the few, if not the only journalist in the mainstream media to look at this issue dispassionately and beyond the “group think” that appears to exist at many other media organizations.

Alan Jones AO

011012-Alan-Jones The Sydney radio host certainly racked up a year of controversy in 2012. But on this issue, he does his homework and asks the right questions. On wind farms, Jones gets it.

The left-wing media dismiss Jones as a shock jock crank, but there’s no denying he has been key in spreading the truth about wind farms in Australia.

He remains one of the most high-rating broadcasters in the country.

Listen here: And here: And at our 2013 Rally.

Sarah Laurie

Puppet of the fossil fuel industry, naïve and scare mongerer.Sarah-Laurie321x375

Country doctor and mother of two Sarah Laurie has been more smeared and vilified over the last two years than Aussie politicians Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper.

But anyone who meets Laurie cannot help but be impressed by her commitment to the cause, her sincerity and her passion for those impacted by turbines.

She might be only the size of a Jack Russell, but she has the determination and bite of a Staffordshire terrier. The wind industry can rest assured. Laurie isn’t going anywhere.

She lives in an ordinary family house and Laurie does much of her coast-to-coast travelling in a somewhat road-weary Subaru station wagon.

As CEO of the Waubra Foudation Laurie says she funds her efforts herself and stays with other campaigners while travelling.

Hamish Cumming – farmer, engineer, wind warrior


Graham Lloyd writes in The Australian, Dec 29, 2012:

MECHANICAL engineer Hamish Cumming has had death threats made against him, endured public ridicule and suffered an arson attack on his organic beef and oat farm in southwest Victoria because of his love of birds and loathing of wind farms.

But he still wants to know whether billions of dollars are being wasted on a renewable energy scheme he believes is failing to deliver the carbon emissions savings it promised.

Mr Cumming said his analysis of company records showed millions of tonnes of coal were being burnt unnecessarily by Victorian electricity generators to back up intermittent wind power, greatly reducing the claimed environmental benefit.

Cumming is intelligent, tenacious and fearless. When we think of him, we think of the Vietnam war. Big guns from big wind might strike a few blows, but Cumming is like the Vietcong. Balls and heart will beat bullets, bombs and bureaucracy any day.


  1. Hamish and Lou says:

    Here is a link to a You Tube video about our Brolgas, explaining our concerns about the impacts wind farms will have on them. Please take a few minutes to view the footage and feel free to share the link.

    Hamish Cumming and Lou Thomas

  2. I visit quite a number of websites that oppose the basically stupid idea that current solar resources can replace the fossil solar energy industry that among other things swept sailing ships from the seas, quite conclusively.

    The only possible alternative to fossil solar is the energy of uranium and thorium nuclei, a recently discovered resource that existed even in the 3,500 million years before photosynthesis started to put oxygen in the atmosphere. Not a fossil fuel.
    There is now a brilliant twist upon the MSRE (Molten Salt Reactor Experiment) that was showing excellent results when R.Nixon cancelled it, because it’s not much good for making bombs.


    One of the worst mischiefs done by the claim that such nonsense as solar and wind can halt (or even slow down) the retention of heat in the biosphere is to lend credence to those who deny that radical climate change is imminent and man-made.

    I note, from a simple study of physics and chemistry, that the return to the atmosphere of even as small a fraction as perhaps 1% of what the Carboniferous period sequestered, is the reversal of 1% of 60 million years of solar and tectonic activity.
    That’s 600 thousand years.

  3. Mr. Graeme Horwood. says:

    I sure hope it will not be left to the poor taxpayer, to clean up the damage to our unique Australian landscape. Because of the failed horizontal wind turbines.

    Unfortunately many years have been now lost ,when if money was spent on more appropriate forms of renewable energy, we all would be so much better off.

    Please lets change the negative slide………………

    One only has to read about the comments above to realize that most certainly the harm done, to many people now is a real issue.

    Please lets focus on ways now to push for real alternatives,.. before any more damage is done.

    I believe after reading all above comments, many people can be proud to say: THESE PEOPLE GET IT.

  4. This is the funniest website I have ever visited. Thanks for being so informative.

    • Roger & Frances says:

      Hi, For some unknown reason both of the *stop these things* I have received will not open. Perhaps and knowing just how the green opposition try to suppress an opposing view, some entity is interfering. RS.

  5. hi john – i am in the uk. your article ‘how to fight the great wind farm fraud’ is excellent. do you mind if i reproduce it, in whole or in part? (with credit to you and a link back).

  6. I know that not everyone is an Alan Jones follower but you have to give it to him, he makes sure he has the facts before putting a topic to air. Why can’t those who throw ‘crap’ at him, throw facts to support their beliefs? I say to those, “Go and sit in the chair opposite him in his studio and argue your case”. They haven’t got the guts or the facts!

  7. Jan Perry says:

    Hepburn Wind in panic mode! And so they should be. Their latest scam to attract media and public attention is laughable. Go to their industrial wind site at Leonards Hill and “Sleep Under the Turbines”. Can’t wait. Even hire a luxury tent that has been put up just for you. This will be a holiday you will never forget especially if the wind gets up. Don’t forget those earplugs and maybe Simon Holmes a’ Court will provide each party person a small plastic bag to collect up the poor dead micro bats? Gourmet food trucks will be on site but who knows what exotic treats will fall from the sky after colliding with the blades. Oh! Nearly forgot a SECRET GUEST PERFORMER will appear. No not Mike Jagger this time. So get ready for this once in a life time experience before the turbines rust in peace and Hepburn Wind will not be able to pay back its debt and shareholders.

  8. I’m a newbie here folks so if I err it’s without intent.

    From time to time two liners appear in the press, but mostly online, about these *infernal engines* blowing up, catching fire, mincing all manner of birds or simply disintegrating. People are said to have been made ill, perhaps made mad certainly discommoded (to say the least) by them.

    However, ‘Bits ‘an pieces’ of bad press wont cut the mustard, stop the noise, wholesale bird mincing nor equally importantly billions of our money going directly into a mob of shysters pockets.

    Could a *Register of infernal machine depredations* not be put up online where opposers to them could submit too? OR is there one? If it came into being could new themes like say, why do the lies of the left be reported as fact on the ABC but truths of the non-left go un reported? As I said I’m new to this so I’m certain someone will put me right.

  9. Dr A Burns says:

    There is no such thing as “renewable”. Wind needs 40 times the resources per MW as coal … and it only has a 20 year design life that is rarely met. No wonder wind is 10 times the cost of coal.

    • Strictly speaking, the word “renewable” is fraudulent in its intended reception. It obviously does not actually mean “being renewed”. Once upon a time, disregarding the immorality of slaughtering highly intelligent species, the biofuel known as “whale oil” was renewable in principle.

      But of course it was not sustainable.

      The absolute proof that wind turbines cannot oust carbon dioxide emissions, is that sailing ships employ that resource better than gigantic retro-propellers, and coal burning ships replaced sail a hundred years ago.

  10. Mr. Graeme Horwood. says:

    I sure wish the same amount of money was spent on other forms of renewable energy.

  11. Douglas Moriarty says:
  12. Thank God the tide is turning!
    We have been fighting for years with no one listening about the Capitol Wind industrial site at Bungendore NSW. But now, as more people are now affected by wind turbines all over the country, maybe this environmental disaster, which is the wind industry, will be stopped.

  13. The Truth always wins for God is the administrator of Truth, among other crucial things relating to eternity. Maintain the fort, hold the line & God will deliver the Victor,y for the good are claiming back what the evil tried to take away & failed. Be assured the victory is at the door. To God be the Glory-Amen.

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