Busting The Big Lie: Vesta’s CEO Admits Wind Power Ain’t Cheap & Never Will Be

As big lies go, the claim that wind power is cheap was a whopper that was bound to come a cropper. What wasn’t expected is that one of the world’s biggest profiteers from the great wind power fraud, Danish turbine maker Vestas would be the one to lift the lid.

Now they tell us: Wind power giant says it was a mistake to say renewables would only get cheaper
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
9 November 2022

For years they told us that the green transition would deliver cheap energy, and that if we just subsidized them enough, prices would keep falling. The promise of free energy on the horizon led whole nations (stupidly) to believe that closing coal plants was viable. But now that damage is done, suddenly the Vestas chief admits that telling people that wind can only get cheaper “was a mistake”.

“Vestas CEO says industry went too far with cheap-energy pledge”

There is carnage in Europe. Orders and profits are collapsing. The largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world has already raised prices by more than 30% this year but despite that, expects its profit margins to shrink to “minus five percent”.

Lucky their orders are down since they are losing money on every turbine.

The fall in sales landed as inflation bites, supply lines are squeezed and their costs are rising. (After all, wind turbine factories can’t run off wind turbines, they’re paying for expensive electricity too). So suddenly Vestas need to raise their prices even more, and their CEO is hoping a belated apology will somehow bring their market back.

Renewable Power’s Big Mistake Was a Promise to Always Get Cheaper
Will Mathis
8 November 2022

Manufacturers such as Vestas Wind Systems A/S are seeing losses pile up as orders collapse at a time when they should be capitalizing on the turmoil in natural-gas markets. To blame — at least in part — is the industry’s insistence that clean electricity can only get cheaper, according to Henrik Andersen, chief executive officer of the Danish wind giant.

“It made some people make the wrong assumption that energy and electricity should become free,” Andersen said in an interview in London. “We created the perception to some extent. So we are to blame for it. That was a mistake.”

How pathetic the truth is — that it takes a war to pump up fossil fuel prices to the point where “wind is competitive” [provided the ‘contest’ is suspended when the wind stops blowing]:

To be sure, wind power remains competitive with other energy after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drove up prices for fossil fuels. But government auctions for new wind farms put pressure on companies to keep prices low, while costly and lengthy processes to gain planning permission continue to inhibit growth.

Shucks. The industry that lives off Big Government suffers some red tape. Cry me a river. The same corrupt bureaucracy that created the wind industry in the first place will mismanage them right off to China.

It’s a “transition” the solar industry has already suffered, and the wind industry has been fearing for months.
Jo Nova Blog

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. “It made some people make the wrong assumption that energy and electricity should become free,” Andersen said in an interview in London. “We created the perception to some extent. So we are to blame for it. That was a mistake.”

    No. It was a lie!
    They, and others profited via this lie.
    It is fraud, pure and simple.

  2. Jacqueline Rovensky says:

    C’est la vie ! Can we expect anything else when ‘fairy tales’ are taken to be true life.
    The wicked witch has been exposed, not that many of us were ever fooled.
    Unfortunately far too many listened with childish joy at the stories about how wonderful life would be once are lands and oceans were flooded with turbines churning up the air.
    None of those story tellers mentioned or still mention the damage they are causing to our environments as they create global mayhem due to storms, floods, tornadoes and drought in ever increasing intensities.
    Until those who make the decisions and those who spout them ad hoc without a care for human survival in a world going environmentally chaotic, then nothing will change. We will still be bombarded with misinformation and intentional lies.
    For what, financial profit for a few, self righteousness for others who are so dull they cannot find anything else worthwhile in their lives and a personal sense of doing the right thing for far too many who are so easily fooled they cannot see beyond the rhetoric.
    Yes, it appears are environment is changing, but what is the cause making the changes now?
    Is it pollution of the air or pollution created by turbines churning up ‘local’ environments that then clash with other ‘local’ environments … which then create storms and drought at what appears to be increasing intensity, this all mixed with ever increasing pollution from manufacture of the very things we are told will prevent such events.
    Fairy tails usually have happy endings, unfortunately those being spouted these days are not creating a traditional ending. Well not for you and me but do for the profiteers who stand tall on the rotating bandwagon.

  3. Terry Conn says:

    Yes, it is now clear that the only way the wind and solar industry in Australia can occur and get even partially built is if the various state and/or federal government does a ‘belt and road’ agreement with China (as Dan Andrews already did in Victoria). We need to watch very carefully who our supposed leaders are chatting to these days – never mind our national sovereignty or national security, everything must be sacrificed so that Australia is filled up with wind turbines, solar panels and transmission lines – meanwhile, off to the Christmas party.

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