Crash Course: Industrial Wind Turbines Pose Deadly Threat to Light Aircraft

Industrial wind turbines create at least 2 critical dangers for flyers: 1) wake turbulence; 2) collision with blades and towers. The air turbulence generated by hundreds of 50-60m blades with their outer tips travelling at around 350km/h (wake turbulence) messes with the pilot’s ability to control their aircraft (see our post here). Slamming into them, often […]

Off Radar: Weathermen Wild As Interference From Wind Turbines Wrecks Their Radar Signals

Giant industrial wind turbines with their 60m blade’s tips clocking 350 kph play havoc with radar systems, giving false images and distorting real ones. The result is unnecessary danger for pilots dependent upon accurate weather reports, essential for safe takeoffs and landings. In a number of States, the US military has obtained legislation to prevent […]

Turbine Trouble: US Military Declares War on Wind Power

Raising a raft of unnecessary danger, the wind industry’s body count currently stands at 192. Flying blades, collapsing and/or self-immolating towers account for their fair share of corpses. But those that take to the air, shouldn’t overlook the number of pilots and their passengers who’ve come to grief, thanks to a wind turbine or their […]