Adam Creighton: Labor’s Ludicrous Wind Power Policy to Squander more than $100 Billion

**** In Sunday’s post, we detailed Labor’s descent into wind power madness – with its impossible push for a 50% renewable energy target. One of the immediate responses has come from the press-pack; who have now turned on the great wind power fraud with a vengeance. Journalists with a modicum of common sense have woken […]

Electricity Bill Shorten Signs Suicide Note marked ‘Labor’ & ‘the Australian Wind Industry’

**** In a “we can’t believe our luck moment”, Labor’s ‘Electricity’ Bill Shorten came out last week to announce that Australia’s Labor Party is now hell-bent on destroying the Australian economy, with a 50% renewable energy target. Shorten’s lurch to the outer reaches of the intellectual cosmos – to a policy position that only the […]