Barry Funfar: A Damaged Marine Forsaken by his own Country

**** The US Marines are renowned for their do or die bravado. Their motto, Semper Fidelis (“always faithful”) marks them out for their bond of loyalty to fellow Marines and – as a band of brothers – for their tenacity in battle and courage under fire. Australia owes more than just a little debt to […]

Judge finds case to answer in Falmouth Nuisance Claim

**** A Court in Falmouth, Massachusetts has just pulled a halt to the operation of a couple of giant fans that have been driving townspeople nuts since they kicked into gear 3½ years ago. The action launched by locals is based on the tort of nuisance – one of the oldest around (as to which, […]

Sleep – essential for Good Health

**** Sleep is essential for good health.  THE most prevalent adverse health impact from giant industrial wind turbines is noise related sleep deprivation. We’ve covered the fact that Industrial Noise – is always and everywhere a public health issue. Here’s a letter from Dr William Hallstein, a practising psychiatrist for over 40 years, to the […]