PSST! Want to Kill Prosperous Economies & Crush the Poorest? Then Keep Throwing $Billions at Wind Power

*** The so-called “Greens” are not just delusional, they’re dangerous. Full of hate for human beings, especially the poorest of them, their “policies” – if they can be called that? – are more like malign manifestos, of the kind that would have made the Generalissimo proud. In a brilliant essay, first published in the Wall […]

Wind Power in Britain: it’s Robin Hood in Reverse

A while back, there was a plucky young English lad, called Robin Hood, who was pretty handy with both long-bow and sword; and so comfortable with expressing his “feminine side” that he wasn’t afraid to be seen in figure hugging green tights. Hood hung out with his band of Merry Men in Sherwood Forest, dodging […]