Huron County to Formally Record Health Effects Caused by Wind Farm Noise & Vibration

**** When lawyers, and after them, historians, write up the story of how graft and corruption paved the way for the willful ignorance (by then viewed as malign acquiescence) of the political enablers of the great wind power fraud, whole chapters will be devoted to their deliberate efforts to prevent the evidence being gathered, that […]

US Wind Industry in Flat Panic: Report Confirms Turbines a ‘Human Health Hazard’

Back in October last year, we reported on the Brown County’s Board of Health’s declaration that Duke Energy’s Shirley Wisconsin Wind Development is a “Hazard to Human Health”: Board of Health Declares Wisconsin Wind Farm a “Human Health Hazard” Since then, for the wind industry, things have gone from bad to worse. Wisconsin ‘health hazard’ […]

Board of Health Declares Wisconsin Wind Farm a “Human Health Hazard”

Talk about the ultimate king-hit to the wind industry and its parasites – especially the hack pseudo-scientists that peddle the derisory “nocebo” theory – said to explain ALL adverse health impacts from the incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound generated by industrial wind turbines, including sleep deprivation. The Brown County Board of Health has just declared […]